This is my version of Total Drama All Stars.


Instead of Mike, Sam, Lindsay, Cameron, and Jo competing, Cody, Ezekiel, Owen, Noah, Dawn, Harold, Tyler, Bridgette, Eva, DJ, and Trent are on the show.


  • Chris: "Welcome to Total Drama All Stars. Lets meet the cast. (Cody arrives) Our favorite techno-geek Cody."
  • Cody: (waving) "What's up?"
  • Blaineley: "Nothing much. (Harold arrives) Genius with math skills, Harold."
  • Harold: (annoyed) "It's mad skills, GOSH!"
  • Blaineley: (rolls his eyes) "Whatever. (Bridgette arrives) Malibu surfer, Bridgette."
  • Bridgette: (waving at Cody and Harold) "Hi guys."

(the three high-five and hug)

  • Blaineley: (sighs in relief) "Glad I didn't get hit with her board and I seem to like the reunion. (Ezekiel arrives) Home-schooled prairie boy Ezekiel."
  • Ezekiel: (waving) "Don't worry girls, because I know you can handle yourselves with your strength."

(this earns him a smile from Bridgette)

  • Blaineley: (sighs in sadness) "Why did Chris vote him off in World Tour? (Tyler arrives) Clumsy jock Tyler."
  • Tyler: (waving at them) "What's up guys?"

(they just high five him)

  • Blaineley: "Queen Bee Heather."
  • Heather: "Whatever."
  • Blaineley: (scared) "Stalker fan girl Sierra."
  • Sierra: (smiling) "For Cody."

(Ezekiel and the others help Cody hide)


(when Cody is helping his team, he sees Duncan and Gwen and this makes him heartbroken, which Gwen notices)

  • Gwen: (worried) "Cody, wait."

(Cody just drops the fish and goes into a state of depression, which Heather and Courtney notices)

  • Courtney: (terrified) "OUR FISH!"
  • Heather: (curious) "What's wrong?"
  • Cody: (heartbroken) "Duncan and Gwen."

(this makes the heroes realize what happened and glare at the couple, even the villains are disgusted)

  • Harold: (disgusted) "That's low, GOSH!"
  • Zoey: (agreeing) "I know right, that's not cool."

(Bridgette and Zoey comfort Cody while Heather, for once, shows sympathy for him and angrily flips the couple off. Later, Cody is in Heather's room upset but then he sees a picture of her as a child in ballet outfit. Then he sees himself and her as children hugging. Heather enters and she is also shocked to recognize Cody)

  • Heather: (sheading tears of joy) "Cody, it's you."
  • Cody: (also sheading tears of joy) "I love you Heather."
  • Heather: (smiling sweetly) "I love you too."

(they hug and share a kiss but this is noticed by Tyler, who stares in shock. When he starts leaving, he hears moaning)

  • Tyler: (groans) "Oh no, they're not having s*x, are they?"

(the moaning is heard throughout the camp, waking the camp)

  • Ezekiel: (confused) "Is that what s*x is?"
  • Owen: (snickering) "Yep man. (then his eyes widen) Wait that girl moan sounds like Heather."
  • Noah: (interested) "Wow whoever this guy is, he's really lucky and he's really good."
  • DJ: (agreeing) "Yeah, I'm happy for that guy."
  • Trent: (smiling) "He really is lucky."

(however, Alejandro glares. The girls are really annoyed but some are interested)

  • Gwen: (annoyed) "I can't believe someone likes Heather and is having s*x with her."
  • Courtney: (agreeing in annoyance) "I know right?"
  • Bridgette: (impressed) "They've been at it for a few minutes or hours."
  • Dawn: (fake sad) "Sadly I'm swearing to secrecy by not telling who it is."
  • Zoey: (playfully groans) "Aw but this guy is good."

(they looked in silence at her. Later, Tyler is being questioned by Alejandro)

  • Tyler: (nervous) "I saw... CODY AND HEATHER KISS AND I HEARD THEM HAVING S*X!"

