A Beautiful Lie Edit

The first trailer features "A Beautful Lie" by 30 Seconds to Mars.

  • We see Strikers battling Purists.
  • Purists battling Fiends.
  • And Davian standing atop a rock.
  • We see the ships flying by of the UEM.
  • We see Davian gazing into space.
  • Ivy battling Alexandria.
  • Then we see humans firing Assault Rifles.
  • And Davian getting knocked to the ground.
  • A rocket rushing by.
  • And ships smashing into the waves.
  • And the MSWG standing side by side.
  • Zack: This has escalated beyond a war.
  • Davian: I care for her, not you!
  • We see ships flying and battling in space.
  • Then we see Avisto and Ragnarok battling.
  • Avisto: The humans deserve to choose for themselves!
  • Ragnarok: Then you will choose with them!
  • The camera then zooms in on Davian falling to his knees in front of a wounded Zack.
  • Then we see him gazing up at the sky.
  • Then the camera begins to revolve around him while we experience glimpses of Zack in his conflict with Kluutak about his daughter, Ivy, and the battle between Avisto and Ragnarok, Ivy and Alexandria, Ivy transforming, Zack fighting Kluutak, and Ivy firing a beam from her finger tips. The trailer then ends showing "Total Assault 2"

Theatrical Trailer Edit

  • This features an Anoushka Shankar song.
  • The opening scene features narrations by various characters, Avisto, Davian, Zack, and Kluutak.
  • As he narrates, we see the fields of battle, legions of Fiends and Purists traversing the dead bodies of their foes.
  • Kluutak: For so long have we pitilessly battled the enemies, now, comes the dawn, of a new age.
  • We see a Fiend walking down a hallway accompanied by two Purists.
  • Avisto: Our Zodiac is Corrupt with power! We must refrain from wiping out the Humans entirely!
  • We see Humans dying.
  • Kluutak: Take care High Inquisitor, what you speak of is Barbarism.
  • Avisto: Is it?
  • We see the massive capitol platform, known as The World Breaker.
  • Davian: I will not leave Ivy in the hands of an irresponsible father.
  • Zack: She is MY daughter, what can you possibly know what it is like to be a father!?
  • Then we see Ivy locking blades with Alexandria.
  • Then we see the camera zooming across a sea to a city under attack, and the two Purists at the beginning being attacked by the Fiend.
  • Then we hear narration again.
  • We see Zodiac aircraft fly low over the city.
  • Ragnarok: A New Day is at hand, when the strong shall rise above the weak.
  • Avisto: I will not let that happen.
  • We see a Purist being impaled by a Fiend with wrist claws.
  • Ragnarok: Is that so!?
  • We then see Ivy on her knees, light erupting from her mouth.
  • Us humans, as we are! We cannot fail, we... must... not fail!" - Davian
  • We then see Avisto approaching Ragnarok.
  • Ragnarok: Stop! I am on your side!
  • Avisto: Kluutak! You cannot let this happen!
  • Kluutak: Remove this vermin from my sight!
  • We see Kluutak screaming.
  • We see a random Arian.
  • Arian: My lord, you have perverted this covenant beyond repair, for The Zodiac!
  • We see him raise his blade but be decapitated by one of Kluutak's guards.
  • Kluutak: I AM THE ZODIAC!
  • Zack: I just want my daughter back is all!
  • We then see vision of battle.
  • We see Ivy and Alexandria battling. And then the trailer ends, and then: Total Assault 2.

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