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This article is about the Total Assault Series, including information on its origins, its legacy, its evolution, and its conflict with other franchises, one of the most popular being the 'Total Assault - Halo War'.

Beginnings Edit

Total Assault was brought into existence when in 2010, on November 29, the book, simply titled, 'A Total Assault' was released by American writer Ambrose Compton. The book was about a ship and her crew going to recover an alien weapon shipment from an alien ship of aliens known as the Zodiac. Supposedly, humanity has been at war with them for 15 years, and the war started in 2081, making the book take place in the year 2096. The ship is known as the Blood Well, and the story is about the crew encountering an alien creature up until this day, July 3, 2096, was considered only to be a myth.

A Total Assault (Novel) Edit

The book is about the crew of a ship known as the UEM Valhalla. In this book the UEM are supposedly an alliance of different military factions, UEM stands for United Embassies Military. Humanity has been at war with an alien covenant known as the Zodiac, and they are fighting a loosing battle. Captain David Shepard is ordered by General William Cutter to investigate a floating Zodiac Planet Killer known as The Blood Well to search for Zodiac weapons that they can use against them. Shepard and his crew dock at the ship found in orbit around a planet known as Tamria. When they board the ship, however, it is completely deserted, and dead bodies of the aliens known as Arians are found everywhere. The Arians are supposedly the Founding Fathers of the Zodiac, and are thus so dubbed Purists by the Humans. Falser, one of Cutter's head crewman, finds a dead Arian, and brings him aboard the ship. Cutter notices that the Arian appears sick, and, Donahue, the Science Officer, notices a malformity in the Arian's Pituitary Gland, and that the creature might be 'infected' with some form of Virus, or Parasite. About an Hour later, the Arian begins to mutate, and the infected alien breaks out of the Med-Lab and escapes into the Valhalla's air-duct system. The 6 crewmembers, Shepard, Falser, Donahue, Miller, Fetch, and Lambert go on a search for the Arian, to kill it before it destroys their engines, which is where they find out that it is headed. When they get to the Engine Room Antechamber, Lambert is killed by it, but they find out that it has mutated beyond recognition. It has grown tentacles and extra flabby skin and had grown tendrils out of its face, its head had been enlongated into a point, and it had no visible face. The Parasite that had infected its Pituitary Gland had morphed its body into a killing machine. Miller managed to drive the creature off by activating the heat jet. They try to shut off the Engine Room automatically, but the Heat Jet fried the control panel, leaving the only alternative being to enter the maintenance shaft and close it manually. Unfortnatly, it is connected to the Air Ducts. Donahue volunteers to go in. He goes in alone. Donahue manages to close off the Engine Room, but is killed by the Creature soon after. The 4 of them split into teams of 2, prepping the Shuttle for Evac, realiing that the creature was inside the Engine Bay when it was shut, in there with Donahue. Fetch goes with Miller, and Shepard goes with Falser. Miller and Fetch went to grab the fuel reserves whil Shepard and Falser went to close off the Evac Bay. While Millet and Fetch are getting the fuel, they are attacked by the creature, which had mutated further into a massive gelatanous blob of swarming Parasites copied from the original. Shepard and Falser rush to the scene but on their way there they are contacted by an Entity, known only as The Entity, or TE. TE tells them that the creature onboard their ship is descendant of a race of creatures responsible for the fall of a might Empire of beings known as the Havonians who supposedly created the Universe and Universes that they (Humans) call home. TE calls the creature, the Spawn. TE then tells them that they must stop the creature and that it is very vulnerable to extreme temperatures. Shepard and Falser enter the Fuel Cell room to find the butchered bodies of both Miller and Fetch. Shepard and Falser realise that they must kill the Spawn before escaping. Shepard devises a plan to lure it into the freezer and lock it in, with the temperature gauge locked on negative. They find the spawn in the showers and turn on the showers on hot to lure it out. The spawn then follows them, as planned into the freezer. But when they try to exit, the spawn attempts to follow them. Falser tell Shepard to go and get off the ship and that she'll hold it here. Shepard then leaves and Falser shuts the door. Falser is devoured alive by the swarm of spawn while she locks the temperature and the creature(s) freezes and explodes, and the sudden drop in temparature causes the ship to explode. Shepard is left drifting in space at the end of the book, and little else is known what happens.

