Harry Potter: All isn't well after the war. Harry/Hermione Dean/Ginny Harry/Ginny


Ginny Thomson sighed as she looked at the clock in the kitchen wall. It was Five O'Clock. One Hour, and her husband will arrive.

She rubbed the plate she was holding, and she heard screams coming from upstairs in the small house they lived in.

Ginny put the plates down into the sink, and put her gloves off. She walked upstairs, and opened the door. She saw her toddler, Daniel Arthur Thomas, crying.

Dean wouldn't like this. Ginny picked up Daniel, and managed to make him calm. Ginny looked at the small clock in the wall. It was Five Thirty.

Ginny put Daniel in the cot, and rushed downstairs. She needed to make dinner, and gave Dean his daily beer.

Ginny knew what Dean was up to when he was out of the house. He cheated on her with the daily sluts, and would often party with people, mostly Ron.

Ever since the war, Ron was jealous of Harry, so their friendship blasted apart. Ginny remembered the days when she and Hermione would confront Harry.

However, Hermione had growen jealous and snobbish. She had also lost her beauty shine, and often or not would lash out on people who were near Harry.

Ginny knew what Harry was fealing, but she couldn't go to him. She was scared.

Then, the door opened, and Ginny gasped. Dean was home.

One: Harry's Life

Harry Potter sighed as he picked at his tie. He was listening to Hermione rant and rant about the party they were going to. The party was in Malfoy Manor.

"You know, we could pair up Lily with Scorpius, that could combine our money, wouldn't it", she said, as she checked out what shoes she would be wearing.

"Yes Dear", Harry mumbled. This was the wrong thing to do. Hermione looked up sharply.

"Harry, are you thinking about that slut Luna again", she snapped. Harry thought she had the cheek to call anyone a slut.

Unfortunately, he said this outloud.

"Oh really. Well, why don't you fuck with her and me at the same time", she yelled. "That's it Hermione, i want a divorce", Harry yelled.

"Fine. But i'm getting the fortune", she screamed. She slapped Harry on the face. "And the children", she shouted.

Harry paled. "No", he whispered. He couldn't lose James David Potter, Albus Siruis Serveus Potter, Lily Luna Potter or Penelope Jean Potter.

"Well, don't divorce me", she said. "Okay", Harry said. Hermione then looked at the mirror. "Right, we should be going".

Two: Confrontation

"Ginny, i'm home", came the drunking voice of Dean. Ginny turned around, and faked a smile.

"Hello Honey. I have the mashed tatties ready", she said, and Dean grunnted. Ginny gave him the plate.

"Where's the wine", he asked. Ginny paled. She thought he was having firewhiskey. "Well i thou-", she was slapped on the face, and fell to the ground.

Both heard Daniel crying upstairs. Ginny paled. Daniel.

Dean yelled. "I'm going to break that bastard's neck", he yelled. Ginny screamed, and jumped on top of Dean.

Dean yelled in surprise, and both fell into the kitchen. Dean hit his head on the wall. Ginny smelt blood, and she ran upstairs, going to find Daniel.

"Daniel", she whispered as she saw Daniel in his cot. She was about to pick him up when Dean bursted into the room.

"Come here, you little slut", he yelled. He grabbed Ginny's hair, and threw her down to the floor. Ginny turned around, and watched in horror as Dean advanced to Daniel.

"Crucio", Ginny screamed, using her wand. Dean fell to the ground, and screamed in pain. Ginny kept using the curse over and over.

"Avada Kedarva", and Dean was finally dead. Ginny bursted into sobs, and soon Daniel joined her. "Mama", he whispered.

Ginny picked up Daniel, still crying. "Come on", she whispered. She walked downstairs, leaving the lifeless Daniel.

Three: Truth

Harry, Hermione and the children had gotten home. Hermione was drunk, and she fell asleap on the couch. Harry put the children back to sleap.

He then relised something. Penelope had, blue eyes. Unless it was the genes, it looked oddly enough like Ron.

He stormed downstairs, and saw Hermione awake. She grinned. "I knew you would figure out the truth", she said.

Harry lept to her, and Hermione cried in surprise. "Is she my daughter", he gritted through his teeth. "Hahah. None of them is you're children", she laughed.

Harry paled, and Hermione kicked him on the privates. Harry collasped, and Hermione raised her wand. "Avada Kedarva".

The Green Curse missed Harry, and Harry tackled Hermione to the ground. Harry heard an explosion. The Wall behind him at been hit.

Hermione demanded to be let go. "Oh no. You are getting sent to Azkaban", he said.

"Just like Ginevra, aren't you", she laughed. "That filfthy slut is going to die tonight", she laughed again. "Avada Kedarva", Harry hissed, and Hermione's eyes widened.

She was dead.

Harry gasped, and quickly dug the body in the back yard. Harry then told Kreature to look after the children, and rushed to Thomas Apartment.

Harry saw Ginny holding Daniel. She was crying.

"Harry", she whispered, and she sobbed. Harry rushed to her, and both hugged. "What happened", he asked. "Dean's dead", she whispered.

"Hermione too", he said. Both looked into each other's eyes. "We flee the country", she whispered. Harry nodded. Both kissed, a start to the perfect future.

Four: Return

Harry and Ginny were in their new house. They had returned after James had turned Ten. They decided to send their children to Hogwarts.

Harry and Ginny had couple more children. There was Jennifer Molly Potter and Brian Remus Potter. Brian was only one, and Jennifer was five.

"Hello, love", Ginny smiled as both kissed. "We can go and visit Molly if you want", Harry asked, unsure if Ginny wanted to go.

She nodded. "Yes. I heard Percy and Audrey have another child", she said.

The Family walked to the Burrow, and Ginny knocked on the door. Molly Weasley opened the door, and beamed.

"Come in, come in", she said, kissing Ginny and Harry on the cheek. Harry blushed.

Harry saw the entire family apart from Ron in there.

Bill and his wife, Fleur, with their four children. Victorie, Dominique and Louis.

Charlie with his wife, Amanda, with their baby Isabella.

Percy and Audrey, with children, Molly, Lucy and Laura.

George, his wife Angelina with children Fred, Ronnie, Ian, Neil and Sarah.

"Hello everyone".


"Harry", Ginny whispered, as she kissed her husband's lips. Harry James Potter, age one hundread and seventy, was now dead.

James with his wife, Vera, came in with their great great grandchild Luna. "Mum", James whispered. Ginny never turned around.

James was crying, and Vera picked up Luna, fear in her eyes.

"Mummy", James whispered. It made him sound childish, but he didn't care.

Ginevra Molly Weasley, age one hundread and sixty nine, was now dead.

Ginny awoke, and saw Harry. She saw James and Lily Potter, smiling with Harry. Ginny broke into a smile.

Harry was young, and so was she. "Dad, Mum. My wife Ginny Potter", Harry said. Lily broke into a grin. "You were better than that Granger girl", she said.

Everyone frowned, but none the less smiled as they heard gates opening. Everyone turned around. James turned to Harry.

"Siruis and Remus are waiting for you Harry", he said.

Harry and Ginny turned to each other, and both kissed. They deserved the peace. With Voldermort, Dean and Hermione were rotting in hell.

All was well.

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