Dark Resurrection is a Spin-off of the splinter cell series.This article will detail Dark resurrection and the sequels to it. In the game you are tasked with taking out an eco-terrorist who wishes to kill off the human population with E bola.

Sam Fisher-An NSA member who is tasked with taking out Richard Valenzia an eco-terrorist he is aided by Quan Loo who isn't who he seems however he is betrayed by Quan Loo who was revealed to be working with Valenzia the whole time. He later kills both Loo and Valenzia when he sets the boat they are on is set ablaze by a bomb. He is played by Michael Ironside.

Quan Loo-An CIA agent who pretends to take out Eco-terrorist Richard Valenzia it is later revealed he was in cahoots with him all along behind the CIA's back he allows Valenzia access to to his Ebola Bombs which he then will use against america and her allies if they refuse to stop polluting the world. however he is stopped by Sam fisher. He is incinerated along with valenzia when the boat they are on is set ablaze by a bomb Fisher planted on their boat.He is voiced by Daniel Dae Kim

Irving Lambert-Fisher's boss who gives him the orders to take out Richard Valenzia.He is killed by Valenzia's goons when they cut his heart out. He is voiced by Dennis Haysbert

Richard Valenzia-A prominent Eco-terrorist and the main villain of the game.He is a radical enviromentalist who wishes to take revenge on america for polluting the world.He and his men sabotaged an japanese whaling vessel and shot everyone on board.He disguises himself as a scientist so he can get closer to Gregory Huang's Ebola samples. He then blows out his brains.He is responsible for the death of Irving Lambert.He and Quan Loo are burned to death when a bomb explodes the boat they are on.He is voiced by Pierce Brosnan

Donna Resch-Sam fishers Love interest and Ally she is kidnapped by Valenzia and by the Time Sam fisher gets to her it is too late as she had her eyes cut out and was mauled to death by Valenzia's Pet Panther. She is voiced by Rosamund Pike.

Miguel Rivas-Richard Valenzias second in command he was angered by the pollution he had endured in his homeland of Puerto Rico so he decided to join Richard Valenzias Ecoterrorist Group he planted a bomb in a Coal factory which was to go off in 6 seconds but instead it went off in 5 seconds which was enough for him to leave he then paid off an Muslim Rebel group to set off the ebola bombs in America but before they could go off they along with him were killed by Sam fisher.He is voiced by Amaury Nolasco.

Anna Hausman-Is an Bioterrorist and is A part of richard valenzias ecoterrorist group.She oversees the passing on of the ebola bombs and when Miguel Rivas is killed she takes it into her own hands to destroy Sam fisher however she dies when sam fisher snaps her neck. She is voiced by Heidi Klum

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