Total Assault 2 is a first/third-person shooter video game developed by "Spin" for the Xbox 360 video game console. It is the sequel to Total Assault: Ultimate Conflict (and the second installment of the Total Assault game series) and features a newly built graphics engine with the addition of new elements to the game. TA 2 develops the struggle between the United Embasses of Humanity, The Zodiac Covenant, and the Spawn during The Zodiac War in the spring of 2099.

It was also released for PC and it is one of the most popular video games for the Xbox 360 being the 3rd best selling game in the world.

TA 2 was very successful in sales. In company with Microsoft's hit of the year, Halo 4, it was the most sought-after video game among critics and gamers in 2012. Three weeks prior to launch, stores in the U.S. alone had pre-sold 1.5 million copies of the game to consumers. When it launched for the Xbox 360 on the 9th of October, over 7000 video game, toy and electronics stores in the U.S. opened at midnight to welcome fanatical fans. TA 2 instantly began to prosper. One retailer sold 8,500 copies of the game in just 11 minutes, and another had sold 200,000 units by daybreak. Early on the launch day, Spin expected Halo 2 to generate more money in 24 hours on store shelves than any game had done before. Compton said “I'm calling a $100 million day on TA today.” TA 2 went on to be the success that Spin was anticipating, selling approximately 2.4 million copies in North America in 24 hours, generating $125 million. The video game software retailer GameStop sold more than half a million TA 2 copies in one day. Three weeks after its release, TA 2 had sold more than 5 million copies


Total Assault 2 does not pick up directly after Total Assault: Ultimate Conflict, but rather 2 months afterwards. In between had been a conflict between the UEM and the remaining Grendel forces on Adonias. The UEM managed to push the rebellers back and secure the planet. Afterwards, the UEM ship "Berserker Rage" was attacked and boarded by Spawn infected Purists. The infectees hijacked the ship and managed to infest and entire base and continent on Adonias. The UEM forces were forced to destroy the Adonian continent of Syan, along with parts of Raavi and Metrenta. After this, the UEM arrive at the Troy Station shield platform of the ODG.

The story of Total Assault 2 dives deeper into the perils of holding the alliance of Zodiac together and the struggles of the humans now with no allies to turn to, aswell as the different factions unending campaign to end the Melchizadek Special Warfare Group, and the revelation of yet another Haven Disc.

The Player will have the option to play solo, or coop with another character. The story follows the linear set of missions in which the TA story progresses and is told through. The gameplay is relatively the same, with the option of over the shoulder or first person, but with a new quirk, the ability to play as, not only Davian, but also as Avisto, a mighty and proud Arian warrior who has never known defeat except for at the hands of Nathan, who destroyed the Haven and forced him to retreat. The arsenal of weapons has some weapons that are absent from the previous one and some that weren't in it at all. They will be explained in the weapons chapter. The player however has the ability to dual weild lighter weapons and perform a finishing move (with heavier enemies such as the Purist or Ravager) or use the downed enemy as a bullet sheild (with lighter enemies like the Drone or Banshee). All performed with a certain button (X - Default). The game features new vehicles (which will be further explained in the vehicles section.) aswell as new features such as boarding vehicles, and repelling enemy boarders, the same applies to the enemy as well. The player character appears to be the only biped in game that dual weilds besides the Melchizadek.

The game consists of 12 levels, click below to read a walkthrough. These walkthroughs are vague however.

  1. Troy Station
  2. Ghost Ship Recon
  3. Clearing the Path
  4. Assault on New Cairo
  5. Hell on Earth
  6. A Fork in The Road
  7. Haven II
  8. Malice's Sentence
  9. Desperate Measures
  10. The Last Stand
  11. The Spindle Shrine
  12. The Cleansing