Reception Edit

The book's reviews went quite well, and Compton was about to write a sequel when he was approached by major gaming company 'Epic Games' who offered to make it into a game. Compton suggested making the game 3 years later and revolving around the Human-Zodiac war.

Sequel Edit

The second book, titled 'Total Assault 2' was supposed to be made following the chronicles of Captain Shepard, but Epic Games approached Compton telling him that they would like to make the book into a game. But Compton, thought it would be better, if they made the sequel into a game. The Sequel was renamed 'Total Assault: Ultimate Conflict', and would not revolve around Shepard at all but around a new cast of characters known as the Melchizadek Special Warfare Group (MSWG).

Total Assault: Ultimate Conflict (video game) Edit

The game starts off at UEM controlled planet known as Adonias. The player has to defend the ship UEM Gnashbone Fury from Zodiac boarding craft. In this game the common enemies are The Zodiac forces, and in this one, apart from the book which only had one race (The Purists (Arians)) This one features many different Zodiac races, such as the Drones (Taurians) and the Banshees (Sagittarians). After this, the player is given control over most of the MSWG (5) Characters, Davian, last of the Titan I Super-Soldiers, Ivy, one of the Second Generation Titans, Jon, ex-assassin, nearly blind, Cody, ex-mercenary, and Hunter, and finally Nathan, a confused super-genius with a helmet capable of converting brain-waves into a powerful energy beam. The 5 of them are stuck onboard the ship as it is caught in a 'Worm-Jump' made by a nearby Zodiac Combat Carrier later to be revealed as 'The Vast Expanse'. When arriving on the otherside, the forces of the Fury are found drifing around a massive planetoid later to be revealed as Haven. The forces are attacked by the ship again and the player if forces to defend the ship again. Afterwards the ship attempts to land while ejecting the Melchizadek before-hand. The 5 of them land on the artifact and find Captain Grigg and defend him from the Zodiac but are captured and taken onboard the Combat=Carrier itself. When this happens, a distress signal sent by Grigg is heard by a group of Titan 3 Super Soldiers and the entire 5th Fleet. The Fleet arrives at the Haven, but is followed by a second fleet of Zodiac. Meanwhile, the fleet lands and sends out forces to aid the Expanse, and the UEM fleet sends their forces planet-side. The small band manages to fire an EMP disruspting the energy in the ship, also causing the energy barriers containing the prisoners to shut down. The MSWG escape and rescue Commander Steinburg and the Commander and Captain rendevous at a sructure known as the Apex Wall. A Wall surrounding the structure which surrounds a structure known as The Apex which in-turn surrounds, a Havonian artifact known as The Eye. Steinburg finds this out by un-encrypting a date terminal at the wall which reveals alot of infomration on the species that built the haven. The Zodiac call them The Harbingers, and they supposedly built the Haven to protect all life in the Galaxy from something known as 'The Coming Storm'. The Zodiac believe it is a weapon created to destroy life, not protect. The UEM's priorities then shift, protect the Haven. The MSWG are sent to secure the Fury's crash site. The MSWG fight their way through the Zodiac forces including a Ravager (Cancerian) a massive beast like alien capable of running through 3 feet of steel unscathed. When they get to the crash, they are met by 2 deranged officers that flew in with the 5th Fleet. Triton and Trenton. Triton and Trenton say they are following Adrean now, a member of The Grendel, and she is of Queen rank. The Grendel are a faction of Titans that broke off from the main UEM forces. They say she is investigating something the UEM over-looked, and that they are taking charge now. Triton tells Davian and Jon to back off, and then Jon remembers something, Triton was the one that blinded him. When they refuse to back off, Triton and Trenton attack them. Davian and Jon manage to fight them off, and execute them. They secure the crashsite, but the ship collapses trapping the 5 of them inside a sort of 'Facitlity' benath the ship. There they fall out of contact with the hig comamnd. They then encounter... The Spawn. The Spawn are divided into several stages. The Small SeedSpawn. The WarriorSpawn. and the MegaSpawn. They are then contacted by an ancient AI known as The Metatron. The MetaTron states that it was left behind by The Harbingers to maintain Havens function. The MetaTron also calls itself 'Lord Lycan', Lycan being short for Lycanthropy, the study of transformation, this is a foreshadowing of what is to come. The MetaTron controls all of the machines, including Attack Drones. The Metatron uses the Attack Drones to help the Melchizadek fend off the Spawn and also helps them get out of the facility. It then travels with them to a UEM Stronghold and helps them defend it. Then, it is hit by a stray Sludge bolt and it malfunctions and begins attacking the UEM and Zodiac alike. It then states it made a horrible mistake by serving such wretched parasites such as organics. It then says that Life was a mistake, an accident, and that is must be un-done. Soon after, the Grendel begin to turn against the UEM, lead by Adrian. It is then up to the UEM to get to the Apex and recover the Eye before Adrian does, when they ask why, Commander tells them that The Eye has the power to control the Space-Time Cotinuum, and that Adrian wants to use it against the UEM. The MSWG then lower the barrier and smash through the Zodiac barricades which include many Ravagers (Cancerians) to get to the Apex, The Zodiac who are trying to contain the Spawn, want to keep the Humans from relieasing them from the Apex. But, the Melchizadek manmage to get through their defenses which inclused 3 more Ravagers. The 5 of them team up to smash through the Zodiac defenses and are attakced by Jamey Kyle, a Titan 3, who is in servitude to Adrean, and is defending the Eye, well the lift that leads to the chamber the Eye is in. They find out Adrean is already at the Eye, and Davian and Nathan are seperated from Ivy Jon and Cody. The 2 of them have to team up to defeat Jamey and as soon as they activate the lift to the Eye Chamber, they are attacked by Server Attack Drones. They manage to kill them and when they arrive in the chamber, they are confronted by Adrean, who has been horribly mutated into a Spawn/Human hybrid. She says that she is trying to form an alliance between humanity and the spawn, and by doing so that she will save more human lives than ever existed, but before she could do so that she had to give The Eye to The Spawn. She knocks out Davian who charges her and Nathan shoots her. Nathan and Adrean fight, and Adrean slaps Nathan';s weapons away and begins to choke him. She then tells him that he is putting all of humanity in jeopardy and for that he must die, she is then momentarily distracted by Davian moving, attempting to get up, and looks back and gets a face full of Nathan fist and is knocked to the ground. Nathan then gets up and says, 'Kiss my ass'. He then overloads his helmet, and it begins a chain reaction, and all of Haven begins to fall apart. Davian thinks fast and leaps for the Eye, grabbing it, and jumping out of the Apex, and landing in a Rhino jeep,. Davian uses it to escape, and all of the others meet him at the EEV. And before they escape, Davian drops the Eye, but they escape, and The Eye is destroyed along with The Haven.

