Tommy Clatriano (born Thomas Clatriano Medani June 13, 1967 in Las Angeles, California) is an American singer, guitarist and songwriter, most known as the front man of the American metal band God Appendium.

Personal life

Thomas Clatriano Medani was born on June 13 1967 to an Italian father, Richard Benicio Medani, and a Anglo-Peruvian mother, Helená Jorquáz Lockhardt. He is a vegan, and a fierce rights fighter, detailed through his image in God Appendium. Clatriano is a Christian, and believes that the band's lyrics and his beliefs are completely different. Clatriano has been married twice (to Angelica Masiáo in 1994, divorced in 1998), of whom his first child Thomas Clatriano Medani, Jnr. (born. 1996) mothered, and his current wife Jamie Lynne (married 2001), the mother of his second child and daughter Helená Jamie Lynne-Medani (born. 2003).

Summer Headbangerz Festival 2004 incident

On the hype of their ninth album Grace Let Fall, God Appendium played the major Summer Headbangerz Festival in 2004. On August 14th, during their show, Clatriano stopped in the middle of a verse and said "George Bush is Satan, everybody. He is fucking Satan". Clatriano, and drummer Victor "Vik" Tambling then proceeded to destroy pictures of George W. Bush on stage, and were taken off by security. Clatriano and Tambling were charged an $500 fine for unecessary conduct. In an interview shortly after Clatriano said that "the media and the police take everything to fucking seriously".

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