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Seiten Taisei
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August 31 1993



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Zenyu Emperor


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Nakai Kazuya


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Seiten Taisei is built around the concept of an OC who will be inserted into multiple japanese manga and anime as a fanon character.



Although he is the un-questioned and undisputed emperor and loved ruler of an entire branch of totality,Taisei isnt one to sit in the luxurious and indulgent comforts of his own palace,watching the wars fought by his powerful subjects and sitting at his throne,carefully organizing and filling out-business based documents amongst other things,although his must do this,Seiten Taisei is a true kingly warrior,leading his monumentally huge armies of followers headfirst into battle,standing at the forefront and leading the frontline of his battallions into wair,vanquishing evil as he goes.Despite his status is a young man,Seiten Taisei has proven himself to posess a wit,mindset,intellct and level if wisdom which lays far beyond that of a boy his age,to the point where the extent of his words and wisdom easily surpassess that of most grandmasters in his kingdom.Even the primarch,head priest at the temple of his kingdom noted that Seiten Taise may easily surpass him in terms of intellect and wisdom,having stated that even he himself could learn much from seiten taisei even in his advanced age and level of intellect.

Despite his immense strength,seiten taisei holds a high level of compitence and modesty when it comes to his power.He under-esitmates and looks down on nobody no matter how small,weak or insignificant they are.He does not see himself as a kingly being,and wont hesitate to associate himself with lesser members of his kingdom and society.He is never ignorant or close-minded in his own powers,being very secure in it.He is often seen wearing a form of royalty and regality in public,due to the fact he is undisputed emperor of Zenyu,however,he will not hesitate to associate himself with civilians around him,but he never starts a conversation or interaction by himself,due to the fact he has duties to do,as do the people around him.He is very generous and has a naturally givine nature.Even as a child he would put himself at imminent risk and danger,wiling to sacrifice his limbs,health and even life for the sake of others,as shown when he did so as an orphan.To this day he is still willing to dive head first into the face of death in order to protect others.It is this which has caused his kindgom to flourish into rich and high society so easily,due to the fact he holds a high importance of others around him,along with their welfare.When confronted with an enemy,no matter how evil or dark they may be,he will never see them as a lost being,claiming that evil and good are just mindsets in which one can change at any given moment.It is his high level of mercy which causes him to go to every length possible in order to spare an enemies life,even if it means beating them to the threshold of death before doing so.He has high difficulty in restraining himself when his friends or loved ones are in danger,or even at fault in the slightest,sparing no expense into making sure they are happy and content in their lives.Although he has killed in cold blood before,seiten taisei retains a high level of honor in battle,and prays for the souls of those lives he has taken,so that they may find peace.


When he was born,The parents of Seiten Taisei were unable to provide properly for him,and as such he lacked the general means and conditions for living,even as a mere infant.Shortly after he was born,his parents had their homes and families destroyed by a highly advanced war-obsessed race of aliens,in turn they were the only remaining survivors,and were left homeless to fend for themselves.His parents had to thieve and committ crimes in order to fend for themselves and provide for him.Unfortunately,the time came where his parents had to make the descision of abandoning him,due to the fact they were caught and highly threatened by aliens.Seiten Taisei was left at the doorstep of a random foster home,and was taken in.He lived the first few years of his life and an orphan being taken and cared for by workers at the open house.However,when the time came he could stand in his feet,walk and run,he was kicked out of the orphanage and onto the street due to his incredibly capacity for destruction,caused at the hands of his advanced spiritual powers.Soon after that event he wandered the lands by himself,resorting to being a common thief and con-artist.He managed to fend quite well for himself,fashioning finely crafted makeshift shelter,amongst other living necessities due to his superior intellect.Unfortunately he was caught and thrown out of town.He traveled by himself in harsh conditions until he was on his last legs.Just as he collapsed and was on the verge of dying,he was rescued by a mysterious girl with food,who was later identified as Zenyu universe Tsurara.From their the two traveled to a seemignly secret location which was revealed to be a network of self-fashioned and makeshift slums built underground in a closed down subway station.This is where Seiten Taisei met his first group of friends and joined in with these various other children who populated the place.

