What if Total Drama Redux ended in two ways?

Chapter 6

(Dave and Sky sees Trent)

  • Sky: (asking) "Oh hey guys! You have any luck?"
  • Trent: (shrugging) "Nope. Tyler is climbing this tree to see if it's up there."
  • Dave: "Trent, I got a question for you."
  • Trent: (curious) "What is it?"
  • Dave: (asking) "Who's Gwen?"

(Trent gave a very funny look)

  • Trent: (amazed) "What did you just ask?"
  • Dave: "I asked who's Gwen."
  • Trent: "How'd you find out about her?"

(Dave then looked at Tyler but felt bad for the jock. However, he thought of someone)

  • Dave: (pointing at Amy) "Ask the mole faced sister hater."

(Trent and Sky shot glares at Amy, who was confused. Trent then angrily punched the tree, causing Tyler to scream in fear and land on Amy)

  • Trent: "Sorry Tyler but thanks for landing on Amy."
  • Tyler: "Why are you mad at her?"
  • Trent: (angry) "Because Amy told Dave about Gwen."

(then Tyler also glared at Amy just to avoid suspicion)

  • Amy: (confused) "What? I did not."
  • Dave: (fake glaring) "Liar. We already know you abused Sammy but now you're spreading secrets about Trent."
  • Tyler: (also fake glaring) "Yeah, what's wrong with you?"

(they leave Amy confused while Tyler thanks Dave)

Chapter 8

(at the house, the Rats were deciding who get's eliminated)

  • Topher: (shrugging) "It's probably Izzy or Dave. (the two mentioned campers glare at him) What? You caused us the challenge."
  • Dave: (angry) "Oh great, everyone's now after me. (then he starts crying) Why does everybody hate me?"

(everyone becomes worried)

  • Samey: (worried) "Poor Dave."

(then the Screaming Rats just come in and looked eye widened at this)

  • Ella: (worried) "What's wrong with Dave?"
  • Izzy: (also worried) "Yeah, what is wrong with him?"
  • Topher: (explaining) "It's Sky. She dumped Dave because he rather cared about being with her then being in the competition."

(this makes Izzy and the Screaming Maggots gasp before she comforts Dave)

  • Izzy: (showing sympathy) "There, there."
  • Leonard: (agreeing) "Yeah, who needs her? You're a man. Did you gave up when she lied to you? Did you gave up when you didn't win?"
  • Dave: (eyes widening) "No, I didn't. (then cries at Leonard) I'm sorry for hating you last season. Truce?"
  • Leonard: (crying) "Truce."

(they hug, making everyone say, "aww")

  • Topher: (smiling) "I'm sorry for wanting to vote you off Dave. You know what, I should be on his side. What Sky did was not cool."
  • Samey: (agreeing) "Yeah, it's her fault this is happening."

(a few people nod in agreement while Sky is nervous. Later, at the elimination ceremony, Dave, Izzy, Topher, and Samey glare at a nervous Sky)

  • Chris: "Well Rats, welcome back to the elimination ceremony. It's been a while hasn't it? (the Rats groaned a little bit while Amy was twitching a little bit) Amy, are you alright?"
  • Amy: (twitching) ""

(Chris threw her a marshmallow)

  • Chris: "Don't worry Amy, you're safe. For now that is. And so are you Trent. (Chris then threw Trent a marshmallow. Trent then picked up Amy and started to make their way to the house) Now then, when I call your name, you're safe for another day. Tyler, Dave, Samey, and Topher, you're all safe. (this just left Izzy and Sky) Izzy, you're here because instead of instead of taming your animal, you decided that it you decided that it would be a good idea to eat the rat."
  • Izzy: (burps and yells) "And it was delicious too!"
  • Chris: (disgusted at the burp) "And Sky, you're here because you dumped Dave and didn't show remorse which you got called out for. (Sky just groans) And the Rat going home today is... (Izzy and Sky just glare at each other) Sky."

(Chef then grabbed Sky and took her to the Slingshot of Shame. Chris then quickly pushed the button and Sky went flying into the air screaming as she was launched off. Dave smiles and cheers)

  • Dave: (cheers) "FREEDOM!"

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