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Trapped is 2013 psychological and supernatural horror-thriller-slasher film directed by John Carrpenter. Starring Amanda Seyfried, Chloë Moretz,


A young woman and her 16 year old sister was trapped in bank vault. They are face the horror, will they still alive.



  • Amanda Seyfried as Kacey Walker
  • Chloë Moretz as Danielle Walker
  • Tony Todd as Death (voice)


Kacey and Danielle trapped in bank vaultEdit

  • Danielle: I got a drink for you.
  • Kacey: You got that at home, later.
  • Kacey: You got water, tropical drink, cookies and fruit, apple, strawberry, pear, banana, orange, mango, knife from kitchen, blueberry, raspberry and peach in the bag.
  • Danielle: You are bullshit.
  • Kacey: Why, I am bullshit.
  • Danielle: You hate your own sister.
  • Kacey: Give me the bag.
  • (Danielle give Kacey the bag)
  • Danielle: Kacey, by the way, you are bullshit.
  • (Door lock)
  • Kacey: Holy shit.
  • (Kacey knock the door 8 time)
  • Kacey: Hello, somebody, we are trapped.
  • Danielle: HELLO.
  • Danielle: Get us out of here.
  • (Kacey saw a dead woman in bank vault)
  • Kacey: Holy shit.
  • (Kacey move a dead woman)
  • Danielle: I know her.
  • Kacey: A dead woman.
  • Danielle: Stphanie Webber, 19, she was found dead in inside of the table by Kacey Walker, my own sister.
  • Stephanie: HELP ME, SOMEBODY.
  • Stephanie: NOOOOOOOO.
  • Stephanie: I DON,T WANTED TO DIE.
  • Kacey: I been here for 10 in the morning and 5 in afternoon.
  • Danielle: They close at 5 not at 6.
  • Kacey: Danielle, how you know.
  • Danielle: Man in the bank told me.
  • Danielle: How she died.
  • Kacey: No idea.
  • (Stephanie scream)
  • (Stephanie groan)
  • Stephanie: (scream) NOOOOOOOOOOOO.
  • Stephanie: I AM TOO YOUNG TO DIE.
  • (Stephanie saw the blood come out in her stomach)
  • Stephanie: (groan) Let.... me.... lie.
  • (Stephanie dead in inside in the table)
  • Danielle: Poor Stephanie, she don,t wanted to die.

Kacey and Danielle talk to the ghost of Stephanie Webber, Kacey and Danielle saw the monster try kill them and the monster got DanielleEdit

  • (Kacey and Danielle sleep)
  • (A ghost walk)
  • Kacey: Hello.
  • Kacey: Danielle, wake up.
  • Danielle: It is 10.04 at night, what wrong.
  • Kacey: Shhhh.
  • Kacey: Danielle, get the knife.
  • (Danielle get the knife)
  • (A ghost walk)
  • Kacey: Hello.
  • Danielle: Is somebody here.
  • Stephanie (ghost): Hey.
  • Kacey: Stephanie.
  • Danielle: Where an you, Stephanie.
  • Stephanie (ghost): I am ghost.
  • Danielle: Who kill you.
  • Stephanie (ghost): You are not safe.
  • Danielle: Look.
  • Kacey: Your phone, Stephanie.
  • Danielle I call somebody.
  • Stephanie (ghost): Danielle, don't.
  • Danielle: Hello.
  • (Roar in Stephanie's phone)
  • Danielle: Shit.
  • Kacey: I am break the phone.
  • (Kacey break Stephanie's phone)
  • Danielle: You are right.
  • Danielle: We trapped for 5 hours.
  • Stephanie (ghost): I was trapped for 6 hours, 36 minutes and I was dead at 12.36 at night.
  • Danielle: How you know.
  • Stephanie (ghost): I look at my watch before I died.
  • (Stephanie look the time)
  • Stephanie (ghost): You now face the horror like I did.
  • Stephanie (ghost): Monster, ghost and everything.
  • Stephanie (ghost): They only in the bank at night.
  • Danielle: We got food and drink to eat.
  • Stephanie (ghost): Don,t let them kill you.
  • Danielle: You wanted eat fruit.
  • Kacey: No, but thank you.
  • (Monster roar)
  • Danielle: That roar from Stephanie's phone.
  • (Monster's hand in the floor)
  • Kacey: That fucking monster from Stephanie's phone.
  • Kacey: Holy shit.
  • Danielle: Shit.
  • Kacey: Danielle, fucking kick him.
  • (Danielle kick the monster)
  • Danielle: Kacey, give me the knife.
  • (Kacey give Danielle the knife)
  • (Danielle stab the monster's hand 8 time)
  • Danielle: Died, you son of the bitch.
  • (Monster roar)
  • (Danielle scream)
  • (Monster got Danielle and move her out of the floor)
  • Danielle: Kacey.
  • Kacey: Danielle.
  • (Danielle scream)
  • (The monster put the floor back)
  • Kacey: Danielle, leave her alone, you big bully.
  • (The monster hold Danielle)
  • Danielle: Kacey, can you hear me.
  • Kacey: Yes.
  • Danielle: Find me.
  • (Danielle scream)
  • Kacey: Danielle.
  • Kacey: NO.

Kacey was shocked to see Danielle turn as mask killer, Danielle lock Kacey in the case and Kacey try to get out underwater.Edit

  • (Kacey walk to find Danielle)
  • Kacey: Danielle, Danielle, Danielle.
  • Everbody not Danielle and Kacey: Danielle, Danielle, Danielle, Danielle.
  • Danielle: Let me go, I will not turn to mask kiler like everbody.
  • Death: Yes, you will.
  • Danielle: Fuck you, bitch.
  • Death: Not nice, put a mask on her.
  • Danielle: NO.
  • (Monster put Danielle a mask on her)
  • (Danielle drink super power drink)
  • Danielle: NO.
  • (Danielle cough)
  • Kacey: Danielle.
  • Death: Yes.
  • Death: YES.
  • Death: How are you, Danielle.
  • Danielle: I am fine.
  • Death: Find somebody.
  • Danielle: Yes, Death.
  • (A ghost roar)
  • (Kacey scream)
  • (Kacey run)
  • (Danielle roar)
  • (Danielle grab Kacey)
  • (Danielle push Kacey to let Death see Kacey)
  • (Kacey scream)
  • Death: Kacey Walker, thank you to your sister to found you.
  • Kacey: What you did to Danielle.
  • Death: She join us.
  • Kacey: No, Danielle, we are leave.
  • (Danielle punch Kacey)
  • Kacey: Hey.
  • (Danielle hold Kacey's leg)
  • (Door lock)
  • Kacey: Let me go, I am your sister.
  • Danielle: I got no sister.
  • (Danielle punch Kacey 18 time)
  • (Kacey scream)
  • (Danielle put Kacey in the case and Danielle ties Kacey with the rope in the case with her hand and her legs)
  • (Danielle push the case to the underwater)
  • Kacey: NO.
  • Kacey: Oh shit.
  • (Water going high)
  • (Kacey saw the snake)
  • Kacey: A snake, goddamn snake.
  • Kacey: The water... is.. going.... high.
  • (Kacey move one of her hand out of the rope)

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