Tricky Ricky is the first studio album by Richie Nix. It has been set for release on December 19th 2009, although three tracks featured on it have already been made public.

Track listing

1. "Pug Life"- 3:30

2. "Stayin' In 'Nam"- 2:55

3. "WaterGaite"- 4:00

4. "Cold Enemyz" feat. Eminem- 3:45

5. "I Didin' Kill Kennedy" feat. T.I- 4:00

6. "Milhouzit?" feat. T-Pain- 3:47

7. "Makin' Da Money$$"- 3:00

8. "Rich(ie) with Dem Fiddies" feat. 50 Cent- 4:02

9. "Haterz In Da Hood"- 3:30

10. "Richard Likes Da Pussy (Da Other Side)" feat. DJ FryRice- 2:55

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