Just like him,they were shown to be orphans of war or otherwise with no real home.Like him they all fended for themselves by committing criminal acts and arts of conmanship.Seiten Taise proved himself to be perhaps the most valuable assett to their group with ease,posessing perhaps the most adbanced intellect and powers in the entire group.As such he quickly became their leader,and grew into his teens with the group.He eventually developed enough power to join the military along with the most senior members of his group,who he deemed fit to join.

Powers & Abilities

Godly Spiritual Power: Being the known emperor of Zenyu Universe,it isnt exactly a strange fact that seiten taisei houses immense quantities of power inside his body,even as a child with a small body,the power residing within him was noted to be absolutely monstrous,to the point where it has been described as nothing like any kind of power before.Some may even question the texture of his power due to the fact it is so heavy and imposing,not being sure if it can even be classed spiritual power.When he first joined in with the orphan children,he easily outclassed their strongest and most senio members,which was one of the factors in why he was promoted to their leader at such a young age.As he grew,the immense power within him only became bigger and bigger to the point where even highly powerful enemies has difficulty comprehending the sheer giantism of seiten taisei's inner energy levels.When he became a member of the universl military,he was quickly promoted to the head captain of the 11th division due to the immensity of his spiritual energy level.This was said to be the keypoint in his life where it skyrocketed enourmously.Today,as the emperor of zenyu universe,seiten taisei's power is known to completely indescribable,having being so great that even primarch grandmasters have difficuly comprehending the monstrosity that is his inner energy levels.Just by standing at the gates of his kingdom his spiritual energy was able to felt deep with the darkest regions of the palace.The power he emits can be sensed and felt all over the country for miles and miles even at its lowest and most docile level,to the point where it alone can act as a independent force,capable of effecting the surrounding environments of Seiten Taisei's person by effecively destroying and leveling surroundings.he can also focus it into a form of armor,his power having the natural ability to be so mighty that other energy attacks cant even reach his presence let alone hurt him,simply failing in existance before reaching him.According to his wife,the power of Seiten Taisei upon a pont where he becomes "Serious" exceeds and grows even more massive,and is capable of instilling a real sense of hopelessness upon his enemies.The weight of his power can crush lone enemies by itself,and cause weaker beings to fail in existance,shattering them from reality.Infact,just by walking by the presence of the ginyu foce,he killed guldo,recoome,jeice,burter and even ginyu just by being in their presence.The maximum extent of his spiritual energy isnt known as of yet,but he was proven to posess a level of power great enough in its final state to destroy an entire planet on its own.He can cause deadly thunderstorms and easily remodel the landscape when tapping into a small amount of his spiritual power.He was also able to fight on par easily five four level four super saiyans without using even half of his own inner power.Seiten taisei's spiritual power takes the color of a brilliant golden in aura which is simply intense.His strength has an overbearing presence to it which is described as unfathomable,and as if one is staring at a gigantic mountain which who's top cannot be reached,because its simply doesn’t have a limit.When faced with another strong force,opponent or being,the living power of utltios takes some of the opponents spiritual essence into itself so that seiten tasei may later use their power himself.Ultios is always performing this method in a non-stop cycle,constantly re-constructing his power to achieve higher and higher states of power.

Deity Level Intellect: Even as a mere child he has proven himself to easily be the smartest of his group.Before his joined the orphans like him he had easily fended for himself by using largely most of his superior intellect,which made him smarter,wiser and certainly more cunning than even most adults who were around him.It is with his genius level intellect he was bel to easily trick and pull intricate conman schemes on unsuspecting citizens and shop owners when he was on the street,allowing him to attain food,water,money and even shelter all by himself.He single hadedly fashioned a durably and sturdy place to live,even if just a small one suing but his unique and intricate thinking patterns,thus allowing him to find protection within it.Today,Seiten Taisei's intelligence and state of mind is considered to lay so far beyond that of any others that not even the head minister at the science buereau of his kingdom rivals the sheer brilliance of his mind.Infact,the primarchs head father,a priest who holds divine wisdom has claimed that it isnt just sheer intelligence which is in seiten taisei's posession,but he has also become so brilliant that he has evolved his mind far beyond that of any human level of intelligence or even comprehension.It is his enormous level of IQ and titanic level of knowledge and intuition which allows him to perform many great acts with ease.He has shown to be able to easily outwit extremely strong opponents when in battle,having making brilliant descicions within split seconds which easily keep the odds in his favor,aswell as revealing intricate and complicated plans which he is able of constructing in mere seconds.It is his intelligence which allows him to go many steps ahead in terms if mentality when fighting multiple opponents.He also has an amazing ability to discern and ascertain complicated facts,posessessing an unrivaled genius allows him unfortold insight and intuition which gives him a high upperhand against his enemies.He easily deceives both his foes and friends in order to reveal a greater scheme in battle.This makes lying and deceiving him extremely difficult,and leading those who attempt it to incur the opposite of what they were aiming for,having been deceived themselves.

