Time For a Tragedy is a 2013 American Drama film written by Daniel M. Hasan and directed by the Cohen Brothers Duo: Joel and Ethan.

It stars Brennan Bailey in the title role of a down syndrome sixteen year old boy dealing with the painful stripping of his only true friends and loved ones: His Parents, Scarlett Johansson, Kenny Wormald, Kenneth Branagh, Stanley Tucci, John Schneider, Oliver Platt, Richard Linklater, Hiroyuki Sanada, BD Wong, Callum Keith Rennie, Cathy Moriaty and Meg Tilly.


A down syndrome 16 year old boy of Portland loses his beloved parents to two thief criminals whom committ a brutal invasion.

He is left mentally unstable and in the care of a nice Pasadena Foster Family whom attempt to breach him.

The lovely Pasadena family whom struggle to get through to him are suffering from a large loss of their own: the second miscarriage of the lovely young mother.

Also comes the problem of the desperate ruthless Portland Sheriff Abel Dorting whom was the 16 year old boy Alexei's father's bestfriend whom will stop at nothing to capture the killers.

Alexei also faces problems with falling into the clutches of a Pasadena Freakshow Presenter and his unfaithful wife.

The wife frees him out of pity as she once possessed an autistic son she lost in a car crash due to poor actions.

He returns home and begins to connect with his foster family.

However the connection breaks with him learning of the foster's mother's one night stand with the Pasedena Special School he had been subscribed to's principal.

She loses her husband whom takes off leaving her with the house and Alexei.

The police come upon learning of the affair and make the threat of them removing Alexei of her care should she not bring him in and make identify out a line-up of criminals the murderers of his parents whom have just believably been apprehended.

The police themselves under her instruction try to reach him through many tactics but fail.

They provide him with paper and pencils to take down the number of the men before him to who will be the ones responsebile.

Ultimatley in a harrowing climax in enters the foster mother donning a dress which once belonged to his actual mother, her pearl necklace, red fire lipstick, hair-do and perfume.

She begins to speak to him and instruct him pretending to be her.

He breaks down out of happiness believing she is alive and with him.

She asks him to take down the numbers of which of the men before them are the ones whom broke into the home.

He does so after a frightened break down.

The men advance him and are apprehended.

The foster mother Diana tries to sustain him but armed with the sharp pencil he used to take down their names he brutally stabs both and fatally stabs a police officer trying to sustain him.

What follows is the tragic twist of the freakshow runner's wife whom had helped him out upon him being abducted by her hated husband showing up and killing Diana with multiple shots to her chest.

It is then revealed by Sheriff Abel and another officer that Diana had been drunk driving following her second miscarriage and as a result caused the saddened freakshow runner's wife Elena to have a car accident which killed her down syndrome'd son.

Elena following the exeuction of Diana kills herself.

Sheriff Abel is informed by the detailing officer that Elena had prior to coming to the Portland Station murdered her freakshow runner husband.

The film ends with Alexei ending up in the custody of Sheriff Abel whom raises him as his own son.

Diana's husband and Alexei's former foster father David attends Diana's funeral to where he meets her childhood bestfriend Vernita to whom he later falls in love with, marries and has children with.

Abel's finishing narration tells of Alexei's parents killers taking a suicide pact in prison which doesn't pan out and only ends in the death of one of them.

Alexei dies come age 24 from an over done hypo attack which results in a heart attack.

He is buried at the Portland Cemetary next to his parents and dead foster mother Diana.

Abel himself eventually finds love with an Asperger Attorney Woman whom bears him two children: A Son whom they name Alexei and a daughter whom they name Elena. Abel retires from the police force and starts as the Principal of a Special School he opens up.

Despite his wife's autism his children bear no disabilities and are completely healthy.

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