Twisted Metal: Darkness
Developer(s) Eat Sleep Play
Platform(s) PlayStation 3, PSVita, PSP
Release Date TBD
Genre(s) Car Combat/Shooter
Rating(s) ESRB: Mature

A new Twisted Metal game.


Sweet Tooth - Ice Cream Truck

Character - Needles Kane

Special Move - Super Naplam

Wish: Sweet Tooth wants to get rid of the curse that the preacher put upon him.

Roadkill - Broken '69 Charger

Character - Marcus Kane

Special Move - Multiple Stinger Launcher

Wish: Marcus wants to stop his schizophrenic nightmares and find if the conest and his dreams are all real.

Warthog - APC

Character - Capt. Spears

Special Move - Flame Thrower

Wish: Capt. Spears wants a chance to redeem himself and save his platoon in Vietnam.

Outlaw - Police SUV

Character - Agent Stone

Special Move - Minigun Turret

Wish: Stone wants his name cleared so he will no longer be a menace to society.

Pit Viper - Broken Jeep

Character - Mr. Ash

Special Move - Flame Grenades

Wish: Mr. Ash wants to find his brother Black and get revenge on him for killing his family.

Mr. Slam - Front Loader

Character - Alan Cage

Special Move - Vehicle Slam

Wish: Alan Cage wants to become a greater murderer than Sweet Tooth.

Crazy 8 - '60s Volkswagen

Character - Black

Special Move - Electric Charge

Wish: Black wants to stop his addiction to murdering people and reconcile with his brother Mr. Ash.

Axel - Two-Wheeled Contraption

Character - Axel

Special Move - Shockwave

Wish: Axel wants to free himself from his contraption and kill his father.

Mr. Grimm - Sidecar Motorbike

Character - Pvt. Grimm

Special Move - Flaming Scythe

Wish: Grimm wants to kill the man who drove him mad in Vietnam.

Brimstone - Preacher Truck

Character - Jebediah

Special Move - Exploding Cross

Wish: Jebediah wants to find what really happened on the night he was supposedly "possessed by a demon".

Junkyard Dog - Tow Truck

Character - Billy Stillwell

Special Move - Cable Lash

Wish: Billy wants to bring his wife back from the grave.

Spectre - Black Mustang GT

Character - Dollface

Special Move - Nail Barrage

Wish: Dollface wants to kill Sweet Tooth who murdered her mother.

Darkside - Transport Truck

Character - Dr. Edgar Romero

Special Move - Vehicle Charge

Wish: Dr. Romero wants to rid his mind of the memories of his murders and malpractices.

Heretic - Hearse

Character - Mr. Creole

Special Move - Exploding Spikes

Wish: Mr. Creole wants revenge on Sweet Tooth for killing his wife.

Fury - Black Sedan

Character - Detective Shepard

Special Move - Sticky Bomb

Wish: Shepard wants to kill Calypso and end Twisted Metal.

Minion - Tank

Character - Minion

Special Move - Hornet Missile Barrage

Wish: Minion wants his power back that Calyso stole.


Destroyer - Armored SWAT Van

Character - SWAT Cheif

Special Move - Bullet Barrage

Primeval - Monster Truck

Character - Cousin Eddie

Special Move - Vehicle Crush

Warhawk - Harrier Jet

Character - Unknown

Special Move - Hellfire Missile

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