Total Assault II would pick up three months in June of 2099. The MSWG have arrived at the defensive grid surrounding the Border Colonies onboard one of the Stations known as Troy. The Zodiac attack Troy Station band by planting a bomb that the UEM nick-name the Trojan Horse. The MSWG sucessfully dsiable it. The 4 charcaters, Davian, Jon, Ivy, and Cody are returning from TAUC, along with 2 new ones, both playable. Zack, Ivy;s father and Davian's hated stepfather who left Davian and Ivy behind forcing Davian and Ivcy to take care of each other at a young age, which is why Davian joined the Titan Project in the first place, for money to help raise Ivy. His life was sewpat out from underneath his feet. And ther is Shawn, a figure from Jon's past, he also helped train him, but Shawn had gone bad, and Jon hated him. Soon after the repulsion, an unrecorded ship arrived from a wrom jump. Davian is sent onbaord to serach for srvivors. He is attacke dby spawn. And he escapes . Soon after, more spawn controlled ships arrive, and are soon recognised to be ships under spawn control arriving from the remains of The Haven. Unfortunately, by this point of time, the Zodiac have located Earth and controlled 3 of its major cities, including, New New York, New Chicago, and New Cairo. New Cairo is curently the sight of the UEM captiol. The MSWG, now 6 memebrs, is sent in to re=take the city, along with a hardy group of Strikers. They arrive and help Strikers and Sgt Hicks clear a path to the main bridge leading to the main city. During this, they encounter a new Zodiac , Fiends (Scorpions). The Purists then arrive along with yet another new type of race known as the Scarabs (Geminians), small insectile crtures. Along with them is the massive Scarab Queen. The MSWG chase the Queen across to the far islands where she is finally gunned down by a ship in orbit. The whole earth shakes as a massive Zodiac Planet Killer smashes through the ODG and lands in the desert. They find out that the pk is known as The Spindle Shrine. And that aboard it, are the leaders of the Zodiac races themselves. The story then switches to what is happneing onboard. The Purist high Inquisitor, the leader of the attack on The Haven, known as Avisto, is held responsible for retrating. They suspect him of going rogue. Avisto is nearly executed, but is let off thanks to the Purist Deity, Kluutak. Each race is ruled by a Deity, and each race rides in a 'Legged Chair or Throne' The UEM are unaware that they killed the Scarab Deity. Avisto is given a chance for redemption by Kluutak privately. He tell him that the Spawn have landed on Earth, and that they call for his attention. Kluutak tell him that he must not let the Abomination, as they call it, destroy the humans planet, that it is they, The Zodiac, who must destroy them and cleanse the universe of the human race. Avisto lands helps a Purist unit destroy the Spawn outside of the City odf New Cairo. Avisto is then contacted by Ragnarok, Fiend Deity, who tells him that theyt are a desecration to the Zodiac and they must be destroyed. Avisto and his team, upon entering the city, are then attacked By Feinds and Avisto then corners Rangarok at a pier on the beach who tellS aVISTO out of fear that he is 'on his side'. Avisto tells him that if that were true, the war between the Scorpions and the Arians would have never happend eons ago, and if that were true, he would not be standin here before him. Rangraok then tells him if he hadnt come to Earth, he would have the cahnce to meet such amazingf creatures. Ragnarok then stpes aside and Ivy strides up the pier. She then kills Ranarok's bodygaurds and teams up with Avisto and together they defeat the rest of the Fiends. Ragnarok escapes, but Avisto and Ivy are knocked out and taken onboard the Spindle Shrine by Kluutaks troops. Avisto awakes to see Ivy in a containment cell. Avisto tells Kluutak how the human hlped him. Kluutak suspects that Avisto is a rogue when he says ,"What if they're