Reception Edit

TAUC, as it is abbreivated, got good reviews, conflicting even with the mighty Halo franchise. It was realeased on May 3, 2011. Another game that was realised on May 1, a mere 2 days before it, was Halo 4. Halo 4 outranked it by a mere .02 points. TA scoring a 98.2 and Halo 4 scoring a 98.4 It was considered the closest shave in gaming history. This would be a start of the Franchise Wars.

Franchise Wars Edit

Lemme say this, BUNGiE was pissed. They would have never though Halo would be dying, but, it just wants as popular anymore, not with Epic Games and the new SpIn Games that Ambrose was fomring to work on the TA series. And was releasing TA2 next year in 2012. BUNGIE then began working with Neil Blomkamp on the Halo 2 movie since the Halo Combat Evolved movie in 2010 of november was such a success. Sure enough, the Halo 2 movie and the Total Assault II video game are both scheduled for a October, 2012 realease.

Total Assault II pre-production Edit

Ambrose Compton would be leading the Spin Games team with support from Cliffy B and the Epic Games team on TA2.

Total Assault 2 Edit

Total Assault II would pick up 3 months in June of 2099. The MSWG have arrived at the defensive grid surrounding the Border Colonies onboard one of the Stations known as Troy. The Zodiac attack Troy Station band by planting a bomb that the UEM nick-name the Trojan Horse. The MSWG sucessfully dsiable it. The 4 charcaters, Davian, Jon, Ivy, and Cody are returning from TAUC, along with 2 new ones, both playable. Zack, Ivy;s father and Davian's hated stepfather who left Davian and Ivy behind forcing Davian and Ivcy to take care of each other at a young age, which is why Davian joined the Titan Project in the first place, for money to help raise Ivy. His life was sewpat out from underneath his feet. And ther is Shawn, a figure from Jon's past, he also helped train him, but Shawn had gone bad, and Jon hated him. Soon after the repulsion, an unrecorded ship arrived from a wrom jump. Davian is sent onbaord to serach for srvivors. He is attacke dby spawn. And he escapes . Soon after, more spawn controlled ships arrive, and are soon recognised to be ships under spawn control arriving from the remains of The Haven. Unfortunately, by this point of time, the Zodiac have located Earth and controlled 3 of its major cities, including, New New York, New Chicago, and New Cairo. New Cairo is curently the sight of the UEM captiol. The MSWG, now 6 memebrs, is sent in to re=take the city, along with a hardy group of Strikers. They arrive and help Strikers and Sgt Hicks clear a path to the main bridge leading to the main city. During this, they encounter a new Zodiac , Fiends (Scorpions). The Purists then arrive along with yet another new type of race known as the Scarabs (Geminians), small insectile crtures. Along with them is the massive Scarab Queen. The MSWG chase the Queen across to the far islands where she is finally gunned down by a ship in orbit. The whole earth shakes as a massive Zodiac Planet Killer smashes through the ODG and lands in the desert. They find out that the pk is known as The Spindle Shrine. And that aboard it, are the leaders of the Zodiac races themselves. The story then switches to what is happneing onboard. The Purist high Inquisitor, the leader of the attack on The Haven, known as Avisto, is held responsible for retrating. They suspect him of going rogue. Avisto is nearly executed, but is let off thanks to the Purist Deity, Kluutak. Each race is ruled by a Deity, and each race rides in a 'Legged Chair or Throne' The UEM are unaware that they killed the Scarab Deity. Avisto is given a chance for redemption by Kluutak privately. He tell him that the Spawn have landed on Earth, and that they call for his attention. Kluutak tell him that he must not let the Abomination, as they call it, destroy the humans planet, that it is they, The Zodiac, who must destroy them and cleanse the universe of the human race. Avisto lands helps a Purist unit destroy the Spawn outside of the City odf New Cairo. Avisto is then contacted by Ragnarok, Fiend Deity, who tells him that theyt are a desecration to the Zodiac and they must be destroyed. Avisto and his team, upon entering the city, are then attacked By Feinds and Avisto then corners Rangarok at a pier on the beach who tellS aVISTO out of fear that he is 'on his side'. Avisto tells him that if that were true, the war between the Scorpions and the Arians would have never happend eons ago, and if that were true, he would not be standin here