Turning Point

Season: One Episode: Two
First Aired: May 30th, 2010

Guest Starring: Brandon Molale, Richard Tyson, Mark Moses, Rose McGowan, Rita Wilson, Kristen Bell, Bryan Cranston, Gabrielle Union, Paul Simon
Featuring: James Marsden, Alan Tudyk, Meagan Good, Greg Kinnear, Harry Lennix, with Danny Huston and Catherine Keener
Also Appearing: Mary Steenburgen (uncredited) John Mahoney (uncredited)

Director: Dick Wolf
Writers: Dick Wolf and Chris Brancato

Plot: When a bank is robbed by several armed men, Detectives Vaughn and Carlson are led to an underground ring of mercenaries known as "The Cobras". As the CIFS digs deeper into the case, they discover that the mercenaries have robbed banks in the past and have never been caught. With this information, Detectives Vaughn, Carlson and Boyd manage to find the mercenaries' hideout. The three are shot at, and are forced to kill three of the gunmen, but they eventually capture the Cobras' leader, Isaac Hare.

Before Hare can be prosecuted though, he is shot and killed by an unknown assailant in an unmarked car in front of the courthouse where he stood a portion of his trial. As he bleeds to death, Hare curses his mercenary gang, implying that several of his henchmen were the ones who shot him. Hare then dies.

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