Tommy White (Sephiroth)
Tommy White
Real Name Tommy White
Height 6'1
Weight 155
Resides Earth


Origin Earth
First Appearance Fire 4
Species Unknown (Possibly Human)
Allies Ultimo X

Louis Banks

Jimmy Banks

Melline Gomez

Enemies The Devil

The Devil's Son

The Devil's Dad

Demons & Hell Itself

Weapons Katana
Fighting Styles Unkown
Alignment Good

Tommy White is a playable character in the Fire series making an appearence in Fire 4, Fire 5, Fire 6, & Fire 8.


When tommy white died from the main fire from fire 1...He went to hell he was a trained ninja he had a found a sword in hell he wanted to kill everyone...When he found the Devil he beats him up.Then he checks his desk when theres info about the main fire,louis banks,jimmy banks,and him...He wakes up the devil and tells him...tommy white:So this is what you do huh?devil:HAHA your right I want to burn the world so bad!!!Nobody every gived me a good chance though.tommy white:I got to kill you!devil:If you kill me then your gonna stay here by yourself!!!tommy white:I dont care!Then tommy slashes the devil in his throut...And god puts him in heaven,With louis banks,and jimmy banks!


  • (Coming Soon)


  • Tommy White has a very similar appearance to Final Fantasy's Sephiroth.

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