Truth or Dare is a horror-thriller-slasher film starring Scout Taylor-Compton, Beau Mirchoff, Emma Roberts, Aimee Teegarden, Steven R. McQueen, Tyler Hoechlin, Nina Dobrev, Britt Robertson, Shanica Knowles, Michael Trevino, Kat Graham, Claire Holt, Candice Accola, Nico Tortorella, Jake Weary, Robbie Amell and Hugh Jackman


A group of friends go to Kelly's summer house they are taunted by a man who tells them they have to play Truth or Dare, truth means they have to tell their secrets they been hidden from each other and dare means they have to kill one another or kill themselves and if they don't he will kill them himself who will survive?


Scout Taylor-Compton as Kelly

Beau Mirchoff as Kevin

Emma Roberts as Heather

Aimee Teegarden as Jenna

Steven R. McQueen as Brandon

Tyler Hoechlin as Shane

Nina Dobrev as Maria

Britt Robertson as Jamie

Shanica Knowles as Shelby

Michael Trevino as Daniel

Kat Graham as Gia

Claire Holt as Claire

Candice Accola as Anna

Nico Tortorella as Andrew

Jake Weary as Hank

Robbie Amell as Joe

Hugh Jackman as Jack Moss/The Killer


Hank- Hanged by Jack

Joe- Thrown out window by Andrew

Anna- Throat slit by Andrew

Claire- Stabbed in head by Andrew

Andrew- Shot with shotgun by Heather

Shelby- Stabbed in heart by Jenna

Gia- Stabbed several times by Daniel

Jamie- Stabbed deeply in stomach by Daniel

Daniel- Stabbed to death by Kelly

Maria- Stomach cut open by Jack

Shane- Shot in head by Brandon

Brandon- Decapitated with an axe by Kelly

Jenna- Shot in chest with shotgun by Jack

Jack- Stabbed several times by Kelly


Kelly, Kevin and Heather

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