• Enemies:
  • Weapons:
    • Human
      • Ion Dagger
      • EMP Gloves
      • Pistol
      • Assault Rifle
      • Shotgun
      • Sniper Rifle
      • Chain Gun
      • Rocket Launcher
    • Zodiac
      • Sludge Pistol
      • Sludge Rifle
      • Energy Rifle
      • Bio Sword
      • Sludge Launcher
      • Havoc Bow
  • Vehicles
    • UEM Rhino
    • UEM Mammoth
    • Zodiac Hover Craft

Before I Forget...

  • Take out the enemies outside of the structure before entering it.
  • Kill enemies in the first, second, and third rooms, when entering the fourth...


  • After the short cutscene, engage the Ravager, switch to your Rocket Launcher and land 3 direct hits on its glowing midsection to kill it.

What we're after, lies ahead...

  • Upon exiting the structure, hop into the Mammoth and smash your way through enemy defenses, all the way to the Gnashbone Fury's crash-site. Hop out once all enemies have been eliminated.
  • Take out the enemies inside the crash-site. Once you enter the main control chamber, the final chapter will commense.

Triton & Trenton

  • After the movie, get past Trenton and aid Jon in taking down Triton. Once Triton lies dead, the ending scenario will begin.

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