Twisted is a crossover novel, combining many different universes into a single story.


The whole story revolves around the Planet Kliea, where a peaceful humanoid species known the Kli lived thousands of years ago. Unfortunately, a nearby star went supernova, and its resulting blast killed off almost half of the inhabitants of the Kliea system. It became a black hole, and over time, the Kliea system moved ever closer, pulled by the force of the black hole, and in the end, Kliea was sucked into the black hole, forever lost to the dark abyss.

Thousands of years later, in our day, rumors abound from both scientists and civillians that a new planet has suddenly appeared in the solar system, but these rumors were never confirmed. Secretly, all of the world's governments are working together to prepare for the battle that they have a feeling will be coming soon.

Now, as a result of the black hole, the Klieans, who were a peaceful species, are now brutal and agressive hunters. The remaining Klieans are plotting revenge against an unforgiveable Universe. But they wish not to destroy just our universe, but all universes. They have devoloped a weapon that can transport them to any location in any universe at any time. This works the other way too, as they could pull any person or thing out of any universe to any other universe in any location at anytime, without warning.

The Klieans' first job is to gather up all the heroes and villains of every universe, and then destroy them in one swift strike. Then they will destroy the only thing in this universe that is standing in their way; Earth, the epicenter of so many universes.


  1. Twisted Chapter 1: Owlman


A.J. two


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