Total Assault Zero is the next game Spin will be releasing. It is set to be released on September 22nd, 2015. Total Assault Zero will reveal how many of the characters got the way they are in the main Total Assault Trinity, such as Jon, Nathan and Cody. It has been confirmed that the game will take place on the remote jungle planet of Takreeka, on the continent of Merr. It revolves around how a rogue Assassin, a skilled Bounty Hunter, and a UEM War Veteran are chosen to join a fraternity of Mercenaries known as the MSWG or Melchizadek Special Warfare Group, to spearhead the defense of a UEM weapons cache hidden away beneath a Colony on the planet known as Takreeka on its largest continent, Merr. It is later revealed that these three individuals are none other than Jon, Nathan, and Cody, aswell as Shawn, and guiding them, Taylor. Ambrose, has however, revealed that there will be much more to the Total Assault backstory revealed than just Character Histories.

Confirmed Information Edit

Gameplay Edit

Zero has the main protagonists, Jon, Nathan and Cody, spearheading the defense of the planet Takreeka as members of a fraternity of mercenaries and skilled warlords known as the Melchizadek. The Gameplay will be exactly like that of the previous 3 installments, only the characters are normal humans, thus, they will be much 'easier to kill'. However, to make up for the lack of shield belts and mini-maps, the player will have the ability to go into 'Stealth Mode', which will increase the player's invisibility to enemies ten fold, making them truly, but only nearly, unseen to the naked eye. Ambrose says, "These are the best of the best, they may only be regular humans but don't fuck with them, or you'll get a bullet right between the eyes, and hope that is all you get...". He also says, "These guys are the Titan super soldiers of the Human world, whenever they show up on the battlefield to aid allies, they all utter quotes of relief. Ambrose has also confirmed that there will be no Strikers, only MSWG Infantry that will aid the player, he has said that all the Strikers have been called for evac because now it is the Melchizadek's turn to fight. In the weekly update, Ambrose confirmed that Fiends, Grendel, Drones, Hydras, Banshees, and Destroyers will not feature as enemies. Ambrose has confirmed that Purists, Scamps, Ravagers, and Scarabs will be the only Zodiac enemies encountered in the game, he did not, however, say that The Spawn will not feature as an enemy, this has lead many fans to claim that The Spawn are going to make a stunning re-appearance into the story. Ambrose has also confirmed that old enemies like Adrean, Triton, and Trenton will return. The latest issue of gamer weekly had an interview with one of Ambrose's co-workers, Don Hughes, stating that Zodiac will not appear in TAZ, and that the player will have to fight his way out of a triple-max correctional facility, or, 'prison' of sorts, in order to meet with the MSWG to help them in their fight against the Zodiac ground side, which will feature, possibly in TAZ sequels. He said eventually, it will lead all the way up to when Jon becomes blinded, and Nathan disabled. Alot of fans frowned upon the fact that they will not fight Zodiac, but instead prison inmates and guards instead.

Synopsis Edit

It is the 28th of November, 2086, thirteen years before the events of Total Assault: Ultimate Conflict. The Zodiac have destroyed all that lay in their path, the Human Military is now struggling to uphold its place in this universe. Now, The Zodiac are attempting to find Earth, if they do, it will spell the end of humankind as we know it.

A select few Zodiac craft have made a bee-line for the mining world of Takreeka, and appear to not want to destroy it, but explore it. Now, they have landed on Merr, the largest continent on Takreeka. They are drawing nearer and nearer to what they are looking for the High Embassy fears, and they need someone to stop it, the Strikers have already failed.

The MSWG are a fraternity of mercenaries, warlords, and gods among men, they are the UEM's last hope. Now, they have begun gathering the fiercest of them all together to spearhead and lead the MSWG in the defense of an weapons cache, they have all but one... they must find him... his name is Jon, and if he is not found, they will be one short of victory... they must not let this happen, they must find him.

You are Jon. An assassin, human scum in the eyes of the public. You have been confined to the Triple-Max Correctional Facility, a Prison, known as Fell's Pass. Nobody has ever escaped alive. Fortunately, you enjoy a challenge.

Confirmed Enemies Edit

Confirmed Weapons Edit

  • Shiv - Basic sharp object, useful for close range fights.
  • Knuckleduster - Blunt or sharp objects, fits loosely around your fist.
  • Correctional Stun Prod - Used to keep prisoners in line.
  • D3 Pistol - A long-range pistol with the ability to zoom in once. Non-dual (6 / 48)
  • BR Scope Rifle - A mid-range rifle with the ability to zoom in once. Non-dual (30 / 120)
  • SMG Machine Gun - Short range weapon, fully automatic. Dual (60 / 240)
  • G40 Shotgun - Short range weapon, manual. Non-dual. (8 / 48)
  • S12 Flame Thrower - Short-range weapon. Non-dual. (100)
  • HHHEWS Grenade Launcher - Mid-range explosive weapon. Non-dual. (6 / 6)
  • D12 Sniper Rifle - Very long-range weapon. Zooms in twice. (11 / 55)
  • G8999 Rocket Launcher - Long-range weapon. One-shot disposable. ( 1 )
  • Frag Grenades
  • Ion Dagger

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