Third level of TA 3





  • UEM
    • Jackrabbit
    • Rhino
    • Desert Wolf
  • Zodiac
    • Slasher
    • Hover Craft
    • Hover Chassis
    • Hover Turret
    • Hover Aircraft


  • As soon as the level starts, follow the Strikers to the vehicles.
  • Hop into the Rhino and run over the enemies up ahead near the cavern's mouth.
  • Keep going, by passing as many enemies as possible until you come to a large cavern. Help the Strikers in the bunker take out the Fiends and other enemies and allow them to come along.
  • In the next set of tunnels there will be a series of Harbinger structures, get out and enter them, it is the only way through, oh, make sure to take out the gunners outside.
  • Once inside head through the tunnels and take out the enemies in the next 2 hallways. In the large room up ahead, take out the gunner first and take his turret, swap out your Assault Rifle.
  • Use this turret to mow down enemies and such and take out the enemies in the next 2 hallways, as well as the thick enemy presence near the exit. Once you enter the next cavern, you will be without transport. Rely on your allies with you to make it through alive. Once you reach the bridge...


  • ...take out the Scamp Snipers and claim their Shock Bow, leave your turret in a place you'll remember it, and take out the 2 enemy gunners here. Then take out as many Fiends as you can, before they notice you. When they do...
  • back and get your turret, and take care of them.
  • The next structure is identicle in layout and enemy set up. Use the same strategy and make extensive use of your turret.
  • Your turret has probably run dry by now, if it has, give it to one of your allies with a versatile weapon like an Assault Rifle in exchange for that (as your AI controlled allies have an unlimited arsenal) and continue further into the cave.
  • You will come to a Rhino and an unoccupied Slasher. Take the Slasher, it is quicker and more agile, and crush the enemies that get in your way with your Sludge Cannons.
  • There isn't much else to fight, just keep on going until you reach the final bridge. Cross it to the other side and the closing cutscene will commence.

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