Turn of Events is an alternate version of Shaun of the Dead.

One The New Plan

"How do we get in",Diane asked as they all stared at the zombies looking at them."Back",Shaun replyed."How",David asked who was angry at Shaun and Ed.They had forced them to the pub and now they were sitting ducks."Back",And befour anyone could react,Shaun ran and jumped on the bench."Come and get me",Shaun shouted and he jumped into the horde of the crowd."Nooo",Liz screamed and they all looked in horror when they relised,Shaun was dead.

"Please,No",Barbara started to cry and Ed was in denial."The back,He said",David then held onto Diane and looked at the others."Coming",He rudely said to them."Okay",Liz and Ed said at the same time,But Barbara was not going."Fine,Her choice",David simply said.The zombies were ignoring them since thay had the share of Shaun's flesh.

"Where are we going",Liz asked."Home",David simply replyed."No",Diane kicked him and ran to Ed,Liz and Barbara.Ed had dragged her along but she was not talking to anyone."Fine,Your choice",David simply ran away.

"How do we get to the pub",Diane asked."Back entrance",Ed simply said.He had to be used to the fact that Shaun was gone.When they walked,They relised Barbara was not moving."Barbara",Liz looked at her and gasped in horror.Diane and Ed turned around and saw that she was an zombie."Oh my god",Diane walked behind Ed.Barbara slowly walked to them,And the three never had weapons.

Just then,Her head was blowen off and they saw David with an rifle."Where did you get that thing from",Liz asked,But Ed ran up to David and headbutted him."You fuck",Ed shouted.David fell and aimed the rifle at them all.

"You lisiten to me,We are all heading back to the flat",He shouted matter of factly,And just a few zombies noticed the arguement."Okay",He asked."Okay",Liz said.Diane and Ed looked at her."I'm surviving",She said and walked up to David."Diane,Ed",He pointed the gun at them."Okay",Diane walked up to him.Befour they could react,David shot Ed in the head."David",Liz and Diane cried out in shock as Ed's body fell to the ground.

"Come on",David followed them when he aimed at their backs."We are getting that car back",David said as they walked the path they had just been too.They had saw the zombie that had bitten Barbara.

They managed to get to the car and saw Philip was in the car,Trying to get out.David simply opened the door and Philip managed to get out,By crawling.David pointed the rifle and shot him in the head,Not long after reloading."Get in".

Two Flat

They had managed to get to the flat,And noticed there was only two zombies there now.David shot one in the neck,And it turned around.David shot it again and then the other zombie turned around.David shot it in the chest and then in the head.

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