Troy Station is one of several dozen Sol System Defense Stations.


Total Assault 2

Troy Station was succesfully protected from Zodiac Trojan Horses to protect Earth from attack. Troy Station was one of over 40 SSDSes, and if one failed, all of them failed, The Zodiac knew this. They sent boarding craft to everyone of them, they were all defended, except Troy Station. Davian and the MSWG succesfully defended Troy Station. Afterwards, Spawn controlled ships were located, and they boarded Troy Station, and overtook it with a Queen Spawn. With the Defensive Barrier weakened, the Zodiac World Breaker known as Spindle Shrine was able to barrell right on through to Earth.

Total Assault 3

Troy Station was also the Spawn's main mode of transportation and base of operations during their assault on Earth. Troy Station was presumed destroyed along with The Super Haven and The Spawn Core.

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