Teen Two-Face: The Beginnings is the first 2005 action film of the Teen Two-Face chronology series. The film is about 13-year-old teenager, named Harvey "DevilDriver" Dent (Derek Evy), and is bent on killing off students, after an event that caused him to lose half of his skin on his, and lose his love to a football player, and then as he then plots against them and as he is getting his revenge the police are on the case; the film is directed and written by Christopher Nolan and produced by Tim Burton. The film is followed by Two-Face 2 in 2006 and followed by Two-Face 3 in 2007 and followed by another one called, Two-Face 4: Joker in 2008


The film starts Northdale Middle School, on the first day of school, and sinister straight-A student Harvey Dent, is planning on killing everyone, except his love, and as she is his friend, and as he is in ILA (Less short: Inte Lang Arts), and while the teacher done teaching in the class for the day, and he talks, he has no one to talk to, and then he decides to change his mind on a good future, and as he heads to B lunch, he grabs lunch and throws it away with no reason, and just sits, and she asks him what's his problem, he tells her that he is going to kill people in the future, and other students where listening, and they tell others, and everyone now knows and they then plan on hurting him, cause every student is thinking of having a good future, and as they then set the traps, he then gets really hurt, and it burns the side of his face, and he in the hospital next, and as he is really hurt, the teachers are sad, and then he comes back four months later, when it is very foggy out, Social Studies, and as he then has a gun, and kills a cop outside, and kills other students, inside Social Studies, after killing many students, they hide in the library, and as Harvey enters the school, kills the janitors

And as the B lunch begins again, Harvey appears and kills the a cook, and as the principal is then going back their and sees the dead cook, then as his love, Cassy Mely is on her back to ILA, she then sees Harvey again, then a quarterback comes, and asks Cassy on a date, she agrees, and Harvey then plots to kill the quarterback, then he then finds a teacher, and stabs her to death, and then a student witnesses her demise, and then tells the principal, and kills the principal after the principal entered the room, and then Cassy then heads into the class and sees a man entering the vent, and she is too late to get him out of their, so she then notices the dead bodies, and then the students comes and wonder who did this, and the quarterback blames it on his sister, then it hits night, where Cassy is being picked up, and Harvey follows them, and as they reach the movie theater, and as they see a action film, the quarterback says "I have to go to the bathroom," then Harvey follows him, and finds out he is with another girl, and he then kills him and his other date, when they are alone, Cassy wonders where he is and is Harvey says "He's dead and is cheating, he is cheating, big time, how I know? and I know that cause I seen another girl with him when he said "I have to go to the bathroom" and well, I killed him " then she sees what he has become, a murderous teen, killing everyone in the theater, then she runs out of the theater, and then the theater explodes, killing everyone inside, and then she heads to school the next day, Harvey kills a another student and the witness of the teachers demise earlier in the story, while he more furious then ever when another man asks her out, and he accepts, he says he's gonna pick her up, and as Harvey follows him, and kills him, and then as Harvey is more furious when his love finds two more dates, and then he kills one and kills the other one .

After a two whole entire day of killing, he then is in trouble with the police, then a man whom had the same incident is running around and finds him, soon the police gets both of them, and they let them free, right after someone is about to take him to the Arkham Asylum, and then he escapes, and the people that are taking him are killed, and then as Harvey Dent then gets back to Northdale, and then the police will let the other man go, only if he uses his strength against Harvey Dent, he agrees and then as he searches for Harvey, he reveals to be Corey Taylor, the former vocalist for SlipKnoT, and as he is mutated cause of his mask became his face with the rest of the members of SlipKnoT, the members then try to Harvey Dent, and then Mick Thomson is killed, and James Root is also killed, then they battle into the school, and almost kill Cassy, seeing others, make the other students feel bad for what they did, then several students start to die cause of the 7 surviving monsters, then after three more die, the surviving monster are Joey Jordison, Corey Taylor, Clown and Chris Fehn, then as they battle on Chris Fehn in cut in half with a machete, and then as the the kill count risen to 99, Cassy is the only survivor after Corey Taylor is killed, which then notices that Harvey is a hero, which Corey Taylor survives and takes hostage of Cassy when Harvey walks away, Harvey then turns around and throws two machete's that Corey's face cutting in half and off, then Harvey walks away, and as he is walking away, the police and SWAT are their, arrest him, and saying "My name is Harvey Two-Face"

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