Characters Present

Mickey Mouse

Minnie Mouse


Donald Duck

Daisy Duck

Huey, Dewie and Louie

Bashful (debut)







House of Mouse guests

Mike (microphone)


Mickey has a fever and can't host the show, so Bashful hosts it.


Mike: And now, here he is. A friend of Donald Duck and Goofy, Mickey MOUSE!

(It is shown that Mickey is not on the stage. The cicket are chirping)

Mike: Huh. What just happened?

Minnie: (Hands Mike a letter)

Mike: (Mumbles as he reads the letter) Oh. You're right, Minnie. Mickey has a fever and he can't host the show.

(The audience gasped, getting horrified when Mickey doesn't host the show)

Mike: Don't worry, everyone. He's a little sick today. So we can choose someone from the audience to be our new host. Come up on the stage, Basful!

(Scene cuts to Captain Jack Sparrow, Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann)

Will Turner: Wait, Bashful's the new host?

Captain Jack Sparrow: He's my favorite dwarf, Mr. Turner.

Elizabeth Swann: Don't worry, Jack. I think Happy was my favorite.

Captain Jack Sparrow: He is? I've never thought of that, Miss Swann.

(Scene cuts to Bashful on stage)

Bashful: Hello, ladies and gentlemen. We are going to show you a cartoon about Mickey. He's sick, so enjoy.

(The audience cheered as the big screen shows a cartoon until it ends)

(The audience cheered when the cartoon is over)

(We see Donald Duck and Daisy Duck at the counter)

Donald: Why does Bashful get to be the host? Why can't I?

Daisy: Patience, Donald. You've been host before and everybody hated you. Why don't you give Bashful a chance?

Donald: Well, he's the extremely amazing dwarf.

(Scene cuts to Bashful on stage)

Bashful: All right, ladiess and gentlemen. Now it is time to give it up for the Quackstreet Boys. (Points to Huey, Dewie and Louie)

(We see Huey, Duey and Louie performing)

Bashful: Thank you so much. And now, we bring you another cartoon.

(The audience cheered as the big screen shows the cartoon: Pluto Gets The Paper - Vending Machine)

(The audience cheers when the cartton ends)

Minnie: Mike, I found a letter!

Mike: (See the letter, reading it) "Dear person who is reading this letter, I am not sick anymore. So I will be coming back to the show. Sincerely, Mickey Mouse." (To the audience) Did ya hear that, everybody? Mickey's not sick anymore!

Captain Jack Sparrow: Hurrah!

(The audience cheerd as Mickey appears on stage)

Daisy: Look, it's Mickey!

Minnie: Mickey, you're okay!

Mickey: Hi there! I see Bashful was hosting the show for me. Was he shy?

Happy: He sure was. He did an excellent job at the House of Mouse. It's great to have you back, Mickey. What kind of sickness did you have?

Mickey: I've got chicken pox.

Captain Jack Sparrow: Chicken pox? How preculer.

Bashful: Did Doc McStuffins help you feel better?

Mickey: She sure did, Bashful.

Captain Jack Sparrow: Hmm... I'll tell ya what, mate. Bashful can be a co-host someday. You can end the show.

Mickey: Thanks, Captain. (To Mike) Okay, Mike. Take us out of here.

Mike: Tonight's show was provided by Bashful's flower collection. Daisies, daffodils, even dandelions. Bashful's flower collection has many different flowers.

Warning: Flowers may cause Sneezy to sneeze.

Mickey: Well, that's all for today. See you real soon!

(The audience cheered as the episode ends)


Sleepy's hat was yellow and sneezy's hat was turquoise.

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