Total Assault Featured on Television through several trailers and TV Spots. The first Teaser was released during the opening of 2012: The Rebirth, a motion picture released on theaters in 2011.

Teaser Trailer

  • The opening scene has the words: Question Reality, then it fades to a grassy field. The field is lush, with green grass, a sunny summer day, then, it fades to a wasteland of dust and skeletons, both human and alien. Then massive creatures, heavily armored, carrying Sludge Rifles, are seen walking amongst the wreckage, searching for survivors.
  • The next scene shows a human skull get crushed under the feet of a Purist. The camera flies up his body, and then into his face, and then it goes black and says, "Total Assault: Ultimate Conflict."

Theatrical Teaser

  • The opening scene is of a grassy field, the same in the teaser, only this time there are children laying in the grass, looking at the stars, and it is at night.
  • Boy: You know what I think?
  • Girl: What?
  • Boy: I think we should make contact.
  • Girl: With... what? (laughter)
  • Boy: Aliens.
  • Girl: Huh, Aliens? Why?
  • Boy: Because... then, there wouldn't be any more wars, there would be peace, just peace...
  • Girl: Are you sure...?
  • Then we see the stars, and large ships are seen flying in space, obscuring the starlight. We then hear the TA theme by Ravi Shankar. We see the bridge of the alien ship and an Arian Shipmaster giving commands. Then we see the Zodiac armies. Then we see a close up of Davian's face, and then we see Strikers armoring up, and then UEM armies, convoys, human ships attacking Zodiac ships. Then we see the five MSWG exiting the lift, and then Davian leaping for The Eye. And then we see the words,: "Total Assault" and then "Ultimate Conflict", to signify it is a sequel to A Total Assault. And then we see the tagline, "Question Reality" and then coming to a video game console near you.

We're In This Together Now

  • This trailer feature "We're in this together now" by Nine Inch Nails.
  • The opening scene of the trailer is of the stars, a narrator, Davian, begins a speech:
  • "The year is twenty, ninety-nine, the dying year of the twenty-first century. Eighteen years ago, humanity was contacted by an alien or alliance of alien races known as The Zodiac. The Zodiac asked us to stay inside of our own Galaxy, but, us humans, as arrogant and foolish as we are, dis-obeyed, and soon, we began arriving in the closest galaxy to ours, Andromeda. This was the birth of the Human-Zodiac war. Our soldiers were far inferior to theirs, so we began a new breed of soldiers. It was called the Titan Project and it was the best soldiers the UEM could create, it was divided into teirs, such as the Juggernauts, and Warriors. I am the last of the Juggernauts, and I hope, as small and faint a hope as it is, I hope, we can win."
  • As he is narrating, we see visions of ships in space, then soldiers fighting to the vigilant end, and then as Davian finished narrating, we see a close up on him walking down a hallway.
  • Then we see the MSWG armoring up.
  • Captain Grigg: This is war, no game, this is the real thing.
  • Davian putting on an EMP Glove.
  • Jon putting on his shades.
  • Ivy igniting her Ion Sword
  • Cody pumping his Shotgun
  • And Nathan reloading his Assault Rifle.
  • Then we see them exiting the elevator lined up.
  • We see Rhinos charging into battle firing.
  • Captain Grigg: The Commander has been captured!
  • We see Davian and Nathan aiming Assault Rifles along with Cody, back to back.
  • We see Jon combating Purists, and then Ivy impaling one of a group of Drones.
  • And Davian leaping over a hill, firing a Rocket.
  • Davian: Our struggle will unite us, our courage will defeat them, divided we may fall, but together... we are unstoppable.
  • Davian: This is it, our final stand. If we fail, all will fail behind us.
  • The Metatron: Life is a mistake. In this place, there is nowhere to run, I am God.
  • We see Ivy falling against a wall, firing a Chain Gun.
  • Davian shaking his head in rage.
  • A Ravager smashing through a pillar.
  • Two Zodiac Interceptors destroying a Mammoth Tank.
  • A Man firing a pistol.
  • Purists charging into battle.
  • Ships falling out of the sky.
  • As this progresses we see the words "The enemy. Of Humanity. Has Met. Its Match!" smash onto the screen.
  • And then a brilliant light shining into the heroes' faces.
  • Then we see Davian run to the top of a rock face, and then him firing his rocket launcher and then him diving for The Eye and the words, "The Juggernaut"
  • Then we see Cody with a smoking Shotgun and leaping off the cliff with his rope in hand, and the words, "The Hunter"
  • Then we see Ivy ignite her Sword, and we see her pointing it at the camera, and "The Warrior"
  • Then Jon aiming his Sniper Rifle, and him running and jumping onto the back of a Purist with his Ion Dagger, and "The Assassin"
  • And finally we see Nathan punching the camera, and then a close up on his face, and him activating his Helmet and "The Genius"
  • And finally we see them in battle, and a Rhino leaping into the Apex, and we hear Davian in the background saying, "When Death is at your feet, and you are in the midst of battle, you question reality, you question it!"
  • Then the screen goes white, and in black lettering, we see the title logo, and then finally, it dissolves and we see "Coming Soon."

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