Turistas Part II, or Tursitas 2: Jungle Fever is a 2010 American Torture Horror Sequel to the 2006 Horror Film Turistas starring Josh Duhamel, Melissa George and Olivia Wilde.


It chronicles the story of an American Journalist Group researching the alleged story of a dangerous insect with a deadly world venom which may hold the potential antidote to most incurable sicknesses including Cancer.

The group departs for Brazil to recover the insect and upon doing so party hard in celebration.

During the midst of their drinking and dancing they are drugged through their alchoholic beverages and awaken spread out across the area.

Three of the group are completely missing.

It is revealed the three two Berlin Males and Hungarian Female have been been abducted by the Organ Harvester's men and brought back to his infamous home.

Their the two men are killed brutally and their eyes and hearts are extracted for a paying client from Italy.

The girl is to have her tongue and lungs removed for a Hungarian Client but she briefly escapes halting the process.

The men eventually catch up with the girl who has stolen a Jeep and began driving away.

As they shoot out the tires and she swerves off the road into a rock crevice they kill her with machine gun fire.

The scene then reverts to the others awakening in their odd locations and searching for their missing friends.

They hike through the Brazillian rainforest under the guide of an African American Woman with strange scars.

She unwittingly leads them to the home where they all attempt a runnign escape in different locations upon seeing the Hungarian Woman Friend's lungs and tongue placed on a podium with a picture of her.

They are all eventually kidnapped and rendered unconsious either by chloroform or by violence.

Five of the friends awaken on five racks chained in place ready to be killed as the doctor extracts their wanted purchased parts.

The sixth friend and the lead female is on the surgical table from the first film.

She escapes however and soon is able to release many from their racks all apart from one heavily chained in place.

As the group hides they unfortunatley witness one of the doctor's men tend to him and remove his needed organ his heart.

It is revealed the doctor did not extract as he was on the phone appeasing an angry client.

The group free and kill two of the men before taking off in two jeeps (the third was the one the hungarian woman attempted to escape in but crashed).

The two jeeps eventually run out fuel in different parts in the jungle.

The first group containing the lead female actually meets up with the black woman who lead them there.

She recounts the tragic story of how was a purchased client for vital organs by a Chinese Woman circling the Black Market.

It is revealed she was a sadistic uncaught rich murderer and cannibal.

She purchased the two and instructed the doctor not to extract their organs she wanted but rather deliver them to her in China so she may do it herself.

She viciously killed the woman's sister by slicing her with a samurai sword and then finally impaling her with it in the throat she advanced her for moving towards her sister.

The woman then escaped her chains and ran eventually stowing away a flight wanting to go back home to Detroit.

However some of the woman's men sneak aboard the flight too and grabbed her.

The doctor then revealed himself to be on the flight too and spared her life seeing her remarkable endurance and stating that such a good spirit is priceless for consumption.

He forced her to join his group of harvesters.

That was why she was forced to lure the group to the house but now is secretly trying to save them.

The other group then reach a waterfall where one of the group is killed by one of the harvesters who advances with a machete.

The two fall into the water below and a machete rises upward through the water spurting blood everywhere.

A female of the second group fails to run with the others in time and is grabbed from behind by another Harvester.

The Harvester with the machete then emerges from the water and kills the woman though it is unseen as the camera cuts to several white bird flying down from a tree.

The group lead by the surviving woman are shown a pit full of cars of the victims the doctor has killed in trading vital human organs for money.

As the group explores the small junkyard of victims cars they find a bloody near death woman dying in the back of one.

Harvesters then circle the area and two of the group are shot down as a third woman stays by the bloody woman holding her hand.

She reveals a bomb she had stashed which upon many of the Harvesters garnering around them she detonates sending all in a large fiery explosion.

The group flees through a wood path till they reach the waterfall where the water below is filled with blood and a woman's body below is being dragged away.

The scene then goes back to the previous group down to three.

Two are shot upwards captured in a net as the left man cowardly flees.

The two in the net are then taken back to the house.

The group lead by the sister woman accidentally take a route leading back to the house.

There they notice an unoccupied running truck.

The sister woman goes over to make a sacrficial distraction so the female and male twop left of her group may escape in the truck.

As the woman runs in with her gun she sees a photo on the ground of her dead sister with blood on it.

The chinese woman then appears behind her with the samurai sword and stabs her with a green poison emnating from the tip.

The Male and Female outside start the truck and drive into one the Harvesters running at them and then speed away as one latches onto the truck.

The sister woman is paralyzed on the floor of the house lounge room entrance where her eyes expand as the Chinese woman towering over her begins to slice with her sword her major ventricles and then cut her open for organ extraction.

The sister woman during the torture extends one hand towards a gun centimetres away on the floor which she grabs and then a gunshot is heard as the camera zooms away from the house.

The scene ends with the two survivours of her group fighting with the Harvester that latched onto the truck and they kill him by speeding as he hangs off the car door a massive Turistas sing causes him to be decapitated and his head to swing off and roll under the car wheels.

The two then come to a halt with the truck and exit the vehicle and look up at the rising sun.


  • Gina Torres as Ayla Freina/ The Surviving Sister
  • Christina Millian as Hayley Freina/ The Dead Sister
  • Brody Hutzler as Freimlich/ Harvester Group One Pursuer Leader
  • Heidi Marnhout as Jessica Tosa/ Ayla's Group Female Survivour
  • David Greenman as Markus Sila/ Ayla's Group Male Survivour
  • Miguel Lanardi as Zamora/ The Harvester Doctor
  • Meng Li as Yoko Foragniti/ The Chinese Woman

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