right about Haven?" Kluutak orders him to be removed. Kluutak then looks out of his bay port to see a Haven. The Spindle Shrine has arrived at a Second one. The UEM sees this as a second chance. The story goes back to the Melchizadek and Davian as the UEM fleet follows the Shrine through a Worm Jump. Upon arriving at the other side, they see the Second Haven. Zack intends to rescue Ivy, but Davian insists on doing it himself, and then finally Jon budges in and says it would be better if they worked together, a role Davian usually fills. The Admiral says that tyhey should land on the haven first and foremost, saying that a Oracle Deity by the name of Oracle of Malice had landed on the Haven and was preparing to attempt to 'reverse' its defense process by destroying it. The Admiral reverals that thisd would infact cause it to 'destroy' rather than protect. The Admiral tells them that they have a second chance, but they hacve to stop that Diety first. Davian, alon with the other 4 are dropped to clear a landing zone for the Ravens. They then infiltrate the cntral Harbinger ruin, free some prisoners and kill Malice. Soon after, they are contacted by a hologram of The Metatron. It says that is is only using the Spawn to kill off life, at which point it will then reverse the defenses of the 21 Haven units speard across the Havona and destroy everything that remains, including all ogf the Spawn, and then the Havona sphere would finally be devoid of wretched organic life. Davian vies that he will destroy the Metatron even if it takes him to his last breath. The 5 of them then prepare, using Malice's passage, to infiltrate the Shrine itself to bring back Ivy and stop Kluutak from destroying the Haven. The travel through 6 towers looking for Ivy but find nothing.They then must rescue 6 strikers in holding cells and get to the lower floors where Kluutak is, it is then believed he is trying to manufacture his own army of Grendel, seeing that the Grendel are now part of the Zodiac, and the very foundations of the Zodiac are spliting due to the recent conflictions between the different races, mainly the Fiends and Purists. The battle goes back to Avisto, who has rebelled against Kluutak and the Zodiac. Kluutak has also formed his own group of Zodiac, which only consist of Purists and do not agree with the Fiends but do not agree that the Humans are right, Avisto's team or group is against both the Zodiac and Kluutak. Avisto is back on Earth and is trying to stop Ranarok from destroying Earht. HT believes he has ground a weapon beneath the city of New Cairo. He finds out that the Purist Deity, Oracle of Dark Energy, has ordered Ragnarok to fire the weapon buried beneath New Cairo to destroy the second Haven before Kluutak does. Avisto finds and kills Ragnarok with the help of the Cancerians (Ravagers). Back on The Shrine, Davian, Zack, Shawn, and Cody, and Jon, are still searching for Ivy, fighting all races of the Zodiac, Purists, Drones, Banshees, Ravagers, Grendel, Scarabs, and Feinds. Zack and the others manage to find Kluutak, and they all rush at him, but only Zack is left standing. Zack tells him that he wants his daughter back, and Kluutak gives him a choice between Haven, and Ivy. Zack chooses Ivy, but Zack tries to stop Kluutak, but Kluutak destroys Haven II anyway. Out of rage, Zack manages to kill Kluutak, who falls down the maintenance shaft of the Srhine. Zack, however, suffers mortal wounds, and later dies in Davians'; arms. The Shrine auto-pilots back to Earth, and Ivy manages to Escape. she realises that she has been infected with a mutant virus manufactured by Kluutak, and the cure is in the veins, of Alexandria. Ivy manages to kill Alexandria using dormant Arian DNA, in her blood, upon Zakc;'s dying words he tells Davian that Ivy is part Arian, as is he. Ivy 's new awakened DNA has now caused her hair to turn black aswell. The game ends with the UEM fleet arriving at a mysterious planet , leaving it open for a 3rd game.


