The movie starts with another haunted bakery coming so Woody, Jessie and Buzz stop it from the wich then Buzz throws Evil Dr. Porkchop in jail leaving the wich still coming until Woody brings up a mysterious knock in the bakery and goes into the real world where Bonnie's mom is saying its time for her doctor's appointement. Later on Bonnie and her mother get it the car and drive off.Woody then gets up and tells Bonnie's and Andy's toys that the coast is clear and the song comes on while the toys get ready and set up the room for them to get active in. One day passes and Woody as a flash back dream of Wheezy singing you got a friend in me when Bonnie goes to school Woody sits on the edge of Bonnie's bed thinking of the great times he had with the rest of the toys. Jessie and Buzz then come over telling Woody that there is a kid finally playing with them and there should be no reason to be so upset Woody then brings up he misses Bo peep, Wheezy, Etch, Mr. Spell, Rocky, Lenny, RC, Mr. Shark, Mr. Robot, Jingle Joe and the rest of the guys" Jessie then thinks of an idea and leaves Bonnie's, Buzz then has nothing to say either and leaves Bonnie's bed too. One day later at night time the gang is sleeping in Bonnie's bed when Woody wakes up and see's the door is open and the toys in the computer room on Ebay looking for the gang while Buzz rights the names of the toys wanted to rescue but none of the toys found had something that said it was Andy. Later on, Bo Peep and Lenny are travling living in the bushesd of a neighbor looking at a compass seeing if they are close to Andy's house and they were not even close to Andy's house.The next day Bonnie goes to a slumber party with her friends and forgets to bring any of here toys.Hours later, Jessie, Buzz, Bullseye, Rex, Hamm, Slinky and the potatoheads exit Bonnie's house Woody then gets out of bed asking the toys what's going on. Jessie tells Woody it is kinda sad that the rest of the toys were sold and that they made great friends. So Woody says that its nice that anyone else feels the same way but they can't go. Woody then jumps out the window and runs all the way to Mrs. Davis and Molly's home and looks in the attic to find the old photo album the toys always hid and looks at all the things that happen with them over the years before Andy went to collage. Woody then goes into The Davis office and grabs a paper and pencil and a looks at the picture and writes down the names of the people they lost just like Buzz did he then almost exits the atic but then he hears thumping and a struggling voice and finds Wheezy in the corner of the attack struggling to try and stand up, Woody runs over to Wheezy helps him up and tells him he was there the hole time, Wheezy then asks Woody where he has been and its been a long story 4 minutes later Wheezy says Woody tells Wheezy what happen to him. Wheezy says that Andy was too old for toys and Mrs. Davis tossed him in to corner of the attic and for and for 5 years Wheezy day and night struggles to get up and wait for a another toy to help him. Woody then grabs an extra squeaker and carried wheezy and the paper and the album all the way to Bonnie's house. Woody opens Bonnie's air vent and brings his stuff with him and Jessie shouts and Wheezy is introuduced to Mr. Pricklepants, Dolly, Trixie and the rest Wheezy has good information about where the other toys are then the toys leave then Woody asks if Wheezy is coming and he says no.Because of the pain he still is in and Woody and the gang spot and torn down Bus and they grab string and super glue to fix the car up and Jessie drives Woody is horn beeper and Buzz is navigator. Bo Peep heads up to Andy's house finally to see he's not there and goes to Bo's real owner Molly but Molly had no intrest in playing with Bo Peep and told Mrs. Davis to take Bo to good will. Woody and the gang also go to the good will center and reunite with Bo Peep. A couple hours Later the toys stay at a hotel were someone didn't use it and stayed there until


this short will take place in Toy Story the Aftermath Series

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