Human Weapons

  • D3 Guardian Pistol - This pistol is deadly accurate, and causes more damager per round than the AR. It is outmatched by the AR in terms of rounds per second, which is low for the pistol. It however is an elite sidearm for the elite soldier. 6 rounds (8 rounds in TA1) / max 64
  • XLR8 Assault Rifle
    • XLR8-3r V6 - This Assault Rifle is very large, practically a machine gun of sorts, although not quiet. It holds 40 rounds per clip with a maximum carrying capacity of 160. This weapon can rip shreds through lighter enemies such as Drones.
    • XLR8-3r V7 - This Assault Rifle is large, like its predecessor, it holds 40 rounds a clip with a maximum carrying capacity of 160. It shreds its way like a butcher knife through butter when taking out enemies like Scamps. It, unlike its cousin, features the 7670 Grenade Tube, which holds 1 Grenade, 4 Maximum.
  • SMG-MD657 Machine Gun - This SMG can be dual-wielded and is excellent at close range to mid range. It fires fully automatic and is a viable replacement for the XLR8 Assault Rifle. Clip: 60 / Max: 240
  • BR-MD225 Scope Rifle - The Scope Rifle is a mid-range attack rifle that fires single shot and has a mid-zoom up once. It is meant for mid to long-range firefights. Clip: 30 / Max: 150
  • S12 Flame Thrower - Generally used as a close-quarters weapon, the flamethrower is good at stripping enemy shields quickly, even more so than most energy based weaponry. This weapon is devastating at close quarters, but too bad it sucks at even medium ranges.
  • G16CQCW Shotgun
    • G16 - A powerful short range weapon best suited for defensive purposes, this weapon can shred holes the size of basketballs through enemies like Purists. It holds 8 rounds with a total of 40
    • 640 - The shotty as it is sometimes called is useful for close encounters and does massive damage at this range aswell. Clip: 8 / Max: 32
  • G4700 Chain Gun
    • G4700 - This gun is commonly seen mounted on vehicles, although Titans generally detach them and use them as handheld Heavy Machine Guns. Holding 60 rounds, 180 max, this gun is like an Assault Rifle on steriods, well, that about sums it up.
    • G4701 - This Chain Gun is commonly seen mounted on turrets and such. And can be detached and used as a weapon on the run. (100 / 100)
  • D12 Archer Sniper Rifle - Favored among assassins, this gun is accurate with stealth to boot. It holds 10 rounds per magazine with 30 on backup. This weapon is a one-hit-one-kill on weaker enemies.
  • HHEWS5990 Grenade Launcher - While not as powerful as the Rocket Launcher, the Grenade Launcher is a more versatile, easy to use version, and is more readily available to boot. It is better for 'on the run' bombings and is fantastic against small vehicles. (6 / 6) (Only appears in TA 2, is replaced by the Grenade tube mounted on the XLR8 V7 AR in TA 3.)
  • Warhammer Rocket Launcher
    • G9000 - Named because of its shape, this weapon was made specifically for taking down vehicles and larger enemies. It can destroy most enemies in one hit, aswell as most vehicles. This weapon may do massive damage, but it only holds 1 shot per magazine, with 4 on backup.
    • G9001 - This weapon fires high explosive rocket propelled missiles and is useful for taking down large enemies and vehicles. (1 / 2)
  • The Atlas Fist Fusion Cannon - A massive weapon created by Titan Industries and kept as a secret until now. Titan created the weapon using a combination of experimental Harbinger technology and captured or stolen Zodiac technology. There are only a handful known in existence. The Fusion Cannon is named for what it does. It fuses protons and electrons to create an explosion which is contained in a super dense compartment which focuses this explosion into a powerful super destructive beam which rips through enemies and vehicles as massive as a Scorpion Stalker. How it works is even beyond the most masterful human minds together. (7 Laser Blasts)

Zodiac Weapons

  • Sludge Pistol - While not having as large an ammo capacity as is human equivalent, it is still more damaging. It can be dualed. (6 / 18)
  • Sludge Rifle - Like its sidearm bretheren, it fires green chrystaline sludge, carrying 30 shots per reload, with a maxim of 120. It fits snugly around the arm of the user.
  • Sludge Launcher - This weapon launches a glop of high explosive super heated melted chrystals. ( 1 / 1 )
  • Energy Repeater - Fueled by much the same material as the energy rifle, this gun is fully automatic and dualable. (55 / 330)
  • Energy Rifle - This large weapon is an alien rail gun and acts as a counter to the human sniper rifle. It zooms in twice, and, while doing 3x as much damage as its sniper brother, it has much less ammo. ( 2 / 6 )
  • Shock Rifle - This electricity based weapon is perfect for mid-range battles. It zooms in once. (30 / 90)
  • Shock Bow - Made by Scamps, this Bow-Like Sniping Weapon zooms twice and fires electricity bolts from an electric bow string. ( 1 / 14 )
  • Havoc Bow - Made by Drones, this crossbow-like laser weapon does not zoom and fires a constant beam. This weapon was originally supposed to focus a painting laser on the target and an Anti-Matter orbital Zodiac satellite was supposed to zap them out of existence, this was scrapped from the final game by Compton who said it was 'too overpowered to be allowed into the hands of such an aggressive foe.' ( 100 percent )

Fiend Weapons

  • Scorpion Repeater - This weapon shoots out metal shillings coated in rapidly re-producing microbugs which chew through anything that gets in their path. ( 25 / 150 )
  • Scorpion Rifle - Like all Fiend weapons, this weapon shoots out metal shillings coated in rapidly re-producing micro bugs which chew through anything that gets in their path, it is automatic and has a 'saw' blade on the front of it which emits a deadly melee attack. ( 20 / 120 )
  • Scorpion Turret - This massive turret may have to be cranked to fire quickly, but it does the most damage of the Fiend ranged weapons. ( 100 / 100 )

Melee Weapons

  • M42-790 EMP Gloves - When picking this up, you must replace the old battery with a new one, everytime is goes dry. It is a duo of gloves which emit sound pulses. ( 50 uses )
  • M08-233 Ion Dagger - This Dagger is assigned to all MSWG personnel, it is quick, light, and nimble in the fingers of the assassin. It has a good reach and is a very deadly weapon, easily concealed. ( 40 uses )
  • M01-004 Ion Sword - This Ion blade is a weapon primarily used by Titan 2s and Striker Captains. It is light and versatile, with good reach. In the hands of a warrior, this weapons is as cunning as it is blood thirsty. ( 30 uses )
  • Bio Sword - The Zodiac Arian version. This weapon is heavy in human hands yet is deadly in the hands of the right warrior. ( 20 uses )
  • Scorpion Scythe - This massive weapon is commonly seen used in rituals by holy Fiend Patriarchs. The Scythe is now being used as a weapon in these trying times. ( 5 swings )


  • Fragmentation Grenade - This grenade may have the highest blast radius out of the 3 grenade types, but it has the least damage.
  • Shard Grenade - This grenade balances blast radius and damage.
  • Bio Grenade - This grenade has practically no blast radius but does massive damage when it reaches an opponent.

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