Major Characters



The Zodiac

Harbinger Super Artificial Intelligences

Minor Characters






UEM Standard Weaponry

  • Pistol (D3) - This UEM standard issue sidearm comes fully equipped with a six round magazine in a 'revolver' type fashion. It is dual-wieldable and good for mid range. Clip: 6 / Max: 24
  • Scope Rifle (BR-MD225) - The Scope Rifle is a mid-range attack rifle that fires single shot and has a mid-zoom up once. It is meant for mid to long-range firefights. Clip: 30 / Max: 150
  • Machine Gun (SMG-MD657) - This SMG can be dual-wielded and is excellent at close range to mid range. It fires fully automatic and is a viable replacement for the XLR8 Assault Rifle. Clip: 60 / Max: 240
  • Flame Thrower (S12) - The Flame Thrower is a short range incineration weapon which is excellent against hordes of small weak enemies. It is particularly useful for destroying rotting flesh and tissue.
  • Shotgun (CQWS-G40) - The shotty as it is sometimes called is useful for close encounters and does massive damage at this range aswell. Clip: 8 / Max: 32
  • Grenade Launcher (HHHEWS-5990) - While not as powerful as the Rocket Launcher, the Grenade Launcher is a more versatile, easy to use version, and is more readily available to boot. It is better for 'on the run' bombings and is fantastic against small vehicles. (6 / 6)
  • Chain Gun (G4701) - This Chain Gun is commonly seen mounted on turrets and such. And can be detached and used as a weapon on the run. (100 / 100)
  • Sniper Rifle (D12) - A Sniper's best friend. This long range weapon can zoom in twice and is perfect for taking down heavily armored foes from a safe distance, this weapon requires ultimate skill to master. (9 / 28)
  • Rocket Launcher (G9001) - This weapon fires high explosive rocket propelled missiles and is useful for taking down large enemies and vehicles. (1 / 2)
  • Frag Grenade (H"H"-2) (5)

Zodiac Standard Weaponry

  • Sludge Pistol - While not having as large an ammo capacity as is human equivalent, it is still more damaging. It can be dualed. (6 / 18)
  • Shock Rifle - This electricity based weapon is perfect for mid-range battles. It zooms in once. (30 / 90)
  • Energy Repeater - Fueled by much the same material as the energy rifle, this gun is fully automatic and dualable. (55 / 330)
  • Sludge Launcher - This weapon launches a glop of high explosive super heated melted chrystals. ( 1 / 1 )
  • Energy Rifle - This large weapon is an alien rail gun and acts as a counter to the human sniper rifle. It zooms in twice, and, while doing 3x as much damage as its sniper brother, it has much less ammo. ( 2 / 6 )
  • Havoc Bow - A powerful laser weapon. It is best used in short bursts rather than spraying it since its battery runs out quiet fast. (100 %)
  • Shard Grenade (5)

Zodiac Fiend Weaponry

  • Scorpion Rifle - This weapon shoots out metal shillings coated in rapidly re-producing microbugs which chew through anything that gets in their path. ( 25 / 150 )
  • Bio Grenade - This Grenade is really a giant amoeba-like organism which will bounce toward the enemy and explode into many smaller ones which will damage the enemy with furious attacks. (2)

Melee Weaponry

  • Ion Dagger - A quick-nimble, and light weight yet brutishly powerful implement of war. It is easily concealed and bloodthirsty. ( 40 uses )
  • EMP Gloves - When picking this up, you must replace the old battery with a new one, everytime is goes dry. It is a duo of gloves which emit sound pulses. ( 50 uses )
  • Ion Sword - One of the 2 sword types in the game. The Human sword is the more lightweight and versatile version, modeled after the Japanese Katana. ( 30 uses )
  • Bio Sword - The Zodiac Arian version. This weapon is heavy in human hands yet is deadly in the hands of the right warrior. ( 20 uses )


UEM Vehicles

  • Rhino - This massive beast of a vehicle is capable of seating 5 people (3 passengers, 1 driver/secondary gunner and 1 primary gunner). It has a mounted G4700 and a LPW-5 "Plasma Launcher".
  • Jackrabbit - This light and nimble hover bike is an example of stolen Zodiac technology, another being the shield belt and the Plasma Launcher. It seats only 1, a driver/secondary gunner.
  • Mammoth - Heavy Hover Tank and Main Battle Platform, this tank will seat 2, 1 driver/primary gunner, and 1 secondary gunner.

Zodiac Vehicles

  • Hover Craft - A nimble hover craft with acute and deadly ray weapons which fire rapidly at the enemy, seats 1.
  • Hover Chassis - This vehicle dwarfs the Rhino and almost the Mammoth. It seats 7, 1 Driver/Secondary Gunner, 1 Secondary Gunner, 1 Primary Gunner, and 4 Passengers.
  • Hover Turret - This turret, unlike the UEM G4701, cannot be detached. It does however do more damage and has a greater firing radius.
  • Hover Aircraft - This air vehicle makes the Interceptor look like a mistake. It has superior manueverability and weapons, an addition being the Sludge Bomb. (1 Driver)
  • Hover Tank - This vehicle is the largest in the game. It first appeared in TA 1, then again it has returned, only now, it is drivable. It includes a massive Chrystal Cannon which fires massive fast travling high explosive chrystals.


