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"From the Creators that bought you Star Wars: The Transformers Wars!"

Transformers: Shattered Glass is the new Transformers Television series where the Autobots are evil and the Decepticons are good. The tv show was cancelled before the first episode was aired due to unpopularity and negative feedback from the viewers of the show when the trailer gets so many unpopular feedbacks.


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Season 1

Episode 1 Darkness Rising part 1

Episode 2 Darkness Rising part 2

Episode 3 Darkness Rising part 3

Episode 4 Darkness Rising part 4

Episode 5 Darkness Rising part 5

Episode 6

Episode 7

Episode 8

Episode 9

Episode 10

Episode 11

Episode 12

Episode 13

Episode 14

Episode 15

Episode 16

Episode 17

Episode 18

Episode 19

Episode 20

Season 2




Heroic Megatron leading the Heroic Decepticons against the Evil Autobots

Heroic Decepticons

The Decepticons are a bunch of freedom fighters lead by the heroic Megatron who are to stop the autobots from achieving their goals and save humanity. Their vehicle modes and personalities are a homage to many good guys in the G1 and Prime Transformers Series. In the Series they are outnumbered by the Autobots.

Megatron: The wise heroic leader of the Decepticons that became the leader after Gigatron died to Optimus Prime. He is a triple changer that turns into a Big tank that resembles a Command & conquer Apocalypse tank from Red Alert 3 and a powerful spaceship and in robot mode he resembles Warpath and Armada megatron.

Soundwave: The Decepticon communications officer that like jazz and blaster love earth music

Knockout: The Decepticon Medic

Breakdown: A true speed demon on the roads and turns into a muscle car similar to a Chevy Camaro.

Blackarachnia: A female decepticon who transforms into a spider. She was injured by Goldbug just for a demonstration about what happens when decepticon prisoners dare to escape from prison. Brawl later break her out of prison.



Dead end:


Sideswipe: EX Autobot that turned to the Decepticon cause due to the Madness of Optimus Prime.

Motormaster: Ground commander that turns into a truck similar to Optimus's G1 truck

Deceptitanks: Like Vehicons from Transformers Prime these are tank transformers that turn into M2 Bradleys that got 75mm anti tank cannons and missile launchers.

Brawl: The Decepticon tough guy who turns into an M1 Abrams tank. He breaks Blacharachnia out of prison and is Goldbug's nemesis.

Demolisher: Heroic tank solder that turns into his Armada Tank form that also serves Megatron without question.

Blackout: A homage of Evac just because he is a MH-53 Pave Low with Evacs colors.


Starscream: A young Fighter jet transformer that is second in command of Megatron but one of Megatrons best warriors. He was once a Cybertronian jet but after being almost killed on earth by Prime he was forced to turn into an F-15 Strike Eagle plane. His personality is an homage to Animated Bumblebee just because he is young.

Thundercracker: The F-15 Eagle jet that is specialized on Air to ground warfare. His tough guy personality is an homage to the Ironhide of G1.

Skywarp: The F-15 Plane that specialized on Air to air warfare and taking down the Doom bomberbots of the evil bots. His personallity is an homage to G1 Air Raids personallity all because he Like air Raid wants to charge at his enemies at high speeds doing air raids.

Dirge: A seeker who turns into the jet that is similar to his G1 counterpart. He was first seen in Episode 1 where he was patrolling the skies, scouting for energon and spying on the ground if theres any evil Autobots returning to create havoc on the roads and terrorize mankind. He got into a fight with alot of tough brute autobots and was gravelly injured. He was taken to the Autobots spacefaring battleship the Ark where his last words were "Rodimus... its been a while.... so wheres your master?" before Rodimus shown how sharp and evil his claws are and stapped him to death. His body was latter used to be a guine pig where dark energon revived him as a zombie that is focused on destorying everything in its path. Dirge was Starscreams second partner after Ramjet died. Dirges Death and fighting is a homage to Cliffjumpers death from Transformers prime just because they both got turned into Dark Energon Zombies.

Ramjet: Starscreams first partner who died when both Starscream and Ramjet were captured and being tortured by the autobots. Starscream was forced to join the Evil Autobots or watch his partner die first and he refuses and Ramjet died and starscream was about to be next until Skywarp and Thundercracker busted in the Autobots base and freed starscream but they were to late on saving Ramjet from his execution. Ramjet is a homage to Tailgate from Transformers Prime just because like Arcee cares for Tailgate Starscream cared about Ramjets death.

Thrust: A scout soldier. He turns into the same F-35 jet that is a homage from Transformers Armada and has stealth detection equiptment to detect the infamous stealthy assasin mirage and can see through hallucinations made by Hound.

