Tron: Armageddon is the sequel to Tron legacy. It takes place one year after the events of Tron legacy.


A criminal named Will Phillips finds out about the Grid. At night he breaks into Flynn's arcade and finds Kevin Flynn's old computer. He hacks into it and gets sucked into the Grid. Will Phillips wakes in the Grid wearing the red armor the evil programs have. He begins vandalizing stuff with his discs. Some programs attempt to stop him but then they get killed. He attacks random programs with his discs and then he gets arrested by a program called Officer X. Officer X locks up Will in a cell. There he meets an evil program called Bolt. Bolt and Will discuss plans of escaping the prison. Will and Bolt begin writing a new program. They created a program called Zalex. Zalex is identical to Will. Will promises Zalex that he'll help him take over the Grid. So the three of them Will, Bolt, and Zalex escape the prison and destroy Officer X using their discs. Then they start a war in the grid. They take over half of the Grid. Will wanted to dominate the Grid because he noticed how advanced the Grid was. He wanted to live in an advanced world. But one day Will realizes how evil he had been. He decides he doesn't want to take it over anymore. He tells Bolt and Zalex he doesn't want to be evil anymore. Bolt and Zalex feel that Will has betrayed them. So they try to kill him. But Will doesn't wanna fight them because he used to work for them. They chase him and Will escapes on a light cycle. Evil programs chase him on lightcycles. They catch up with Will and crash into him damaging his lightcycle. He falls off his lightcycle wounded. He flies off into the sky in a light jet and they fail to catch him. He flies through a portal and ends up back in Flynn's arcade. Will finds a telephone and calls Sam Flynn for help to defeat Zalex and Bolt. Sam Flynn goes to the Arcade and brings Quorra with him. Sam and Quorra began dating after they got out of the Grid after the fight with Clu and they are now married. more to be added

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