The Multiplayer of TA 2 is more advanced, way more advanced than its precursor. Whereas the gamemodes in TA 1 were only 3 gametypes: Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch and CTF, there are more maps, each with its own name and environment, and there are now 6 types. Also, to avoid the confused mix-ups with weapons on the map, the players are now able to choose their starting weapons in between spawns and 'respawn' to pick new weapons, much like Call of Duty, only without class confusion. Below are the gametypes and descriptions:

  • Striker - A classic deathmatch. Strike down your foes and become the ultimate TA player.
  • Team Striker - Team up with your friends, name your team, and 'pwn' your enemies into the ground.
  • Capture the Flag - Team up and get the flag before the other team does.
  • One Flag - The team to get the flag to their base the most times wins, the losers go home in a box.
  • Domination - The player to dominate the 'hill' for the longest wins.
  • Takedown - One player is more powerful than all the rest, team up to take him down.

The Options for each of the types is also below:

  • Striker
    • Frags: 7 - 50
    • Starting Weapons
    • Player Traits
    • Vehicles
  • Team Striker
    • Frags: 20 - 100
    • Starting Weapons
    • Player Traits
    • Vehicles
  • Capture the Flag
    • Captures: 1 - 10
    • Starting Weapons
    • Player Traits
    • Vehicles
  • One Flag
    • Captures: 1 - 10
    • Starting Weapons
    • Player Traits
    • Vehicles
  • Domination
    • Times: 1 - 10 minutes
    • Starting Weapons
    • Player Traits
    • Vehicles
  • Takedown
    • Frags (As Predator): 5 - 50
    • Starting Weapons
    • Prey (Regular Player) Traits
    • Predator Traits
    • Vehicles


  • Access - UEM Troy Defense Platform (Small)
  • Blind - Haven Ruin (Very Large)
  • Crucible - Spawn Infested Spindle Shrine Room (Small)
  • Devastation - Ruined Earth City (Medium)
  • Juggernaut - Ruined Earth Building (Very Small)
  • Longsword - Haven Structure (Medium)
  • Mania - Haven Spawn Research Facility (Small)
  • Malice - Zodiac Vast Expanse (Small)
  • Omnipitence - Ghost Ship (Medium)
  • Vengeance - Haven Apex (Very Small)

Heads Up Display

The HUD in this game displays (top center) the players shield belt meter. The Ammo readout (top right) aswell as grenades and secondary attack meter/ left dual weild weapon (top left). The Mini-Map (bottom left). And Player 1's rage meter (bottom center)(Solo game only, does not affect the storyline.)


  • Campaign Only
    • Ammo Crate - Gives full ammo for all currently weilded UEM weapons.
    • Power Cell - Fully recharges melee weapon.
    • Bio Cell - Fully replenishes wielded Zodiac Weapons.
  • Multiplayer Only
    • Cloaker - 15 seconds Invisibility.
    • Immunity - 10 seconds Invulnerability.
    • Adrenaline - 10 seconds Speed increase.


  • Total Assault 2 was originally going to be the name of the second book, before TA became realised as a viable game.
  • In pre-production, Total Assault 2, was originally going to be named, "Total Assault: Severed Binds" referencing to how both the Humans and The Zodiac experienced rebellions.
  • Total Assault 2 is the last game to include Drones, Banshees, Purists, and Ravagers as enemies.
  • Total Assault 2 is the last game to include the Havoc Bow, which is sequentially replaced by the Shock Bow, although it is more like a Sniper Rifle than a laser weapon.
  • So far TA2 is the only game in the series to not include the XLR8 Assault Rifle.

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