Through The Looking Glass is American thrash metal band Townsend Sacrifice's second album, produced through Batched Records and released on October 9th 1994, five years after 1989's Witches of Townsend. It is preceded by 1989's Witches of Townsend and followed by 1997's The Great Conjunction. Although the title is the same as the Alice In Wonderland story, MacArthur stated he only realised of the Alice in Wonderland story after he wrote the album, after which a picture related to Alice In Wonderland was used on the album's cover.

Track listing

  1. "Golden Arrow" - 5:00
  2. "Abandon" - 6:03
  3. "Electric" - 4:35
  4. "Through The Looking Glass" - 6:00
  5. "Rift" - 7:00
  6. "The Other Side" - 8:00
  7. "Spectrum" - 8:30
  8. "Chaos Theory" - 4:55
  9. "Legends of Townsend" - 9:00
Townsend Sacrifice-Through The Looking Glass

1994's Through The Looking Glass saw Townsend Sacrifice adapt to the new 90s scene after their abscence in the earlier half.

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