Skyquake: Skyquake was a former prisoner of the Evil Autobots but after being freed by Megatron he swore his loyalty to him till the bitter end. He turns into a F-35 Lightning II that is a homage to the Skyquake in Transformers Prime.

Slipstream: The female F-15 plane that is the 2nd decepticon female in the Decepticon army after Blackarachnia. She is a homage to Arcee of Transformers Prime just because their voices are similar to each others.

Air Warriors: These are a bunch of low ranked massed produced robots that all share a same body type and turn into the same F-15 Eagle plane like in the G1 series.

Other Cons

Gigatron: Former Leader of the Decepticons before Cyclonus betrays him thus helping prime kill him.

Evil Autobots

The Autobots are a bunch of dictators who are bent on taking over the universe and destroying the decepticons and enslaving everything they come in contact with.

Optimus Prime: The meanacing leader of the Autobots. Before he was the leader of the evil autobots he was a librarian named Optronix who cheated his way up through Cybertronian society. He became the second leader of the war-loving Autobots and initiated a war against the complacent, but it wasn't until a crucial, yet undocumented moment that he truly turned insane. He suspends the corpses of his enemies and would-be usurpers on the walls, talking to them. He is completely unhinged, prone to deadly outbursts against even his most loyal followers. With the help of the traitor cyclonus he got Gigatron killed in order to cripple the cons. He Recently got Dark Energon to be used to control the undead robots and his trailer can turn into a giant bipedal terrorbot which has many weapons. He also wores a huge black shadowy purple cape made out of darkness and not cloth. He can turn into a dangerous powerful big rig truck that also features flight capablilities.

Sentinel Prime: The Prime that used to be the first leader of the Autobots but after fighting among Optimus and his usurper behaviors he was killed when he was killed by a mutated cybertronian beast plant Prime told his insane scientist Wheeljack to create.

Goldbug: This car transformer is one of the fastest thing on wheels and had a reputation of blackmailling, pickpocketting and a sneaky bot.

Ironhide: The tough muscle of the autobot that wants to pound deceptipunks into the ground. He has many powerful and big yet dangerous weapons meant to deliver a big pounding to the Autobots enemies. his tough thug personality is a homage to every tough thug Decepticon in G1 Transformers.

Arcee: A female autobot that is Goldbug's lover. She is also a trickster.


Jazz: A Sports car that is only oppsessed with loud music that hurts and disturbs the peace and his personallity is a homage to Mr T.

Sunstreaker: He is selfish and only cares about his hot car mode and his paint job. Mess with his outter beauty he'll give them a good pounding.

Hound: A Military Jeep transformer that creates hollograms and hallucinations only to terrorize everything he comes in contact with.


Turbo Tracks


Ultra Magnus: Younger brother of Optimus Prime.

Doom bomberbots: The Doom Bomberbots are massed produced drones made by the Autobots that each and all turn into massive powerful Bombers that resemble B-52 Stratofortresses but they not only have tailgunners but also B-29 superfortress style weapons that cover their bodies to defend against incoming decepticon fighter planes.




Gears: the mean high speed hit n run attacker who's buggy mode is a homage to the Starcraft II Terran Hellion.

Blaster: He is a homage of Soundwave only this time he is a secret agent spy car compared to Prime Soundwaves alternate mode.

Omega doom: The Powerful giant that is meant to be the ultimate weapon to taking over the universe and turn the battle into Primes evil hands. He is a homage to Devastator by colors only and the way he talks like devastator.

Cyclonus: the traitor that helped Optimus Prime kill Gigatron so the Decepticons will be crippled without a good wise leader. He turns into an evil Scary jet that resembles a cross mixure to a MiG-21 and a A-10 Warthog.

Autocars: Like Vehicons these autobot car robots are mass produced robots that share the same body type and car mode meant to partrol the streets and attack in large numbers and hunt down decepticon friends as well. They are the standard grunts of the Autobots and are low ranked.

TerrorBots: TerrorBots are Zombies made by injecting Dark Energon into a dead cybertronian and controlled by the being that is corrupted by Dark energon.


Grimlock: The toughest of the dinobots and the leader of the dinobots. He turns into a T-rex that terrorize humans and of course his roars make the Cons run for cover. He is armed with a powerful heat breath that can melt down even the most toughest armor in the universe.






Rodimus: The Insane second in command of the Autobots and leader of the Wreckers that turns into a futuristic hot rod car. His claws can break any cybertronian armor and metal within seconds. His personallity of being a usurper is a homage to starscreams quest for power.

Wheeljack: The evil insane scientist of the Autobots that makes cruel experiments and also create nasty weapons meant for evil and terror.



Mirage: the stealth assassin of both the Wreckers and the Autobots that turns into a sleek race car that can also turn invisible.

Other Characters

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