Trick 'r Treat 2 is a 2015 American horror film and the sequel to Trick 'r Treat.


A group of ninth graders were having fun at their high school Halloween party when a bomb that is hidden blows up, killing most of the partygoers. When the bomb reaction cools down, only 10 teens are left. Soon they are kidnapped by a kid murderer named Chip and he demands candy, or else he will kill them. Can the teens escape the young horror?




  • Ninth grade partygoers (Including Wayne, Travis, Leila, Tabby, Andy, Jenna, Sally, Lauren, Reggie, Bruce, Vicky, Ben, Trent & Shelby)- Killed in Bomb explosion
  • Wendy- Chopped up in three with axe by Chip
  • Mandy- Throat slit with hook by Chip
  • Henry- Strangled with cord by Chip
  • Kelly- Throat closed up with table leg by Chip
  • Casey- Bled dry with axe in stomach by Chip
  • Alex- Stabbed 2 times in shoulders and 3 times in chest with machete by Chip
  • Chip- Beheaded by Alice and Evan


  • Alice
  • Evan
  • Jake
  • Brittany

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