In January 1970 he was an agent of The Autons.He worked with Channing.He helped set up Auto Plastics to create Autons.He gaurded the Nestine Consciousness.He attacked U.N.I.T when they attacked.The Brig shot him.He wandered outside and fell.He used his own specialy desighned machine to transferr his mind into an Auton duplicate.After the Consciousness was destroyed his body began to shut down.

C19 took his body and put in the Vault.

He was reactivated years later in London 2005 by the Consciousness.He helped invade the city with the other Autons.He managed to finally rebuild his machine without the Consciousness knowing.When he was about to place his mind in Ted Banks a victim of the Auton invasion the Consciousness found out and killed him.A part of his mind was transferred but not enough to keep his body stable.He decided to use the Doctors body.On his way two Autons attacked and shot him.He killed one and wounded the other.He used the dead Autons brain to make his body stable.The wouned Auton crawled to his lab and seemingly shot and killed him.

He really survived and escaped the planet. He found the Sycorax and helped in their invasion of Earth.He served them on their ship.When the Doctor and Fadros were dueling he attempted to steal the Tardis but was stopped when Rose used a spear to impale him.He succumed to his wounds and died on the ship floor.

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