This Is A Fake Story!I Was Cleaning Out My Dad's Girlfriend's Garage When I Found A Old Polaroid VHS Tape.As I Pulled The Tape Out Of The Case,I Noticed "Trollz Episode"Written On It In Pencil.I Put The VHS Tape In My HITACHI VCR,Which I Got From Dad's Girlfriend's Brother.I Saw A MyNetworkTv Ident,Then The DiC Globe Indent.Then The Trollz Intro Started As Usually.Then,Coal Told Who Recorded It What's Gonna Happen In The Episode,But Instead Of Saying:"Check Out This Episode,And See If It's Gonna Be Another Bad Hair Day!",He Said:"WARNING!:Do Not Watch!".The Title Card Text Said:"April 7th"."Written By Carlos".The Episode Started With Mr.Trollheimer Putting Spelling Tests On His Desk. He Said:"Okay Class.I Have The Results Of Yesterday's Spelling Test.Not Bad At All!Or Should I Say "Crap"Which Was A Word Most Of You Got Wrong".Then He Smelled Smoke."What Was That Smell?"He Said.Jasper,Topaz's Boyfriend Was Told To Go Pull The Fire Alarm.A Wheelock AS Went Off In The Background.Everybody Got Out.Coral And Her Followers Went To The Hospital With Broken Legs.Now,The Girls And Boys Had To Go To Trollkhj High School.Now Onyx Had A Awesome Face,That Looks Like It Was Photoshopped Onto The Scene,To See No Bells,Just Wheelock Horns.Also,All The Text In The Episode Was Written Like It Was Drawn With A $20 Dollars Marker.Then...........Static Appeared.It Cut To The Next Scene Where Topaz Pushed The Alarm By Mistake.All The Rest Was Crap Because Andy Heyward Won't Allow It.I Also Have A Job At Cookie Jar.Andy Put The VHS In The Viewing Room's VCR On A Full Movie Theather Like Screen.All Of Us Were Scared!Mr.Heyward Called The Police And It Was Reveiled To Be Done A Former Mexican DiC Animator That Now Is Animating Cartoon Movies.More Lost Episodes Soon............................................................

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