Total Assault Arena, also known simply as "Arena" and "Total Assault: Titan 1" explains the backstory of the first generation of Titans.

Backstory Edit

In the game there are two types of Titans: Brutes, and Juggernauts. The Brutes have somewhat different armor and belong to an opposing team, their armor design is darker and grimier as opposed to the brighter, shinier color scheme of the Juggernauts, which have generally more health yet are slower. Another new race is the Wraiths, Wraiths are construction robots who were re purposed are battle droids to help train the Titans, however during the tournament they took matters into their own hands and intended to win the tournament for themselves, they are now being brought up as the replacement for the super soldiers if they win the tournament, basically, the winner becomes the new face of the armies of the Embassy.

A Total of 300 candidates were selected and out of that number only 60 were succesful. Their training consisted of several 'tournament' like ladders where they would compete in many different arenas across Adonias, scoring frags and making use of Respawners, which was pretty much a Cloning machine, although not technically since it would project a carbon flash clone of them which would do battle under their control. The Titan 1s were never technically dispersed onto the battlefield.

Confirmed Playable Characters Edit

Confirmed NPC "Bot" Characters Edit

Confirmed Weapons Edit

  • Assault Rifle - The starting ranged weapon of all gladiators, this weapon's primary fire is a hail of bullets. Secondary fire lobs a grenade.
  • Tri-Launcher - This short-range weapon fires a trio of highly explosive projectiles at the enemy, the secondary fire fires on large explosion.
  • Energy Rifle - A destructive long-range weapon that fires a powerful armor piercing projectile at long ranges.
  • Shock Bow - A mid range bow-like weapon that fires one energy arrow or five at once.
  • Fusion Cannon - This powerful weapon combines protons and electrons to create a powerful explosion which it focuses into a beam, has no secondary function.
  • Sludge Rifle - A weapon which fires superheated melted crystallite sludge which can be charged up into one super-powerful blast.
  • Rocket Launcher - A tournament favorite, this weapon fires explosive rockets one at a time or four at once, for a destructive payload.
  • Sludge Launcher - Not unlike its Sludge Rifle counterpart, this weapon fires large globs of superheated Crystallite, has no secondary function.

Confirmed Game Modes Edit

  • Redemption Rights - Earn your team its honor, win the championship.
  • Tournament Ladders - Play as a different character, bring about a new era.
  • Instant Combat - Engage in intense multiplayer custom games.

Trivia Edit

  • Arena has no real free-roam, and is mostly an all multiplayer game.
  • Arena has characters unlockable for use in Instant Combat which are from The Trinity or TA Main Trilogy.
  • In gameplay, before a match, the player chooses their secondary weapon. Ammo and health are on the map already.
  • Each character has their own Melee weapon, listed below:
    • Davian-EMP Gloves
    • Alex-Ion Sword
    • Rikki-Ion Sword
    • Jackson-Ion Sword
    • Jacob-Ion Dagger
    • Caleb-Ion Dagger
    • Anthony-EMP Gloves
    • Odin-Ion Sword

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