Trey and Trina are Kal and Kelly's twin rivals. Trina is the older twin by 8 minutes
Trey and Trina

Trina (left) and Trey (right)


Trina wears a body length light fuschia dresseverywhere she goes, exceptf in bed when she wears a light blue dress. Trina has purple hair (and yes, it's her natural hair color, long story) and purple eyes. At the pool, She wears a mermaid costume.

Trey wears a ight yellow sweat shier aand pants during the day, A light blue shirt with a cloud to bed, and dark blue trunks at the pool. Like his sister, Trey also has purple (natural) hair and purple eyes


Trina is the third out of three kid geniuses (the other two being Dexter and Kelly). And Trina is also sinister, but not as sinister as Kelly.

Trina is also jealous of Kelly's superpowers.

Trey also seams to be lacking in smarts except for a few times. But Trina filled in all the answers on Trey's take-home exam, and Trey got slipped into the 5th grade, along with Trina


The Rivals of Kal and Kelly (debut)


  • Trina is Kelly's rival
  • Trey is Kal's rival
  • When Kelly and Trina get in a fight, a portion of the song, Disturbia, is played
  • Trey and Trina are both voiced by Nika Futterman

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