Grandmaster Martial Artist: He as practised dozens and dozens of forms of martial arts and hand to hand combat within his lifetime,having a natural talent for performing hard and demanding physical labor and tasks.It is with his vast knowledge of martial arts which allows him to be a highly dangerous and lethal opponent,even using his bare hands.He has shown such immense skill with unarmed combat that he can easily fight against multiple strong opponents who are widling weapons and defeat them within the blink of an eye using nothing but his hands.He also prefers using his hands over any form of weapon due to the fact that he simply tries to avoid using it,being the single most dangerous sword in the entire universe.Seiten Taisei can easily rip apart multiple extremely strong enemies with little to no effort.using the amalgamation of the styles of fighting he has practised in combat also makes him an extremely hard person to fight with,to the point where its difficult to get near him let alone touch him.He has the ability to easily bluff out his enemy with sneaky an unpredictable movements coupled with amazing speed and crushing force.It is this skill that keeps even veteren level and powerful opponents guessing when fighting against him,having extreme difficulty reading and discerning his attacks and movments to the point where it has been described as if fighting against a person while being blind and deaf.The power behind seiten taisei's blows and attacks is absolutely staggering,to the extent where he can easily take down seasoned as powerful opponents in the blink of an eye,those unfortunate enough to face him are left with badly shattered bones,ripped organs,hemmoraging gashes and wounds aswell as bad and dangerously deep bruising and tissue damage.Infact,the force behind even one of his punches can easily shatter the bones and robs of highly powerful opponents,while creating a brutal and loud impact sound which is strong enough to resonate through the surroundings and vibrate closeby objects.Fighting Seiten taisei has been described by his enemies as if trying to put out a massive forest fire by pouring gasoline on it.It seems the harder and more brutal one attacks him,the more power,faster,and cunning he becomes when being fought against.This means that only the most powerful warriors in the universe are capable of contending with seiten taisei in the slightest,but even then,indirectly.When he first battled goku in his vegeta in his ssj3 transformation,he easily overwhelmed him,having no need to block his enemies attacks due to the fact he simply and effortlessly counters them,taking them down in a single fell swoop.He has the ability to fight at super sonic speeds,moving and attacking so quickly that his movements are seemingly presented as small twitches in his person.

Master Swordsman: Using his vast knowledge,and much like his skill in hand to hand combat,seiten taisei was able to easily master over a dozen forms of sword combat,which has been stated by the grand primarch to each be the most lethal form of bladed combat in existance.It is with his staggering skill in armed conbat that he had created his own fighting style which he has proclaimed as the single most physically demanding and brutal form of armed combat ever conceived by a large margin.Infact,his skill with the sword is so immense that the grand primarch,possibly one of the most skilled combatsman in his kingdom described his style as powerful enough to easily eviscerate a lone enemy.His combat style is described as a form of visious and malignant grace,able to make chopped meeat out of those who oppose it,while doing so with unrivaled skill,grace and proficiency,like that of a piercing desert breeze it cleanly sweeps over his enemies and leaves them in unrivaled pain and agony.The power behind his sword swings can easily shattered opposing blades and weapons,and the speed and swiftness of his slashes was easily enough to rip off multiple limbs of highly skilled swordsman.His power of the sword is so exceedingly terrifying that he was able to rip apart an entire army of opposing warriors in less than a second.His skill in using weapons is not simply limited to the style of a sword,but he is capable of wielding staff and rod-like weapons,kusari gama,nunchaku,scythe-like weapons,tonfa,and even multiple swords at any one time,the maximum being six currently known.His skill with a single weapon is so terrifyingly titanic that he was able to pick up a blade and walk with no protection other than the clothes on his back into an enemy stronghold and eviscerate every enemy within,coming out unharmed,covered in the blood of his victims.