(everyone gasps in shock. Gwen is in disbelief)

  • Gwen: (shocked) "What? But Cody loves me. Why would he kiss a witch like Heather?"
  • Courtney: (annoyed) "Why would she even date him? He's just a loser."

(this earns her a few glares)

  • Cody: (angry) "I don't love Gwen anymore."

(however, Alejandro angrily punches Cody and starts beating him up but he is grabbed by Tyler and Owen while Ezekiel and Trent try moving Cody away. An angry Heather then defends Cody)

  • Heather: (angry) "DON'T-HURT-MY-BOYFRIEND! (she then kicks Alejandro in the kiwis, making everyone flinch. She then becomes concern for Cody) Cody? Cody, are you okay?"
  • Cody: (holding his left eye in pain) "I'm.. I'm okay Heather. My eye hurts a lot."

(then he shows a bruise on his eye, making everyone gasp. Gwen questions them)

  • Gwen: (glares) "It this true?"

(Cody holds Heather's hand)

  • Heather: (smiles) "Yes. It's true. (then she glares) Anyone got a problem?"
  • Owen: (scared) "No problem!"
  • Tyler: (nodding happily) "I'm cool with it!"
  • Noah: (shrugs) "I don't care either way."
  • Ezekiel: (cheering) "Nice job Holmes! You scored yourself a girl!"
  • Bridgette: (smiling) "I'm so proud of you."

(a few others agree but Gwen is left shocked and Courtney doesn't care at all. Later, Tyler and a few others hang with Cody and Heather, Cody is holding an ice pack to his eye)

  • Tyler: (nervous) "Sorry about spilling your secret to everyone."
  • Cody: (shrugs) "Nah it's cool. I wanted to tell everyone anyway but Heather wanted to wait. This way is probably easier long term anyway. (Heather nods in agreement. Cody then starts smiling sheepishly) Plus, sorry about the moaning last night. We kind of got excited."

(Heather blushed and also smiled sheepishly)

  • Tyler: (waves it off) "Don't worry about it. (then he frowns) However, you should turn it down. We all could hear you and Zoey was awkwardly liking it but playfully groaned when she couldn't find out who the male was. (this makes them stunned for a moment before Tyler became curious) So how did it happen? How did you end up dating Heather of all people? No offense."

(Heather waves it off)

  • Cody: (explaining) "Well I met her as a child. She once got hair stuck in gum so I cut it but I made her beautiful. Then me and her started hugging and she developed a crush on me. I gave her the role of Belle in a Beauty and the Beast play with me playing as the Beast and that's where we first kissed. (the girls say, "aww" at this) However after we I moved to another town, we never saw each other again. (the girls are getting sad at this) Worse, we didn't remember each other and I guess we became enemies on Total Drama until this season, I went to her room to calm down about the whole Duncan and Gwen thing and then I saw it, the pictures of her childhood making me remember. She came in and remembered me also. We said we love each other and we kissed but that's when you saw the whole thing and when you were about to leave, me and Heather started having s*x. (Bridgette and Zoey became concerned) Don't worry, my virginity is not taken. (the two girls sigh in relief) Anyway, I already told you about why we couldn't tell."
  • Tyler: (understanding) "Dude, nice story. I'm happy for you."


  • Cody: (angry about Duncan and Gwen) "You know what, Gwen? It's over. I do not love you anymore."
  • DJ: (disgusted by Duncan and Gwen) "You've guys changed."
  • Tyler: (disappointed in Duncan and Gwen) "Not cool guys, not cool."
  • Bridgette: (feeling bad for Cody) "Poor Cody, I hope he feels better. (then becomes angry) I can't believe Gwen would do that to him."
  • Dawn: (giggling about Cody and Heather) "Me and Zoey secretly know that's Cody's moan and we kind of like it. Even Harold and Trent know."
  • Zoey: (smiling about Cody and Heather) "Great work Cody."
  • Cody: (angry about Gwen) "I can't believe her. Can't she just be happy?"

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