Transformers IV:The Final Battle(Transformers 4,or just TTFB)is an a Irish film.It is the final installment in the series before the Spin-Off Series.


After 10 years of working with NEST,The Autobots are starting to Lose.The film fast fords to where Sam Witwicky(Shia LaBeouf) & his New Wife Carly(Rosie Hunting-Whitley) are inside BumbleBee(Voiced By Mark Ryan) are being chased by Goldbug(Also Voiced By Mark Ryan)who is BumbleBee's Evil Twin.However they are Saved By Ultra Magnus(Paul Mac Cartney),Who is Optimus Prime's Youngest Sibling.In London Where Starscream is,He is being chased by Silverbolt(David Kirwan(me).Starscream is destroyed & Obliterated by Superion(Peter Cullen).In Space a new Autobot named Skylegs attacks & Destroys Soundwave(Peter Cullen).Seven Months Later,It seems that there are hardly any Decepticon Activity.Optimus sends out BumbleBee to Kill & Disguise himself as Goldbug.He finds out Megatron's Final Attack Intentions,Using Energon & A Lot of Earth Steel,He Will Create Bombshock(A huge Decepticon)to find Metal and upgrade Himself.He Suceeds in doing so.Now a Galvatron(Frank Weller) attacks Chicago.Optimus combines With Ultra Magnus to form Omega Prime(Paul Mac Cartney).He gets inside Megatron & Destroys Him.THE END.

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