Staggering Strength:He posessess an astronimical level of physical strength,which is seemingly unrivaled by any other.As a child,Seiten Taisei had the ability to easily lift and move massess of weight and objects which were far beyond his stature and small body.With a single hand he lifted a car and chucked it off the edge of a cliff,with effort whatsoever.As a child,he was also strong enough to contend and easilt defeat opposing warriors.In terms of physical strength and muscular prowess,seiten taisei's monstrous strength was so immense that any opposing force was seen as mere childs play towards him,and he often made light of serious and deadly situations due to the fact nobody could surpass him.Evne to this date,his strength and muscular power is simply decimating.As he has grown,so too has his powers,and this doesnt go without his strength either.Using his physical strength,seiten taisei was able to rip the seinzaikyuu tower from its foundation and hurl it for miles across the seireitei with absolutely no difficulty.His is strong enough to repel and devastate warriors and massess which are leagues and stories bigger and taller than himself.Just by putting his arm in the way of a star destroyer,he was able to stop the entire thing,even at full thrust.He can cause massive and apocalyptic events to unfold with the might of his strength alone,like when he was able to repel an ssj4 goku just by givine a light flick of the finger in his direction,not even making contact with the saiyan,the latter having caused catestrophic destruction in which the wake his body left for miles and miles.Infact,his strength is so immense that he was able to level an entire network of mountains just with a flick of the wrist in their direction.His strength was so immense that he was able to slam the moon into the earth by raising his hand and bringing it down.

Immense Speed: Seiten Taisei has the ability to move so fast that is physical speed alone is enough to counteract and overwhelm the high speed techniques of others.This allows him to effortlessly outmatch,outclass and outmaneuver thousands of extremely powerful enemies with no effort whatsoever.He prefers to use the sheer immensity of his physical speed alone,over the general high speed movment technique,like shunpo or high speed movment,due to the fact that that lone easily outmatched all others.Infact,seiten taisei's speed allows him to move so fast that the fabric and patricles of reality would not be able to accomodate the speed of his form,thus causing a tear in the fabric of reality wherever he goes,should he ever move at that high of a speed.He is so fast that his attacks and movements seem like mere twitches in his person.In saying this,seiten taisei moves beyond the comprehension of speed that the bonds of reality can comprehend itself,which in turn with using the power of Ultios...he can move at infinite heights of speed,forever surpassing even what physics allow.

Immense Durability: The durability and endurance he posessess is of a nature which is beyond that of any living being.He can fly directly into the center of a super nova and comeout the other side with no damage or scratches on his body,as such,energy attacks and otherwise have no effect on him,given they have the power to reach him.Using his stonewall physical form he was able to fly directly at an ssj5 empowered broly,using a tackle-like pose,the latter having caused him to not only shred straight through his body,splitting his torso from his legs,but the force caused was so monstrous that a massive destructive shockwave was emmitted and caused the saiyans now split halves to explode into mere blood.It seems that he is also unmovable in terms of durability,holding himseld universally stationary in the area where he is at,no matter how much oppossing or driving force his applied to his body.He was able to take a full powered flurry of pummelling punches from an ssj4 vegeta without even flinching,moving,or even blinking.He also posessess a form of iron skin,as such,bullets,swords,and oppossing energies have no effect on his body,simply bouncing off him or dissapating when making contact with him.The strength of his skin is so great that when he took a lightsaber and had it dragged across his back,the sword simply whined and howled,creating spark discharge and having no effect on him.Should the unheard of case ever come along where he is wounded,he has an ability which instantly heals his body,rejecting fate.What this means is that if an arm or limb is lost,even if it is then destroyed,his healing ability rejects fate and reversed time around that localized area,giving him back his arm.Even from the slightest strand of DNA left,his entire person can be re-generated,and even more so,he will still be rejuvanated to the power of promise within his body.

