Two Make Love is an friends fanfiction. Rachel and Chandler wake up together, In London.How would things turn out.

One Prolouge

"Ross, I can't go. I need to work at my job, Plus look after Phoebe", Monica put on an smile to try and convince Ross."Dad will record it so you can watch it when we get back", He kissed Monica on the forehead and said his goodbyes.Monica saw Rachel going out with an suitcase.

"Your going, Rach", Monica asked."I'm going with them. I've just relised i can cope", Rachel lied."Well have a good time", Monica and Rachel hugged and Rachel shut the door."So, Phoebe what do you want to watch", Monica asked as she sat on the couch.


"Here we are", Ross kissed Emily on the lips."I know", She smiled. Rachel looked at the happy couple and relised coming here was an mistake.Just tell him, An voice from Rachel's head said. No he is in love with Emily another voice argued.

Rachel woke up and relised she was still on the plane. Maybe Rachel did'nt love Ross as she thought she did."Rach", Came an voice from behind her."What, Chandler", Rachel asked.

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