before him. Rangraok then tells him if he hadnt come to Earth, he would have the cahnce to meet such amazingf creatures. Ragnarok then stpes aside and Ivy strides up the pier. She then kills Ranarok's bodygaurds and teams up with Avisto and together they defeat the rest of the Fiends. Ragnarok escapes, but Avisto and Ivy are knocked out and taken onboard the Spindle Shrine by Kluutaks troops. Avisto awakes to see Ivy in a containment cell. Avisto tells Kluutak how the human hlped him. Kluutak suspects that Avisto is a rogue when he says ,"What if they're right about Haven?" Kluutak orders him to be removed. Kluutak then looks out of his bay port to see a Haven. The Spindle Shrine has arrived at a Second one. The UEM sees this as a second chance. The story goes back to the Melchizadek and Davian as the UEM fleet follows the Shrine through a Worm Jump. Upon arriving at the other side, they see the Second Haven. Zack intends to rescue Ivy, but Davian insists on doing it himself, and then finally Jon budges in and says it would be better if they worked together, a role Davian usually fills. The Admiral says that tyhey should land on the haven first and foremost, saying that a Oracle Deity by the name of Oracle of Malice had landed on the Haven and was preparing to attempt to 'reverse' its defense process by destroying it. The Admiral reverals that thisd would infact cause it to 'destroy' rather than protect. The Admiral tells them that they have a second chance, but they hacve to stop that Diety first. Davian, alon with the other 4 are dropped to clear a landing zone for the Ravens. They then infiltrate the cntral Harbinger ruin, free some prisoners and kill Malice. Soon after, they are contacted by a hologram of The Metatron. It says that is is only using the Spawn to kill off life, at which point it will then reverse the defenses of the 21 Haven units speard across the Havona and destroy everything that remains, including all ogf the Spawn, and then the Havona sphere would finally be devoid of wretched organic life. Davian vies that he will destroy the Metatron even if it takes him to his last breath. The 5 of them then prepare, using Malice's passage, to infiltrate the Shrine itself to bring back Ivy and stop Kluutak from destroying the Haven. The travel through 6 towers looking for Ivy but find nothing.They then must rescue 6 strikers in holding cells and get to the lower floors where Kluutak is, it is then believed he is trying to manufacture his own army of Grendel, seeing that the Grendel are now part of the Zodiac, and the very foundations of the Zodiac are spliting due to the recent conflictions between the different races, mainly the Fiends and Purists. The battle goes back to Avisto, who has rebelled against Kluutak and the Zodiac. Kluutak has also formed his own group of Zodiac, which only consist of Purists and do not agree with the Fiends but do not agree that the Humans are right, Avisto's team or group is against both the Zodiac and Kluutak. Avisto is back on Earth and is trying to stop Ranarok from destroying Earht. HT believes he has ground a weapon beneath the city of New Cairo. He finds out that the Purist Deity, Oracle of Dark Energy, has ordered Ragnarok to fire the weapon buried beneath New Cairo to destroy the second Haven before Kluutak does. Avisto finds and kills Ragnarok with the help of the Cancerians (Ravagers). Back on The Shrine, Davian, Zack, Shawn, and Cody, and Jon, are still searching for Ivy, fighting all races of the Zodiac, Purists, Drones, Banshees, Ravagers, Grendel, Scarabs, and Feinds. Zack and the others manage to find Kluutak, and they all rush at him, but only Zack is left standing. Zack tells him that he wants his daughter back, and Kluutak gives him a choice between Haven, and Ivy. Zack chooses Ivy, but Zack tries to stop Kluutak, but Kluutak destroys Haven II anyway. Out of rage, Zack manages to kill Kluutak, who falls down the maintenance shaft of the Srhine. Zack, however, suffers mortal wounds, and later dies in Davians'; arms. The Shrine auto-pilots back to Earth, and Ivy manages to Escape. she realises that she has been infected with a mutant virus manufactured by Kluutak, and the cure is in the veins, of Alexandria. Ivy manages to kill Alexandria using dormant Arian DNA, in her blood, upon Zakc;'s dying words he tells Davian that Ivy is part Arian, as is he. Ivy 's new awakened DNA has now caused her hair to turn black aswell. The game ends with the UEM fleet arriving at a mysterious planet , leaving it open for a 3rd game.

