Friends Fanfiction. Ross and Chandler kiss during an christmas party during Season Two. The two fall in love but try and hide it from their friends. Warning, This fanfiction has a few gay sex scenes, So if anyone has an problem, Don't read.


"So who is coming to the christmas party", Chandler asked his friends. They all looked at each other and then at Chandler.

"Come on, You never went last year", Chandler moaned. "I know", Phoebe cried out. "Since Ross is not here, He should go", She smiled at herself. The friends felt a relief rushing all over them. The last time they all went, It was so boring that they nearly fell asleap. Chandler walked up to the bathroom, Grinning that Ross was going to feel the pain when coming to the christmas party with him.

"Hey guys", Ross said as he came in with his suitcase. "Hey", They all said. "What's going on", Ross asked as he looked at his friends and sister's grins. "You are going to the christmas party with Chandler", Rachel teased. Ever since that list, Rachel was making his life a living hell.

"Okay", Ross moaned and he put the suitcase on the counter. "How is this fair, Anyway", Ross asked. "Well, Some people make an list and make an ful of their crushes", Rachel grinned at her own payback to Ross.

Six hours later and Ross and Chandler arrived at Chandler's work. "Hello, Chandler", An woman named Nicky greeted Chandler. "Hello Nicky", Chandler started to flirt with her while Ross went to get an drink.

"Hello handsome", An man said to Ross. "I'm not gay", Ross said to the old man. "Oh", The man blushed and walked away from Ross. "Don't mind him he flirts with everyone", Chandler explained as he stood next to Ross. "I can't believe i blew things with Rachel", Ross moaned. "Don't worry you will find someone", Chandler said as he walked to the bathroom.

Ross decided he needed the bathroom too and walked in. He saw Chandler washing his hands. "Hello Chandler", Ross said as he walked up to him. "Are you drunk already", Chandler gasped.

"That's it i'm taking you home", Chandler managed to get Ross and him in an cab and they stopped at Ross's house. "Five bucks", The driver asked Chandler. "Here", Chandler gave him an fiver.

The two walked into Ross's apartment and Ross grabbed onto Chandler. "What the hell are y-", Chandler was cut off when Ross started to kiss him right on the lips. Befour he could do anything, Chandler was pushed into the bedroom and Ross walked in. "Come on, Rachel", Ross cried as Chandler was in shock. Ross kissed Chandler right on the lips, But this time, Chandler kissed back.

Ross started to unbutton Chandler's shirt while Chandler did the same with Ross. Ross started to suck Chandler's third nipple and Chandler moaned with pleasure.

Ross went down and undid his trousers and started to suck at Chandler's cock. Chandler moaned and started to cum, Which Ross swalloed at every drop. "Yeah", Ross could hear Chandler's moan his name a few times.

Ross woke up. It was all just an dream. Then to his horror he heard snoreing and turned around. Chandler was in his bed sleaping. The dream was true. Ross and Chandler had had sex.

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