Zenkai: is an ability that is genetically exclusive to Saiyans.The ability is a genetic trait that allows a Saiyan's power to increase substantially after recovering from near fatal injuries.This trait is not exclusive to pure-blooded Saiyans as the lack of hair growth is,as even clones with partial Saiyan genetic data have this ability as well.Examples are half-breed Saiyans such as Gohan and the biological menace,Cell.During the Namek and Frieza sagas,Zenkai is an important element of the series,which allows Goku and Vegeta's powers to increase in order to "catch up" to Frieza and his men.However,Zenkai are abandoned after the Frieza Saga,but return for a single instance in the Cell arc when Cell returns from his botched self-destruction on the King Kai's planet,his power amplified to the point that he has high enough amounts of energy surrounding his body to mimic the style of aura that a Super Saiyan 2 has.Outside the series,Zenkai was also mentioned in Broly: The Legendary Super Saiyan (it was stated that Broly survived his execution and grew stronger due to his Saiyan genes),as well as Broly: Second Coming (it was implied that Broly grew significantly stronger while in a coma for seven years after being beaten by Goku and recovering).It is known that with the power of Ultios with his soul that Taisei was able to obtain the power of Zenkai which Ultios granted to him along with the DNA of the Omega Super Saiyan.

Time Dilation Field: As a warrior who controls the powers of "aging",Seiten Taisei is able to dilate time around him,thereby reducing the speed of any target that comes near him and making their efforts at attacking him useless,and thus has sufficient enough time to counter them.He used this aspect of the ability in his fight against Shiki and Ōboro,so that they were incapable of landing a hit on him.The ability also allows him to accelerate the age of whatever he touches,causing the appropriate damage that comes with aging.This portion of his ability was used to age Shiki's left arm to the point that its bones became so brittle that they eventually broke.His proficiency in this ability is so great that he was able to get next to a Shiki and lightly tap her on the shoulder,while the latter could only react with confusion at what just transpired.While in his Super form,Seiten Taisei is able to age and deteriorate every object around him,even the very building he walks upon begins deteriorating from his mere presence.He is also protected from most close-range,and melee attacks,mainly because everything that comes within a specific range of him rapidly ages and disintegrates before actually making contact.Seiten Taisei demonstrates being able to deteriorate numerous rocks thrown at him by Ōmaeda's Shikai,as it makes contact with his field.He used the ability on Shiki's Ultimate attack and made it explode far away from him,allowing him to escape the explosion.

Attacks & Techniques

Energy Based Attacks Kamehameha:

Super Kamehameha:

True Kamehameha:

Big Bang Kamehameha:

Big Bang Kamehameha X100:


Special Beam Cannon:

Destruco Disk:


Negative Karma Ball:

Aura Spark Cannon:

Aura Spark Bomb:


Rasen Shuriken:



Hiraishin Technique:

Hand to Hand Attacks


Jenobi Taisei

Jenobi,who has also been referred to under the names Yahweh (ヤハウェ,Yahaue),also known as Jehovah (ヤーヴェ,Yaavue),Yahveh (ヤーウェ,Yaaue),Truth (実,Jitsu),Lord (天帝,Tentei),or simply as God (神様,Kamisama),is the final name aswell as the true and final title given to the to the singular omnipotent being in theistic and deistic religions(and other belief systems) who is either the sole deity in monotheism,or a single deity in polytheism.Jenobi is the dominant and first existance ever to come about in totality.He is the original being and the universe's creator.For several decades now,His creation has tried to erase Him from their minds and some now worship his Arch enemy.The reason of his creations defection is because if the influece of his arch enemy,infecting the minds and hearts of his creations.Knowing this,Jenobi plans to reveal Himself through his servants,people who have come to acknowledge his existance and accept him for what He truly is the God of the omniverse,both in terms of reality,and unreality.Jenobi came about within Taisei after he achieved his final state of power.

Powers of Jenobi

Almighty Spiritual Power: Jenobi bares a form of power within his body that in which the concept of quantity os completely disregarded,as Jenobi is beyond the bonds of even the lattering concept.His power is in a class of something so immense that it cannot even be considered spiritual energy.Infact,upon experiencing his powers alone,others will be killed.He was able to create not only an entire universe,but a perfect grand scheme of totality alltogether in just seven days,and slightly rest on the seventh day before resuming duty.

The Great Gates

First Gate - Process of Apparrition:

Second Gate - Awakening of Monarch:

Third Gate - Breaking of Funeral:

Fourth Gate - Rising of Reason:

Final Gate - Passing of Judgement:

Final Gate - Awakened Form: