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For his Heroic Counterpart See ThunderCracker (SG)

Thundercracker is an evil tough Seeker jet from the planet Cybertron. He often laughs at people and living things that run in fear and also wishes that all Autobots are dead. He once saved New York from a Nuclear weapon but was deactivated by Skywarp for betraying the Seekers. He had many tough enemies like Ironhide and the Aerialbots. Thundercracker was upgraded and given a new alternate mode in the form of an F-22 Raptor. Thundercracker went into exile after he was defeated by the Aerialbots in the battle of Korriban. He often played Ace Combat due to the jets they had.


Long ago Thundercracker once helped the Autobots save a city from a nuclear bomb because he thinks "The humans were never worthy adversaries and the Seekers are forged through combat, not slaughter". He grabbed the fallen nuclear bomb, fly into outer space and shoot the bomb in space. He was deactivated by Skywarp as a result. After being brought back on line by Starscream, Thundercracker just could not fathom serving alongside Starscream, the Seeker who was the cause of his de-activation. Though he would have been as happy to retire from the war altogether, Thundercracker decided to join Dirge and Thrust under the command of Bludgeon. Despite his utter hatred for Starscream, he often finds himself longing for the days when he was by both Screamer's and Skywarp's side, raining fury down on his enemies.

During the Transformers Wars Thundercracker was placed in charge of the planet Naboo but Naboo was liberated by the Autobots and was forced to retreat to Korriban.

After losing a battle on Christophsis he was punished for his failures with Sith Lightning from Darth Grievous.

Thundercracker continues to lead his army to help brutally defeat the Autobots and on Teth he easily took control of the planet.

After loosing many battles Thundercracker ends up upgrading himself as a more stronger Seeker jet. He was given a new alternate mode as an F-22 Raptor.

After his upgrade Thundercracker, Starscream, Darth Grievous, Gigatron and Skywarp battled the Autobot Leader Optimus Prime and the other Autobot commanders. He then stole the Matrix of Leadership.

He battled the Autobots for control of Hoth but was defeated despite his use of many superweapons and Devastator.

In the last episode he went into hidding like the other Seeker jets after he was defeated by the Aerialbots. He was seen hidding in the Outer Rim areas and waiting his chance to get back at Ironhide and the Autobots.

Dark FutureEdit

In Darth Grievous's evil vision of the future Thundercracker killed Ironhide during the Autobots last stand against the Sith. After the Last Autobot is dead Darth Grievous turned all Transformers loyal to him into stone including Thundercracker but Darth Grievous kept Thundercrackers petrified body due to he did not argue with him unlike screamer.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Like his fellow Seeker jet fighters, Thundercracker can attain speeds of up to 1500 mph. He has the additional ability to produce controlled sonic booms of deafening magnitude that can be heard within a 200-mile radius. He can launch a drone rocket with a range of 500 miles that behaves similarly to a cruise missile and has the concussive force of 3000 lbs. of TNT. He has a shoulder-mounted automatic incendiary gun that shoots at 100 rounds per minute heat-resistant ceramic bullets containing a highly explosive flammable material that ignites on impact. In robot mode he is armed with null ray shots and also can turn his hands into lightsabers by retracting his hands and an emitter for the energy saber projects the blade.

Thundercracker is a thug that got alot of strength that is useful on defeating most Autobots.

After being upgraded he has a new alternate mode as an F-22 Raptor with more deadly weapons including making a sapphire fiery flamethrower.

Personality and traitsEdit

Thundercracker is often Contemptuous of anything that cannot fly. Not totally convinced of the Seekers' cause, but they persuaded him to continue battling Autobots. Thundercracker is somewhat true to his honor. He shown it by saving Bumblebee during a scrap with Scrapper, and proceeded to help Hot Rod as well.

Toys Edit

Generation 1Edit

Henkei Thundercracker toy

Thundercracker Toy

  • Accessories: 2 missile launchers (left and right), 2 missiles

Henkei! Henkei! Thundercracker is a redeco of Henkei! Henkei! Starscream. He features a metallic flake blue version of his cartoon clour scheme, rather than his darker blue Generation 1 toy colour scheme. Henkei Thundercracker and his fellow Seeker Henkei! Henkei! Skywarp was released in September 2008 as an exclusive through Ganbo Store.

Soon after release, there were numerous complaints from both Japanese and Western collectors about the poor quality control for both Thundercracker and Skywarp. Thundercracker in particular suffered from a widespread issue where his missile launchers did not fit into the holes in his shoulders, due to the holes being too big. Some reported both toys suffering misassembly issues such as having two left or two right thighs.

Revenge of the FallenEdit

Thundercracker toy

The new upgraded Thundercracker toy

Dark of the MoonEdit

  • Thundercracker (MechTech Deluxe, 2011)
    • Japanese ID number: DD08
    • Accessories: MechTech Blaster/Assault Saw, Null Ray Cannon/Sword
This version of Thundercracker is a retooling of the Voyager class Starscream toy, with a new head. Cast mostly in light blue and grey plastic resembling Generation 1 Thundercracker's paint scheme, he transforms into a Lockheed-Martin F-22 Raptor fighter jet. As with Starscream, this vehicle mode is ridiculously inaccurate. Farcically so. Pushing the fighter along a smooth surface causes the barrels of his gigantic spring-loaded Gatling missile launchers to rotate and fire their projectiles, which can also be stored in the black flip-up braces on the launchers.
During transformation, pushing up upon the canopy fuselage piece activates Thundercracker's Automorphing gimmick which pushes panels out of the torso, wings and stabilizers. In robot mode, his projectile missiles are sculpted to resemble fingers, should users choose keep them loaded while Thundercracker is in robot mode.
This version of the mold was later redecoed into the Target-exclusive Generation 1 style-Starscream and the Walmart-exclusive Revenge of the Fallen Skywarp. The original mold was used to make Revenge of the Fallen Ramjet.
Dark of the Moon Thundercracker is a redeco of Dark of the Moon MechTech Deluxe Starscream. His incredibly flexible arms have joints at the shoulder, in the middle of the upper arm, elbow, and wrist, allowing them to neatly fold up for transformation, as well as scratch his own back. He comes with a redecoed version of Roadbuster's MechTech weapon, and one of Starscream's MechTech Null Ray Cannon/Sword weapons. The MechTech saw is unfortunately not deployable on the port on the underside of the wings as depicted in the instructions, as robot undercarriage kibble gets in the way of the mechanisms of the weapon and prevent it from functioning correctly. Oddly, his packaging and stock photos only depict him with the Saw weapon, and don't acknowledge the Cannon/Sword.
This mold was also used to make Dark of the Moon Skywarp.

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