Timon and Pumbaa meets The Snail is the seventh episode of 100 Acre Wood Chronicles.

  • Plot

Deep in the Jungle - Timon and Pumbaa chased a Snail to a ship that was sailing for France. They had caught the snail. But before they could eat it - it talks to them and befriended them. Pumbaa warned Timon never to hurt their new friend. They named him Speedy.

When the ship reached France - Culinary Quint (a mean spirited chef) took Speedy to the Eiffel Tower and planned to cook him. Pumbaa and Timon disguised as humans. But Quint booted them out. When the duo got back up - They charged to the rescue and got Speedy out. Quint took off after them. As Pumbaa helped Speedy escape - Timon defeated the chef and the three friends returned to the Jungle.

Back in the Jungle - Timon and Pumbaa said good bye to Speedy. But a Seagull came and carried Speedy off. The duo followed them in hot pursuit. Meanwhile in the Elephant Graveyard - Brain and Pinky went to inform their new mysterious boss that Timon and Pumbaa were still alive. The boss ordered them to go after the duo. The boss is revealed to be the Ghost of Scar (Simba's Uncle). He plotted revenge on his nephew and the duo.

  • Triva

  • It seems that Pinky and The Brain had joined up with Scar (Ever since Pete was reformed after the 100 Acre Wood film series ended).

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