Trenton was a candidate for the Titan 3 Project and was a hired hand for The Grendel.


Trenton was viewed as a physically superior human being and a perfect candidate for the Titan 3 Project. He volunteered shortly afterwards. One of his first assignments before being viewed as worthy, was to infiltrate a Zodiac base. He emerged as the only survivor out of a team of 10. He had killed 40 Purists and 140 Drones with his bare hands. Before his augmentations could begin, he was to be placed in battle with a prototype suit powered by a generator which was to be protected by his partner, Triton. They were deployed to secure the Gnashbone Fury's crash site before the MSWG, they failed. But Triton intended to intimidate Davian and Jon, failing, and Triton was then killed by Jon, allowing Davian to take down Trenton's Power Armor, and kill him. Afterwards, The Grendel Rebellion began.

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