Reception Edit

The Halo 2 Movies' reviews were mostly good, aswere the revies for TA2. The TA Saga that was once only slightly behidn the Halo saga was now directly equal with it. BunGie was growing ancy, if they did not act quick their series would die. And they also learned that TA3 would be coming out in 2014 of January, January 15th to be exact.

2014 Edit

BUNGiE realised that if they wanted their series to survive, they would have to collaborate with Neill Blomkamp on the Halo 3 movie to release it before 2014. They managed to release Halo 3 the movie a few days before Total Assault 3.

Total Assault 3 Edit

Total Assault 3 picks up in around December of 2099. The UEM have colonised the planet they have named, XP-614. They are in pursuit of the New Zodiac leader, Oracle of Dark Energy. With the Grendel forces ever increasing the UEM / Old Zodiac alliance is beginning to loose the war. The Spawn have been dealt with for now, and The Metatron is still nowhere to be found, neither is the Grendel leader, Bogart. With the Havens seemingly destroyed, the UEM now has one main objective, stop the Zodiac before they can free the Spawn. The city of Roth is their home-base, and they believe the Zodiac are planning a strike near the city when they attack the UEM Base known as The Arsenal which is just south of the city. Davian and his allies manage to hold off the Zodiac invaders, which include the small lizard-like Scamps (Aquarians) as replacements for the Drones, the insectile Geminians (Scarabs) as replacements for the sniper-role of the Banshees, and of course the Fiends or Scorpions as replacements for the Purists. They follow the zodiac forces into some caverns which in turn appear to be littered and honeycombed with Harbinger ruins. By now, the UEM have found out the Zodiac are looking for some form of Intergalactic Atlas, which, apparently, displays a map of all of the Galaxies in our Universe. What they are trying to use it to find, is still unknown. Davian and his team fight their way through Harbinger ruins, until they find a Spawn Research Lab built inside the Harbinger buildings, the Zodiac foolishly free the spawn, but not before the UEM figure out they were trying to unleash the Spawn onto the UEM, now knowing they have now endangered the entire planet. Davian and his Melchizadek find the Atlas but not before Shawn is infected by a Seed Spawn that had previously infected a bird-like creature, and he turns into a Bird/Human hybrid but is killed by Cody. When the find the Atlas, they find out that it does not only display a map of one universe, but a map of thousands of universes inside of one super-universe, and they in turn find out that there are 7 super universes arranged in a hexagram around what these Harbingers have called the Isle of Paradise, they then find out that the Zodiac have been using it to find 'shards' of something, then Davian remembers The Eye that Adrean used, that The Metatron told her about. This was the shards of that Artifact. The Zodiac were trying to reclaim those shards to 'rebuild' The Eye so that they can use it against the Spawn and the UEM. The fools did not know that The Eye, if used incorrectly, could destroy their entire Universe because it had an energy propulsion so ampilified and so radial that it could not be allowed to explode or go off, or activate inside of the universe, it was meant for something else. Afterwards, they learned Roth was being attacked. All UEM forces, ships, and aircraft gathered infront of the city, and opposite them, lead by Bogart, the Zodiac forces, ships, and aircraft inturn gathered. Davian and the Titan 2s were called to the city to deal with a Grendel threat. The Titan strike team was supposed to gain control of a Zodiac Cannon which was extracting minerals from the crust of the planet and using it as artillery. They fought through Grendel forces, including a new race, known as Destroyers (Leonians), who were apparently replacing the Ravagers, and resembled massive, hulking humanoid spiders, with long spindly arms and gaping maws. Upon killing the commanding Grendel and Fiend Patriarch, they took control of the cannon and used it to turn the tide of war for the UEM. Unfortunately, this caused a chain reaction beneath the city opening a portal to the resort, a possible route to the final Haven, rumours of a Super-Haven had spread. All of the Uem and Zodiac forces were sucked into it. They appeared on the other side, surprisingly, at Earth. It was at this point a Spawn infested Troy Station careened through a portal and crashed in the atlantic ocean, but not before showering the mountain side the UEM fleet and ground forces they had landed on. After Davian, Taylor and Jon get back from Troy Station searching for the 11th shard, Davian, Ivy, and the others then fought their way