Triton was a candidate for the Titan 3 Super soldier program and was a hired hand for The Grendel.


Triton was also a hired assassin for Avisto to kill Jon during The Battle of Takreeka. He succeeded in incapacitating Nathan, and blinding Jon, but little else. Afterwards, he began working for The Grendel, under Adrean's wing, and with another one of her apprentices, Trenton.

During The Battle of Haven, Triton teamed up with Trenton, gaurding a generator powering Trenton's personal Exoskeletal Suit, to try to take the fame of securing The Gnashbone Fury's crash-site from Davian and Jon, at this time The Grendel, and The Melchizadek, and thus, The entire UEM, had grown to become more of competitors than allies. Davian and Jon ensued in battle with Triton and Trenton. Davian killed Trenton and Jon killed Triton. Shortly afterwards, The Grendel rebelled, the second major rebellion in Human History.

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