Titanic 3D is a 2012 3D Adventure, Drama and History Film and is the remake of the 1997 film, with the same title.


The Film starts with Jason Lockwood with his Korean Bestfriend Steve Kobayboat boarding the Titanic. When Jason decided to go to the bathroom,he passes Nina McNamara,a pretty girl traveling In second class.

When Jason comes back from the bathroom,the hall is now crowded (What? It was empty a moment ago),forcing him to go thru the crowd to get back to his cabin. After he passes thru the crowd,he meets Nina again. They introduce themselves,then they attempt to kiss,but right before they can,the Titanic begins moving out of the dock. Jason has to stop the kiss to go to his cabin. He waves goodbye and rushes down the hall. Nina walks away,Depressed.

Scene cuts to the Titanic in the water at sunset. Jason and Steven decide to go to dinner in the first class cafe. In the Cafe,Jason spots Nina with her family and he does a mushy face at her. Steven then snaps his fingers,putting Jason out of the trance. They then sit down and order their food. Jason gets a Steak and corn with Iced Tea while Steven gets a Sandwich,a Gelato and a Apple juice.

After Dinner,Jason meets Nina AGAIN and they try to kiss again. Suddenly,Gay Student Justin Roberts cuts them,asking Jason what,s he doing with HIS girl. Nina then complains that She was not his girl,causing the two to start a fight. Justin wins the battle and walks away with Nina,much to Jason,s confusion and Dismay.

The next day,Jason tries to find Nina,passing past Reporter Gail Armstrong,Porn Fanatic Kelly Smith, Musician Jesse Bell, Intern Penny Brook, Resort Owner Jerry Jones, Nurse Alex Marshall, Chef Shelby Palski and Model Julia Hannigan. He Finally finds her in Church and they try to kiss again. Suddenly,they stop when they realize that everyone is looking at them.

3 Days later,on April 14,Nina is getting dressed into her pajamas when there is a knock at the door. It is Jason. She lets him in and he looks around. There are many paintings,giving him an idea. He draws her sitting on her bed. It turns out as a beautiful painting.

At 11:39Pm,Two people at top of the mast talk,when one looks then gasps. There is an iceberg there. the crew tries frantically to turn the ship,but to no avail and the ship hits the iceberg. Nina and Jason have to stop their 4th attempt to kiss while their room rattles. As he runs back to his cabin,a glass of water on The drawer falls to the ground.

Soon,the ship begins sinking. The first lifeboat is starting to be lowered,holding the passengers Jeremy McQueen, Shaun Spencer, Jake Lloyd, Katie Chan, Margaret Chang and Joseph Milligan.

Justin Meets Jason again while he,s running down the halland drags him down to a Room that is starting to flood. Justin then handcuffs Jason and wraps the handcuffs around a lamp. Jason says he doesn't wanna be in here,then Justin says "Good! then Maybe you know now how I feel about YOU Smoochy facing MY Fuckin Girl!" Jason says "Nina,s not your Girl! She,s MINE! get that thru your head already!" Justin just leaves but closes the door to a crack. He then peeks thru again and says "This is not over",then closes it. Jason begins screaming for help as the water begins getting deeper.

Nina runs up each deck,seeking Jason. When she gets to the top,she is offered a space in the next lifeboat to leave with best friends Colin Sparks and David Morgan. she Rejects though,Saying she,s not leaving without her boyfriend. She then runs off.

By now,the room is now knee deep in water. Jason continues screaming for help. Nina runs down the staircase to check any halls she missed. She hears Jason,s scream for help and rushes down the hall towards the room.



Steve Grayham as Jason Lockwood

Emma Bell as Nina McNamara

Harry Shum Jr. as Steve Kobayashi

Chelan Simmons as Chloe Deschanel

Elle Fanning as Maddy Lockwood

Matthew Lillard as Derek Feldman

Meagan Tandy as Ashley Cooper

Erik Knudsen as Justin Roberts

Kelly Brook as Danni Arslow

Riley Steele as Crystal Shepard

Laura DeCarteret as Gail Armstrong

Jesse Moss as Jesse Bell

Crystal Lowe as Kelly Smith

Britt Robertson as Shelby Palski

Alison Hannigan as Julia Hannigan

Autumn Dial as Penny Brook

Jerry O'Connell as Jerry Jones

Ryan Merriman as Alex Marshall

Norman Reedus as Jeremy McQueen

Nico Tortorella as Colin Sparks

Steven McQueen as David Morgan

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