up the mountain side to stop a new type of Grendel known as a Rose Clone, aswell as a new giant worm-like Zodiac known as Hydras (Virgonians) which was as long as a school bus. After this, they find out that the Spawn are trying to create something known as a Spawn Core, as transcripted by the master inventor and decoder Robbie. Then an Island rises out of the ocean which Robbie describes as Atlantis, he decodes more Harbinger texts and finds out that the Atlanteans died many years ago around the time of the Neanderthals and that it was bult over an ancient Harbinger structure, possibly a portal to the alleged Super Haven. He retorts with bad news of the Oracle of Dark Energy's Arrival on the Super Haven. The team then storms the island with an entire fleet of UEM and Allied Zodiac Peace Maker ships. They fight their way through hordes of Zodiac occupying an Atlanteon/Harbinger ruin to get to Dark Energy, where they find him standing infront of a portal, sure enough, but also find that Dark Energy himself had been driven insane, but by what? They already knew who was here when Harbinger Attack Drones appeared out of nowhere, and they heard none other than The Metatron's voice speaking through them. Back aboard Troy Station, Jon managed to find Taylor and escape, however, along the way he inhales a single Daemon Spawn(unlike Cody who inhaled and came into contact with a whole colony) which is enough to take control of the thought precessing center of the brain, which brings back bad memories and often forces its hosts to do things that they normally wouldn't, or, bring out alternate more sinister personalities. As the entourage is fighting Servers they find out The Metatron is behind it, after they secure the Portal Room they find the Final Shard on Dark Energy's body. They managed to kill many of the drones by Casey, a Titan 2, is executed by Bogart himself, and before anyone can stop him, he enters the portal with the shards. The UEM prepare to defend the portal from the coming Zodiac fleet, but they find peace in their eyes, The Fiends and Oracles had come to join forces with the UEM and the Zodiac Peace Makers to stop the now insane Bogart and the ever increasing Spawn, and most of all, The Metatron, the one behind this whole mess of a war. Davian agrees to lead the Melchizadek (however, Jon begins to act somewhat like a younger more malicious version of himself, Davian finds as he begins saying that he should lead them), including Avisto, who says he will not stay behind, and he enters the portal with the 6 Melchiazadeks, and on the other side, they find that Bogart has erected a new Apex and that they were inturn inside of the planet XP-614, or The Mantle as Robbie calls it, mainly because it was originally going to be a mold for the new Harbinger home-world. Robbie was also joining the Melchizadek in the battle with his new Anubis V Exosuit, which was even shaped like the head of the Egyptian Jackal god of the Underworld. They fight their way through and find that Cody had been infected by a type of Spawn known as a Daemon Spawn, but was still concious and aware that Davian and the others were still his allies, (unlike Jon who began to say that Davian was making a "bad decision" by going in.) he fought alongside them to the Apex and on the way they find that part of the Troy station actually crashed through a jump hole and into this very location, perhaps it was caught along the same channel as the portal from Atlantis was. The 6 of them fight through hordes of Spawn until they finally come to a doorway leading into the Apex. Davian, along the way, is seperated from the other 5, and must continue on his own, and is soon confronted by The Metatron himself, who foolishly gets himself killed by his own cleansing laser. Davian rides the elevator to the Zenith room of the Apex to find Bogart trying to use the Eye,. Bogart tries to persaude him to give up by saying Bogart himself was a descendant of the Harbingers, or what they are really called The Annunaki. The Metatron continues to taunt him, as Davian realises he had only killed its Avatar, the AI itself was networked into all of Haven's systems. Bogart then tells him that this IS the Super Haven and that Davian had failed, as the Spawn had already conquered the Haven. He then asks Davian to let him use the Eye to stop the Spawn, but Davian knows Bogart only wants to use The Eye for selfish reasons, Davian then realises Bogart has a Fusion Cannon. Bogarts armor is too strong to be damaged by even expolisve weapons, so Davian uses his EMP Gloves to deflect the beam of the cannon back at Bogart, who in turn falls into The Eye, thinking he is dead, Davian turns to leave, but is confronted by Bogart again, who tells Davian about the visions he had had as a boy, he then tells him that he is the last