Toad, Princess Peach's loyal servent.
Gender Male
Species / Type Toad (species)
Living Town Mushroom Kingdom
Toad Town
Class Light
First Appearance Super Mario Bros. (1985)
Toad is Princess Peach's attendant and a long time protector of the Mushroom Kingdom. He is actually a singular character among an entire species of look-alikes (much like the Yoshi is to the Yoshi species). He usually has the role of a supporting character who tries to help Mario on his adventures; however, he is occasionally a playable character and a main protagonist at times as well. Despite being reliant on Mario and the other heroes on times of disaster, Toad has made his own fair share of heroic acts such as in his starring role in Wario's Woods where he saves the Mushroom Kingdom from Wario's antagonistic rule, and his status as one of four hero characters in Super Mario Bros. 2.


Physical Appearance

Toad basically has the look of the rest of his species. He normally wears a blue vest, large brown shoes and a large diaper-like piece of clothing for pants. In later games Toad's vest has gold lining. He has a red-spotted mushroom cap, indicating slight cowardice and heavy obedience. A small controversy arose with Super Mario Bros. 2., because Toad was given a blue mushroom cap instead of a red one. However, Toad's blue mushroom cap was actually due to the graphical incapability of the Nintendo Entertainment System rather than a continuity thread. In remakes of Super Mario Bros. 2, such as Super Mario All-Stars, Toad is given a red mushroom cap. In some of the Mario Sports games for the Nintendo 64 (such as Mario Tennis and Mario Golf), Toad is seen wearing a blue shirt with a gold button that may have served as his original sports outfit.

Fanon Appearances

Mario Kart Xtreme

Toad re-appears as a default character in the eight Mario Kart (series). His weight is Feather


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