Friends. The friends decide to go to an villiage to visit Phoebe's parents. However, an explosion in the local Hotel causes five trams to crash. Who will survive.

One Hotel

Rachel giggled as Ross started to sing to her belly. She was eight month pregnant with their third child. They had Emma and then Vera. Ross was hoping it was an boy.

Ross and Rachel got married when Rachel revealed she was pregnant with Jane. Joey was unhappy with everything that was changing and he had no one. But at that wedding day, Joey fell in love with an woman named Hope.

They were going on an trip to meet Phoebe's parents. Apartently, Lily had faked her death and was living with her husband Neil. Phoebe also found out Lily had given birth to twins.

Just then, their door opened and Monica walked in. "Guys", She smiled. "What", Rachel asked, confused of Monica's mood.

"I think i'm pregnant", Monica cried out in excitment. "What", Rachel was surprised. "I was surprised too, since the doctor said i won't be able to have children as easily", Monica continued.

Ross smiled and relised the Geller Family were growing. "Take an pregnancy test", Rachel grabbed onto Monica and the two girls rushed out of the room.

Meanwhile, Phoebe walked to her mother's house. "Here goes", Phoebe whispered. She knocked on the door. An woman opened the door. "Can i help you", she asked politly.

"Mom", Phoebe said. "Ursula", Lily was in shock. "Phoebe", Phoebe corrected her. "I'm so so-", she was cut off when Phoebe slapped her. She looked up.

"You made me live on those streets. You made me fall out with Ursula completly. Why did you fake suicide", Phoebe demanded.

"If you must know, I-", an big bang was heard. The two of them turned around and saw that the hotel, was in fire. "No", Phoebe screamed.

Two, Tram Crash

Rachel screamed as the roof up the top collapsed. She quickly dived and tried to avoid the roof. She screamed again as she saw fire on the cornor.

"SOMEONE HELP ME", Rachel screamed. She turned around and saw Monica unconscious."MONICA", Rachel screamed but another explosion cut her off.

Meanwhile, Chandler woke up and relised he was trapped in the bathroom. He opened the door and cried. His whole apartment had collapsed and fell below.

Befour he knew it, the bathroom floor collapsed and he fell with it. He then shouted in shock as the ceiling collapsed and was falling right on top of him.

Meanwhile, Ross woke up and saw his flat burning. "RACHEL", He screamed. Just then, he heard an noise and turned around. "NO", He shouted.

The tram crashed right into the flat. Ross quickly tried to outrun it and the tram knocked him down. The tram fell head first into the floor, crashing into Joey's flat.

The tram crashed into the ground outside, and fell frontwards, which crashed into the shop Rachel and Monica were in. "NO", Rachel screamed and she crawled to Monica. She let out another scream befour her world went to black.

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