This is my version of Total Drama All Stars.


Instead of Mike, Sam, Alejandro, Lindsay, Cameron, and Jo competing, Cody, Ezekiel, Justin, Dawn, Harold, Tyler, Bridgette, DJ, and Trent are on the show.


  • Chris: "Welcome to Total Drama All Stars. Lets meet the cast. (Cody arrives) Our favorite techno-geek Cody."
  • Cody: (waving) "What's up?"
  • Chris: "Nothing much. (Harold arrives) Nerd with math skills, Harold."
  • Harold: (annoyed) "It's mad skills, GOSH!"
  • Chris: "Whatever. (Bridgette arrives) Malibu surfer, Bridgette."
  • Bridgette: (waving at Cody and Harold) "Hi guys."
  • Chris: "Glad I didn't get hit with her board. (Ezekiel arrives) Home-schooled prairie boy Ezekiel."


(when Cody is helping his team, he sees Duncan and Gwen and this makes him heartbroken, which Gwen notices)

  • Gwen: (worried) "Cody, wait."

(Cody just drops the fish and goes into a state of depression, which Heather and Courtney)

  • Courtney: (terrified) "OUR FISH!"
  • Heather: (curious) "What's wrong?"
  • Cody: (heartbroken) "Duncan and Gwen."

(this makes the heroes realize what happened and glare at the couple, even the villains are disgusted)

  • Harold: (disgusted) "That's low, GOSH!"
  • Zoey: (agreeing) "I know right, that's not cool."

(Bridgette and Zoey comfort Cody while Heather, for once, shows sympathy for him. Later, Cody is in Heather's room upset but then he sees a picture of her as a child in ballet outfit. Then he sees himself and her as children hugging. Heather enters and she is also shocked to recognize Cody)

  • Heather: (sheading tears of joy) "Cody, it's you."
  • Cody: (also sheading tears of joy) "I love you Heather."
  • Heather: (smiling sweetly) "I love you too."

(they hug and share a kiss but this is noticed by Tyler, who stares in shock. Later, Tyler is being questioned by Justin)

  • Tyler: (nervous) "I saw... CODY AND HEATHER KISS!"

(everyone gasps in shock. Gwen is in disbelief)

  • Gwen: (shocked) "What? But Cody loves me."
  • Cody: (angry) "Not anymore." (pulls out a tape recorder)
  • Gwen (on tape recorder): (slowly laughing) "Now he gets the point. I did that on purpose to make him lose. I actually plan on getting rid of him because he should realize he has nobody."

(this makes everyone gasp. Then another message is heard)

  • Heather (on tape recorder): (crying) "I haven't seen Cody in a long time. The reason I'm mean is because I like to be popular and I get bullied at school because of my ballet skills but Cody was there to be supportive and he even got me the role of Belle in the Beauty and the Beast play. I love him so much."

(this makes everyone say "aww." His friends cheer for him but Gwen is still shocked)

  • Gwen: (shocked) "I can't believe this. You're dating Heather, the girl who tortures me and others for fun. She's just using you."

(Heather becomes worried but Cody glares at Gwen)

  • Cody: (angry) "I'm dating her because she cares about me ever since childhood. She had a crush on me and rejected other guys to be with me. At least she doesn't threaten me, hit me with objects, or kissing a guy right in front of me. I love her because she is good deep down. She also felt bad that you chose Duncan when I was around for you. I saved you in Greece but did you thank me? No. You went for Duncan. You're so selfish. She makes me happy. Why can't you be happy for me?"

(Gwen is left speechless)


  • Cody: (angry about Duncan and Gwen) "You know what, Gwen? It's over. I do not love you anymore."
  • Bridgette: (feeling bad for Cody) "Poor Cody, I hope he feels better. (then becomes angry) I can't believe Gwen would do that to him."
  • Bridgette: (happy about Heather) "I'm so proud of her."
  • Cody: (angry about Gwen) "I can't believe her. Can't she just be happy?"

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