The first level of Total Assault 2.

Walkthrough Edit

Enemies Edit

Weapons Edit

  • UEM
    • Pistol
    • Machine Gun
    • Frag Grenade
    • Flame Thrower
  • Zodiac
    • Sludge Pistol
    • Energy Repeater
    • Shard Grenade
    • Havoc Bow

Vehicles Edit

  • Hover Aircraft

Objectives Edit

  • Get to the upper decks, defend the station.
  • Find and disable the Trojan Horse.

Walkthrough Edit

Judgement Edit

  • As soon as the cutscene is over, proceed to look at each of the lights, you shield belt will also be tested.
  • After this is over, a cutscene will play showing the Titans and the MSWG on the bridge of the station.
  • After the cutscene, go into the next room and recover your Machine Gun and Pistol.
  • After the enemies burst through and begin attacking, go to the upper level, there will be grenades, and drop them down onto your enemies below.
  • On the staircases, Drones and Purists will come down from both passages, take out one set and go across the bridge and take out the other from behind.
  • In the hallway, enemies will attack from the other side, and from the upper level, greet them with grenades.
  • On the upper level enemies will pour out of the opposite doorway, take them out and move on.

Trojan Horse Edit

  • Upon entering the massive cargo elevator, you will find that the enemies have planted a bomb nicknamed Horse on their ship. You are to find this horse and destroy it.
  • Enemies will attack from the sides, above, and below, this includes the introduction of a new enemy known as 'Scarabs' as the UEM call them upon their arrival. You must kill all enemies that attack you until the elevator reaches its destination, this will be a hard, long, and grueling battle.
  • When the Elevator reaches the top, a Zodiac Hover Aircraft will drop. Hop in it and take to the skies, destroying enemy aircraft and Scarabs.
  • Once all of the enemies in the hangar have been killed, the level will finish, showing UEM Strikers inspecting the bomb, however, when they open it, Drones with bombs strapped to them will pop out. After this, the MSWG successfully kill them before they can activate their explosive payload.

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