of the Atlanteans. Davian then falls to his knees in disbeliefe, then, just as he was about to accept defeat, the Spawn Core itself bursts from the wreckage of the Station and smashes into the room of the Apex and eats Bogart alive just as he drops the Eye and the Melchizadek burst into the room to aid Davian, The Metatron continues to taunt them that now that its ultimate weapon has been unleashed, nothing can stop it now. But Robbie engages in a brief battle with the Core but ultimately looses when it rips apart his mech and procedes to eat him aswell, Davian then remembers robbie telling Davian about how the Spawn could replicate anything of their enemies weapons, and that the Cores themselves could open up teleportation portals to the outer reaches of the universe, Daivna then thoguth fast and chucked the Eye to Robbie who caught it as he was consumed by the core spawn. Little did it know, the Core had eaten the eye, and closed the portal inside of itself, just as a Harbinger ship appeared overhead, caushing the portal lines to become intertwined with Earths' revealing flashes of Earth morning sky, the morning of January 1st 2100 to be exact. Just as the Harbinger ship began to fire, the UEM ship Duality managed to pick up the Melchizadeks and fly out of a rift just as the explosion escaped the portal and brought ruin to the entire north american continent, realising that the Haven itself was buried beneath this particular tectonic plate, The Annunaki had actually hidden this final resort beneath Earth in particular, but why? The explosion sent shrapnel flying at Davian, Ivy jumped infront of it to protect her older brother, but was nearly killed by it in turn. Davian crouched over her and began to weep, but the entire hangar of the Duality was bathed in white light and they found they were in a large white chamber overlooking a cavernous freefall, they were on a platform, and 3 massive forms gazed over Davian and Ivy, with Cody, Taylor, Daniel and Jon gazing in amazement in the back. These 3 forms were Annunaki in the flesh. They said to Davian that it is true about him being of Atlantean descent, and that he was the last of them, and it was also true that they all had Annunaki blood in their veins, all humans, as they were their creators. The humans were originally only supposed to be clay bodies, much like the rock titans on The Mantle. Davian was selected to be the Holy Bodhisatva, an immortal being to protect the secrets of humanity, and they would imbue him with immortallity, mainly because he had no loved ones left, but Davian turned down the offer, saying that he DID have loved ones, he gazed over at the others, and down at Ivy. Then Cody began to convulse vigoroulsy, and Jon began to laugh, saying ,"I told you he would turn, and now you are going to pay." Just as Davian was about to ask what was wrong with him, he is hit by Cody. The Annunaki then vanished from the light drenched room, and left him, Jon, and Daniel, and Taylor in the room with the mutating Cody. Cody then managed to shoot himself. Jon then began to say that the past is here to stay and that he would have been a better Juggernaut than Davian ever would dream of becoming, Jon then grabbed Davian's Rocket Launcher and mutated into a beast rapidly, and knocked out Taylor and Daniel and then went for Davian, who managed to get the Fusion Cannon lying on the ground that Bogart had used that Davian himself had stolen and blasted Jon, attempting to kill the new monstrous him. Jon nearly killed Davian, and would have had it not been for Jon's good side coming out. The monster hads not been inside of him long enough for it to take permanent resting inside of him, and he mamanged to rip it out of his heart. The Daemon Spawn had infested Jon and had begun to turn Jon into his old self, the Jon that constantly put Davian down as a little kid and bullied him, trying to control his life. Jon then returned to normal and the Daemon Spawn leapt at Davian, intending to make him its next victim, but the edge of a ion Sword sliced it in half. Ivy then stood over Davian and Jon, alive, and fine. The room then returned to its original state wich was the hanger of the Duality. The whole ship shook as Deamon Spanwns, which had multiplied from the original one, began to take over the ship. They mournted over Cody's death a minute longer and then they maanged to escape from the ship as it fell apart in Earth's atmosphere. Later that day, they learned that the last of the Spawn were dying off, and that the Annunaki had joined the Zodiac, and that they, all the reaces of the Zodiac, all the humans, everyone, was at peace finally. Davian and the Melchizadek then exit the Blood Feast Zodiac World Breaker happy, and together as friends, aswell as Avisto. Davian is then glad he turned down Immortality.

