This is Thumb Wrestling Federation.

Dexteras Edit

Vini Vidi Victory

Hometown Huck


Mr. Extremo

Dorsal Flynn

James Montgomery Flag

Pei Pei the Purple Panda

Face Off- Phil



Tom Cat


Gary the Intern

Big Star

Milty the Clown

Knockout Ninja

Miss Fitwell

Unit 19G

Danny Kaboom

Mahi Mahi Mindy

Captain Esplanade

Pierre Pamplemousse

Sinistras Edit

Senator Skull

N Fuego

The Big Time

Itsy Bitsy

Evil Ira

The Cheetah


The Lost Viking


Billy Batboy

Captain Carpal

Bucks Gazlion

Sick Vick

Scoutmaster Scott

Mugsy Thumbscrew

Queen Nefercreepy

Sir Serpent

The Scorchion

The Visitor

The Amoeba

Big Bad Billy Goatetsky

Dwayne Bramage

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