Harry Potter. Harry and Ginny becomes friends before Harry goes to Hogwarts.


"Excuse me", Harry barely whispered. He was talking to the red haired family, but it seems that the mother didn't hear him.

"Are you an wizard", the small red head piped up. Harry nodded.

"Look, my brothers have been here hundreads of times. You just hold onto you're trolley, and run through the barrier. Don't worry, you won't crash into it", she explained.

Harry thanked her, and ran through the barrier. He expected an crash, but there wasn't.

Instead, he found himself in an different station, with hundreads of Wizards and Witches getting ready to board the train.

Soon enough, the red haired girl came through. "I'm Ginny Weasley, what is you're name", she asked. "Harry Potter".

Immediatly, Ginny blushed and the colour was as red as her hair. "Are you starting this year", he asked. Ginny shaked her head. "Next year".

"Sure", Ginny blushed some more. "Bye", Harry waved and he went aboard the Hogwarts Express.

"Who was that dear", her mother asked. "Harry Potter".

"Is it realy", the mother was shocked. "Yeah, he is just starting", she told her.

Harry found an compartment for himself, and struggled to put the trunk up. "Let me help you", one of the red haired twins had said.

"Oy, Fred", the twin shouted. Fred turned up. "Help us", soon enough, they got the trunk up. "You're the bloke who talked with my sister", Fred said."Yeah", Harry asked, unsure.




Harry immediatly felt his face go red.MORETOBECONTINUED

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