The Closing Days of the War Edit

Due to the Halo 3 Movie's horrible score compared to TA 3's, The Halo series descended into darkness. Total Assault, and thus, Ambrose Compton, had reigned supreme. This will go down in video game history, and if any a halo-killer, Total Assault is really the first game in video game history to officially bring down the Halo saga for good, and it will stay that way. Hey Halo, say hello to pong for us will you?

Overall Edit

The Total Assault saga as a whole is viewed as one big game, unlike most other series which are viewed as 3 seperate games, the story continuity is nearly flawless and as a stand alone game, the second and third make little sense really. The biggest thing, besides storyline, was Total Assault's Musical Score, which was mainly created by Indian Artists such as Ravi and Anoushka Shankar, Karsh Kale, Mercan Dede, and Midival Punditz, Ravi Shankar is also the one who made the main title theme for the game. There was also some from 'Raquy and The Cavemen', and alot from Nine Inch Nail's lead singer and instrumentalist, Trent Reznor. The weapons of Total Assault were also revolutionary.

Future Games Edit

Ambrose Compton has announced Total Assault Zero, which will focus mainly on Jon's, Shawn's, Cody's, and Nathan's as well as Taylor's pasts, and another game quiet possibly revolving around the Havonian - Spawn War.

Future Books Edit

Whatever happened to David Shepard? Did he become a Major? Did he even live? These questions will be answered in the upcoming book, Total Assault: Survival, the upcoming sequel to A Total Assault. Compton also assured the fans that the Book Series will spiral in its own direction, and will explain why The Spawn were not publically known until the events in Ultimate Conflict, Compton explaining that the Spawn will make a hellish return in this book aswell... For more Information on the book series, see: Total Assault Book Series.

Total Assault Zero Edit

Total Assault Zero (typically abbreviated "TAZ" or "TA0") has been announced for a September 2015 release, possibly later in the month. It has been revealed the player will accept the role of Jon while in co-op the second, third and fourth players would most likely accept the roles of Shawn, Cody, and Spin has announced that Nathan will be returning. The game's storyline will revolve around: how Jon became blinded, how Nathan became a genius, how Cody joined the MSWG, and how Jon and Shawn became so distant, and also how Avisto gained his honor, but Spin also said that wasn't a fraction of the backstory that was being explained in this constantly expanding universe.

Total Assault: Arena Edit

Total Assault Arena is a multiplayer game that will be released which is not unlike Epic's very own Unreal Tournament, so far only three things have been confirmed:

  1. There will be twenty-one characters, eight of which will be playable, thirteen of which will be NPC or Bot characters.
  2. There will be fifty maps or Arenas located all around Adonias.
  3. So far the confirmed gametypes are: Striker, Team Striker, CTF, Predator, and Race.

TAA will go in depth into the training of the Titan ones, and the backstory of Davian and how he survived.

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