This is a timeline of all the events that occur in the Warzone series. Feel free to add your own events, just make sure they are realistic and not rediculous.


  • September 20 - The Iran-Iraq War begins.



  • August 2 - The Gulf War begins.


  • September 11 - The Twin Towers in New York City are struck by two hijacked planes and the Pentagon in Washington, D.C. is also hit by a hijacked plane.
  • October 7 - The war in Afghanistan begins.


  • January 20 - Barack Obama assumes office as President of the United States.


  • March 19 - The Libyan Civil War begins.
  • September 17 - The Occupy movement begins in the United States.
  • October 23 - Muammar Ghaddafi is killed, thus ending the Libyan Civil War.
  • December 31 - U.S. Forces leave Iraq.


  • July 7 - The Korean War continues when the South Korean city of Daegu is struck with a nuclear missile fired from North Korea.
  • September 26 - China completes its Kuafu space project.


  • August 19 - COBRA, a worldwide terror group, attacks the Austrian captial of Vienna as a threat to NATO countries.
  • August 28 - ECHO-4 is formed.
  • August 30 - Gujranwala, Pakistan is attacked by COBRA.
  • November 23 - Al-ahad Samir is killed.


  • January 22 - The United States enters a Second Cold War with Iran. (See Second Cold War)
  • February 13 - The Coalition of Red Nations is formed.
  • February 15 - The Coaltion Wars of Europe begin.

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